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  1. Ohh I fly back into the UK on the 14th, I wonder if the Mrs would like a day trip to Weston to celebrate my arrival?! Looking forward to seeing the new project, Mr Spencer mentioned that you two are conspiring together! Matt
  2. My freshly painted, detailed and weathered class 25 having a shakedown run on Mr Spencer's layout Lydgate prior to the Chippenham show this weekend. Matt
  3. Will finally get to see the layout in the flesh at the Chippenham show! I will be there with Mr Spencer operating Lydgate, be great to catch up with you again chap.
  4. If the wiring goes to plan and I have built the points robust enough then I can see myself building all my track from now on! The freedom the get things exactly where you want and the fact you can have long flowing track with out the obvious joins of point to track is very fulfilling. Cheers for giving me the nudge in the right direction bud
  5. Looking good Rob, it is nice when you can have a session without any issues, hopefully means all the bugs have been ironed out. After seeing your progress with the C&L points I decided to finally get mine of the shelf and have a go at them. They are rather fun and addictive once you get into it and progress has been swift. Then i noticed I had a spare board in the corner..... So I blame the following squarely on you Sir! No name as yet, but a nice bit of fun to keep me occupied whilst the garage is turned into a garage again for the Landy rebuild. (Yes the Mrs has relented and allowed me to have an indoor layout!) Matt
  6. Best be carefull with that plan as she has just okay'd me purchasing TWO galvansied chassis for the Landy's. I have wondered if she has been a victim of the body snatchers! Hopefully she may well come down, as she has a slowly growing interest in my layout and some on here. Thin end of the wedge??!!
  7. Easiest way I find to get the mortar highlighted is to paint the wall in the mortar colour and then dry brush the stone colour over the top. Using a few different shades of the stone colour helps break up the stark nature of the stone. Cheers Matt
  8. Ohhhh That can be dangerous, one of my mates has all his purchases delivered to the hanger, they can then be brough into the house under the cover of darkness! Very impressed with the build quality, and the fact they will build any signal in any configuration for you. It is the little details that make the differance, the fact they colour code the tails with little heatshrink sleeves to aid wiring and as you said they are not shy about putting a good length of wire on either. More I think about the more of a bargin they seem, just need to convince the Mrs now! Matt
  9. Very effective way of creating depth, and bloody convincing too! Like the others there was several are they aren't they moments. CR signals are little works of art, when I saw the price for all the ones I needed for Sodem I did worry for my life when my finacial advisor (Mrs) saw the bank statement, but when I opened the box I thought I had been under charged, the colour seems spot on too. Matt
  10. Looking good Jo, shall see you at Calne in Jan, be nice to have a catch up and see what changes have happened on Embankment Road in person. Matt
  11. The more I look at the layout the more little details jump out at me, really enjoying the build. Oh do you have the contact number for the scrap yard? That poor Series one keeps tugging at the heart strings and needs saving Matt
  12. Looking good Rob! Reminds me of my parents old TV cabinate, I wonder if the Mrs would mind if something like this replaced the TV at home......
  13. Hi Rob, Just had an enjoyable hour reading through the thread, all I can say is wow! Such atmosphere. As I read through I did wonder where the Landrover would be, and there she is at the bottom of the pile! I hope with the release of Oxford diecasts Series 2's that one may appear in one piece somewhere I shall be giving the garage over to the Landy myself for next few months as I finally get the new chassis under her, so I have recieved permission to have a small plank that I can construct in the house. I also got some C&L track and point kits, so reading through your build thread has given some good pointers. Looking forward to seeing you and the layout in April. Cheers Matt
  14. Well that's it, 13 years of the Hercules in Afghanistan came to an end with the last two arriving back at Brize last night. One of which brought me back from my last suntan tour, been an emotional 13 years working on them out there, now back to business as usual.

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      glad your back safe

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      Welcome back.

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      Will you now be messing with those noisy A400s ?

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