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  1. Sadly seem to have missed out on these BBA's this time around. Will you be doing a re-run at some time as I'm sure that they will be so popular, now that they have arrived to such acclaim? Cheers, Tom
  2. Hi Colm, I love the "backstory" for this latest layout. Despite your mention of gradients it all looks pretty level so far... That's a wee surprise with all the "experience" the Northern Counties Group gained with Bleach Green. I spoke to Ken recently and he told me of the progress being made.. Certainly looks good so far. Can't wait to hear and see (!!!) more in the coming days. I'm glad to hear you are staying safe... Cheers for now, Tom
  3. Hi Dave, Loved the video... The Mk 2's really do look well, very tastefully finished off. Very well done. The details in the "background" are very effective as well. I was particularly impressed by the mail bags with labels in the brute trollies on the platform. Did you make these up yourself or are they proprietary items? I don't recall seeing them before but I will need some of these for the brutes on Carlisle in due course Cheers for now, Tom
  4. Hi Dave, I really enjoyed the video's. Very atmospheric as usual and the 47's really sound just as I remember them too. I noted your comment about the BOC tanker rake. That's disappointing for a wagon with that price tag.... I have a similar problem with shunting Hornby container flats and am thinking of replacing the usual individual couplings on each wagon for one of the straight bar versions used to couple the Bachmann 'twin" types. Love the layout!! Keep up the good work. Cheers for now, Tom
  5. Hi Kieran, Great wee video and lovely pictures of the layout. It looks really well, with loads of typical Irish "charm". You should be really proud of what you have achieved so far and your "train set" does you much credit. That is a lot of work. My hat is well and truly doffed, sir..... Great to see you at the recent UMRC Show in Belfast - just sorry we didn't get longer to chat. Tom
  6. Hi Kieran, I love the wee video of the Class 101. I would add a crew, if only to avoid the impression that you have a "runaway train" - mmm, sounds like a cue for a song.... Understandable only to those of a certain vintage I suspect. Layout is looking good as well. Happy modelling, Tom
  7. Guys, Truly amazing look to this model with an incredible amount of detail. I can resist no longer - my order is in!!! Tom
  8. Hi Dave, That is truly wonderful work on the coach interiors. I'm not surprised you have not dimmed the lights. Why hide all that lovely detail in the usual "gloom"? The pictures are great, as usual. Modelling budget used up....?? There's always the "lottery" or some of your earlier "projects" could always find new homes/owners... I did not see you at Warley this year - too busy? I have only a couple of projects to finish for the Club layout then I can get back on track with "Carlisle". Best regards, Tom
  9. Top class work there Dave, you've raised the bar again... One small observation - the LED's in the signals on the video appear to flicker at times. I'm sure they don't flicker all the time on the layout - is that an issue with video recording generally, or just down to my computer settings? Looking forward to seeing more videos as well as your signature photography. Best regards, Tom
  10. Hi Fran, I'd like to get another set of these gorgeous bubbles (set C or D) and am happy to pay now but would like to collect at Bangor Show - sadly that option does not seem to be available on the shop site... or am I just not looking in the right place? Hope you can help, Tom
  11. Hi Dave, Yes, I'll be in Glasgow with some of my local Club members on the Saturday (one day only this year sadly!!) Let me know when you're there and, if Saturday, we might meet for a quick catch-up. Cheers, Tom
  12. Hi Dave, All working fine for me here in darkest Northern Ireland.... The videos are great and so too are all the lovely pictures you post. It can be a challenge to faithfully capture the atmosphere of a real location but you have managed to do that supremely. I have to have a tissue in my hand when I follow the ongoing story of WW - to wipe the drool of my chin! I only hope I can reach that sort of standard with my own layout when I finally get all the track laid, wiring done, etc. Best regards, Tom PS - I look forward to meeting up again sometime for the next "adventure"
  13. Interesting to learn how others have worked out their 4 digit numbering system for locos and dmu's etc. I started out with the TOPS 5 digit number and used the first two numbers followed by the last two numbers. I soon found a clash (37506 & 37906) and could see the possibility of more in my fleet, if I ever get around to chipping them all. So I decided to drop the 2nd digit of the 5 digit TOPS number, and 2nd & 3rd for any 6 digit number on the basis that the missing numbers were much less "important" for identification. Then I remembered about the several class 08 shunters I
  14. Hi Colm, Great to see that the "Directors" have been for a tour of inspection. The layout is developing very quickly and already looking like the "mutts nuts". Ken has a great eye for detail and is bringing his plan to life in a most convincing way. I'm only sorry that this layout won't be going "on tour"..... Looks like we are going to have to rely on YouTube.... Tom
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