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  1. We all lusted for a white Gibson SG custom after that .i gather that the stars were amazed they werent segregated in hotels , restaurants,trains etc.
  2. I heard his base boards wont do EM only 00 and p4 .............
  3. I think Hornby will leave the Isle of Wight versions to others.
  4. alfsboy

    Hornby Junior

    We bought a set of Chinese stuff that fetch about 40 -50 quid .We paint 15 from a guy who got it for his grandkids over from Australia for a while and reported favourably .It contains lots of plastic track ,points and a noisy loco .God what scale the coaches arer ,they look like S and a quite well moulded ,Any way out grandkids ,boy 7 and girl 3 ,played for hours with it and still get it out .Its taught them alot about playing trains without anything plugged in so was money well spent .Not about it at its full price though .We use Gumtree a lot for kids toys .
  5. Was inevitable really ..Hornby are the train set of Britain and should never be ignored .
  6. Thousands probably in each of hundreds of liveries . You overate how many modellers strive for accuracy and how many just like trains for the sake of enjoying them .
  7. I use Lais Dcc decoder in all US my brass locos and their stay alive .I find the DCC concepts stay alive works well too.My switching layout uses insulfrog and stay alive solves all problems .I have a brass shay ,notoriuios for pickup problems ,thats stalls easily but a stay alive will probably solve it all .I will fit as large a version as I can get in .
  8. I also did a robin perched on a shovel in the Dart gardener figure ....ahhhh
  9. I use Code 83 insulfrog as I mainly have US 8 wheelers which normally cause no issue .They are useless for most small short wheelbase locos but even they run OK with say alive so I havnt bothered upgrading .My Hattons Barclay 0-4-0 ran through them at low speed fine oddly ,I have a US based switching layout .
  10. It always pays to just sand the bottom of all peco points flat with some fairly rough wet and dry glued to a flat board .its amazing how not flat they are .my Barclay test creeps perfectly through NMRA code 83 Peco on my American layout but you may have old code 100 which will allow pizza cutters to run through hence the drop .The NMRA guys stuck little plastic shims to the frogs but others will be more informative as I have never had code 100 for 50 -1/2 decades (gawd) so didnt bother
  11. Perhaps I can join this conversation .My American friend who I have known since the 60's married a German girl .Lindy or as she was actually named Seiglinde .Her family were all middle ranking hard line Nazis .The Patriarch ,her step father ,was a party official ,was Streichers secretary for a time.Hee actual father was an SS panzer officer who died in Russia early on.Her two Onkels were an SS oficer in Das Reich,an intelligence officer in Das Reich who probably sent the troops to Oradour and the other was an official in Berlin ,My friend got on with them all though he noted that the Onkels had a habit of disappearing when police and foreign cars were around.They were all all unrepentant Nazis who blamed the Jews for everything and considered the war to have been a victory against the Jews..The Patriarch had a Jewish wife but divorced her in 33 .He married Lindys widowed mother ,who was also a raving Nazi.A right bunch Lindy hated Hitler and the Nazis.She was a BDM flakky in the end and managed to save a friend critical of Hitler from Dachau through getting her step father to get him out..she blamed Hitler and the Nazis for killing her father and a lot of young friends and was very out spoken about it .She even attacked them all once a dinner. My frIend got on well with the Patriarch who was 'de Nazified in Hammelburg camp, at that time run by an understandably vicious Jewish major in the British army whos main aim in life was to kill as many Nazis as he could mainly through starvation and suicide .The patriarch survived by agreeing to be the batman for black US Army Sargent something the other inmates wouldn't do .The Sarg saved him but when he returned to the US it was danger time and ill treatment .He was saved by his ex Jewish wife turning up to say he had saved all her family from the gas chambers.He had looked after them since 33. Later one of the dreaded onkels was living under a false name and was arrested and it turned out he ran a major KZ labour camp and had murdered thousands including setting dogs on girls etc.By that time it was German court and jail so no great hardship there .,When the family except Lindy had all died she was flabbergasted to see she was a multi millionaire .A clue to the family wealth was that she remembered going to a flat in Munich stuffed full of old paintings during the war .Another member of the family had been one of Hitlers art directors They had kept every uniform ,pass ,party card and weapons badges medals etc all hidden under a huge fake log pile .My friend who had divorced by then and gone off to Vietnam for dubious educational work (he was MI )got all that . Weird story Goldhagen was right .He said Germans hated THE Jews not single Jews.My uncle(not Jewish ) was in a camp for while as he was a Belgian citizen though British and incarcerated .He said the Germans were vain arrogant and stupid and the Nazis ten times worse .Cant really argue with that .He travelled Europe in the thirties as ` textile rep said not one of his hundreds of Jewish clients was ever seen again after the war . You will note I haven't named anyone .That is at the request of my friend .Lindy is still alive and has her own life .I do have copies of documentation ,names and have checked what I could on the net . .I even found some details my friend didnt know. There you have it .Murderers ,thieves ,haters and one slight saint .Sums it all up really .Sorry if it upsets any German reader but sins of fathers etc .....
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