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  1. Tonbridge MRC will be hosting their 40th model railway exhibition, on Saturday 19th February 2022. The exhibition will be held in the Angel Centre, Angel Lane, Tonbridge, TN9 1SF. Admission prices are as follows: Adults £6.00, Children (between 10 -16) £1.00, Children under 10 (if accompanied by an adult) FREE. Further information available from the club's website, WWW.tonbridgemrc.com. The following layouts, traders and societies are currently confirmed as attending. Layouts: Bear Creek N Bosun's Wharf OO Fintonagh O Gosfield Yard O Habbaniya Iraq 1941 Horsebridge Wharf EM Katharine Street Station OO Kingsnorth N Kinlochlaggen N Lambourn OO New Walmington Pier OO9 Norge HO Ospringe (St.Peter) & Water Lane N Priorsfield OO Shillingstone N Strood Dock O Upper Oreful Street OO Wickhambreux Road OO9 Wittenden O-16.5/O9 dual gauge. Traders: ACE Products C & L Finescale Carriage and Wagon models Coastal DCC David Wills Dingo Servo Mounts Doug's Model Trains and Tools DOW Scenics Golden Arrow Productions Harrison-Brown Models Heritage in Motion Invicta Model Rail Kent Garden Railways KS Laser Designs Layouts 4u Matthew Cousins (Artist, with O gauge Drive Thomas) Mick Jupp Mike Turner (Artist) Plus Daughters Rail Books Railroad Trading Ray Morris Simply Southern Squires Model & Craft Tools Supercast The Wagon Yard Societies: Spa Valley Railway Tonbridge Model Engineering Society This will be updated when more information is available. Colin
  2. ColinW

    Hornby Train packs

    When Hornby brought out the 4 & 6 wheel coaches, I thought that pairing them with the new Terrier would be a great train pack. However I would have thought that doing an LBSCR, Southern mainland, Southern IoW or BR set, would have been better than a GWR set Colin
  3. A good day at the show. Excellent layouts (as now the norm for the Uckfield show), all worth spending time to stand and watch, and good to catch up with some of the Uckfield members. Colin
  4. Hi Fulton, Here are some photos I was able to take of Strood Dock this afternoon. It is an O gauge layout, with the scenic area being 10foot in length. It is due to be at Tonbridge in February. Colin
  5. Hi Fulton, Will take camera with me tomorrow, and put some up on here. Colin
  6. I will be making the short journey from Tonbridge on the Saturday. Its always a good show. Colin
  7. I will be behind Strood Dock in the Channel Suite tomorrow. Colin
  8. Having been able to put the layout up fully, I was hoping to be able to carry out the wiring work on the point motors. We were going to use DCC Concepts analogue motors, but after fitting them on the boards, sitting down to read the instructions, we discovered that we would need to have extra switches to operate them, and unfortunately this went beyond the capacity we had available in the control panel or underneath the boards . So we decided to remove those motors, and use a Megapoints board and servos. This is a system that we have used on a club layout and are happy with how it has worked on that for us. The Servo controller board fitted in the control panel Servos fitted on the central board of the layout The central board showing the majority of the servos fitted The servos wired into the under board panel for connecting to the control panel. Colin
  9. Tonbridge MRC are happy to say that club nights have now resumed on Thursday nights, between 19:00 - 22:00, at a new venue. We are now meeting in Forsyth Hall (Age UK), 5 Bradford Street, Tonbridge, TN9 1DU Colin
  10. Whilst I live in Tonbridge, so yes I know/knew of the direct service to Guildford, driving there takes about an hour, and I am obviously not tied down to return times. Will be going over tomorrow, so hopefully (for me) quiet in the shop, so can have a good look around and possibly a pub lunch from one of the pubs just down the road. Colin
  11. Received the email from the shop in Guildford saying they had my order. A car journey will be made in the next couple of days to collect them. Colin
  12. We used several pots of Railmatch 2406 acrylic sleeper grime on the sleepers, and it is very effective in dulling down the plastic used for the sleepers. Colin
  13. This morning, the track circuit wiring was finished for the layout, the central board being the last board done. Having gotten that done, and with some favourable weather, we were able to put the layout up fully, for the first time since we started!! Some testing was also done. The next stage for us, will be to wire up the points and test them. Colin
  14. Since we had the testing of the first two boards, another two boards have been wired up, although not tested yet. These are the board with the turntable and the goods yard area, leaving the central board as the last one to be wired up. We should then be in a position to do testing on all the boards, just to confirm everything still works correctly. Once we are happy about this wiring, we can start on the point motors. The wiring for the Goods yard area, that was done this morning. Whilst the wiring was being done, the weathering of the sleepers on all the boards has been completed, along with some of the missing sleepers being fitted back. The platform area has also been marked out on both boards where the station will be. Colin
  15. Having wired up the first two boards, this morning they were put together, and connected to the control panel, and we put power into them. First of all using just one controller, then when happy increasing to two controllers, which proved to be successful. The rail sides can be painted now, and then platform edges put in position. Wiring on a third board has also started. Colin
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