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  1. what would be a correct Humbrol colour to paint a driver and fireman of the sixties? thank you Paul
  2. I live in Belgium and all my packages arrive within 2 days. I use UPS as they have inhouse customs clearance which results in a much faster delivery service
  3. well, MTH 2-rail locomotives are ok. Own about 31of them and I like also the DCS, very simple to understand and wireless here some pics of some of my locomotives www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157644720802562 Paul
  4. which 3 rail track in O gauge can be used for a layout in the garden? Paul
  5. thanks for the answers. I forgot to tell that I would like to run 2-rail. I have tried ETS track but when you put 2 coaches to a locomotive and the wheels start slipping and it does not move anymore. I think that the rail head is to narrow so the locomotive has not enough grip. I have also tried it on Peco O gauge setrack that a friend has but with the same result. Paul
  6. hello, I have bought a couple of ACE locomotives and I'm looking for some track and a good transformer. Can I get some recommendations from the forum for buying track and a transformer? Thank you Paul
  7. I read a lot of positives about them and prices are ok! But it is a pity that they do not ship to mainland Europe
  8. just ordered a couple of N scale locomotives from Tim and must say a very nice man to do business with! Paul Belgium
  9. milepost48

    Farish Class 40

    hello, I'm looking for a class 4 with sound, but I have no idea where to look for it as I do not live in the UK. Anybody with a tip where I could find it?? Thank you Paul
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