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  1. Ohh I fly back into the UK on the 14th, I wonder if the Mrs would like a day trip to Weston to celebrate my arrival?! Looking forward to seeing the new project, Mr Spencer mentioned that you two are conspiring together! Matt
  2. A day spotting at Lydgate Station in the Forest of Dean Matt
  3. Loco's loaded into the car and just finishing my cuppa before hitting the road to help operate Lydgate. Come and say Hi!
  4. My freshly painted, detailed and weathered class 25 having a shakedown run on Mr Spencer's layout Lydgate prior to the Chippenham show this weekend. Matt
  5. Will finally get to see the layout in the flesh at the Chippenham show! I will be there with Mr Spencer operating Lydgate, be great to catch up with you again chap.
  6. Just caught up with this layout, very enjoyable read and very reminiscent of when I used to live in London. For low relief type industrial I have used these people http://www.unitmodels.com/the components are easily adaptable from extreme low relief all the way up to full buildings. Matt
  7. Had a cracking day operating Lydgate, had so much fun forgot to have a good look round at all the other layouts! Shall make sure I get wandering around at some point tomorrow. Sure seemed busy enough from all the punters in front of the layout, here's hoping for another good day sunday. Few pics I managed to grab of Lydgate oh and just to make it clear I am just an operator, Mr Spencer is the builder and owner of the masterpiece Lydgate.
  8. Another great show this weekend, very entertaining with a good selection of Layouts and trade. Hope the Gentleman makes a speedy recovery, and as for club members in a police car.....well there are a few that could do with a padded cell maybe not a police cell mind! Many Thanks for the hard work Geoff and the crew. Matt
  9. An enjoyable show as always, some wonderful layouts that really got the creative juices flowing. Such a good show its the only one that the Mrs will come along too, even pointing out some 'bargains' to me! See you all again tomorrow! Matt
  10. That white stuff is just a hard frost and there is nothing falling from the sky!
  11. The way the weather is going it may well be floods this year, how many layouts will have an aquatic theme?! Least the Landy is back on the road so I will be there no matter what! Matt
  12. If the wiring goes to plan and I have built the points robust enough then I can see myself building all my track from now on! The freedom the get things exactly where you want and the fact you can have long flowing track with out the obvious joins of point to track is very fulfilling. Cheers for giving me the nudge in the right direction bud
  13. Looking good Rob, it is nice when you can have a session without any issues, hopefully means all the bugs have been ironed out. After seeing your progress with the C&L points I decided to finally get mine of the shelf and have a go at them. They are rather fun and addictive once you get into it and progress has been swift. Then i noticed I had a spare board in the corner..... So I blame the following squarely on you Sir! No name as yet, but a nice bit of fun to keep me occupied whilst the garage is turned into a garage again for the Landy rebuild. (Yes the Mrs has relented and allowed me to have an indoor layout!) Matt
  14. Hi All, Was allowed some playtime today so finally got my SPA's out and put them in with a few other of my steel wagons. Well they sure look the part in a Railfreight Steel train rake, wish I could have got some more wagons down, but ran out of table space! Looking forward to getting some loads and weathering on them to give them that cracking in use look that well used steel traffic got rather rapidly, everything looks far too factory fresh right now! Cheers again Hugh hope you are having a relaxing Christmas, as you have sure made mine! Matt
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