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  1. I went to the Basingstoke show on the Saturday, lock down began on the Monday. Colin
  2. Some impressive work there (not a surprise) Will be good to see these in place on the layout, with locos in the vacinity. Colin
  3. ColinW

    2021 hopes

    Sanity? Missing.... For some people that has been happening a lot in the past year!!! Colin
  4. Its good to see this thread being revived. I enjoyed seeing DITD when it appeared at exhibitions in the South East. Colin
  5. Having a catch up with what has been said on here, first of all sorry to hear about your redundancy, but good luck with your decision to go self employed. I shall look forward to seeing your station building build. Colin
  6. Having managed to get hold of the turntable board, work was able to progress on the deck, although work was still needing to be done before being fully fastened down. The well was also sprayed with primer, and the tracks leading from the turntable fitted but the track pins need to be tapped into the baseboard. Colin
  7. As I need the board with the turntable well, to progress with the deck, that has been put on the sidelines for the time being, another job to be done was to get the control panel started. We decided to use a laser cut carcass kit from Model Railway Solutions, a nice simple kit that went together very easily. As can be seen the board cable connections have been fitted, the 15 pin D way socket will be used for the power supplies into the panel. We had been hoping to continue working on the boards this weekend, but unfortunately Kent has been p
  8. As we are still in lock down, and unable to work on the boards, a job that was able to be started was the turntable deck. This came from South Eastern Finecast, same as the well, but can be purchased separately if you only wanted the well. The frames are vacuum formed, so having cut them from the sheet, the first thing was to fit plasticard to strengthen. Then fit them altogether The deck hasn't been fixed in position yet. South Eastern Finecast say that the sides from a Dapol/Airfix turntable deck, turned upside down, can be used in place of th
  9. Had a morning finishing off the majority of the track laying today, with the bay platform and 2 sidings put in place. The tracks were also soldered to copperclad sleepers. As I mentioned on my post on 26th October, the main platforms should be able to hold 4 coaches and a main line loco at each end, so we took the opportunity to prove it. The 2 locos are Merchant Navies 21C3 Royal Mail (nearest the camera/ left side) and 21C1 Channel Packet and 4 Maunsell coaches. Unfortunately this morning is likely to be the last one for at least a month, with the l
  10. Another morning done track laying. The final point was put in place, and we were able to lay track onto the final board as well, with both of the main platform lines fitted, the piece of cardboard showing where the tracks end. The end of the bay track and the end of the two sidings will be finished off on our next working morning, and then we only have to work around the turntable to finish off track laying. Colin
  11. Another morning's work on Saturday morning allowed us to start laying the tracks for the station. The track with the loco and coach will be long enough to hold 4 coaches and a loco at each end. Colin
  12. Another morning working on the layout allowed us to completely fix the goods yard area in place, as well as the main line past the turntable and towards the fiddle yard. The rolling stock was used to give us the size of the sidings. Colin
  13. We did some more track laying this morning, around the goods yard area. We also had a discussion and have now agreed to name the layout Tyneham Bay. The reason for this name is that while being a fictitious place, the village of Tyneham was the village evacuated in the Second World War to allow the American's to practice for D-Day. We wanted to make the setting for the layout a coastal holiday destination to allow for a variety of rolling stock to be used. Colin
  14. During the past week we received the sad news that the gentleman that built Avon Junction, Denis Pidgeon passed away. We wish to thank Denis, not only for building the layout, but allowing us to assist him with it at exhibitions, and then allowing us to buy the layout from him and continuing to loan some rolling stock from time to time. We would also like to remember him for taking several of us under his wing on club nights, when doing scenic works on club OO layouts. RIP Denis Colin
  15. Hi Rich, I have now had a chance to look at the boards, but unfortunately there are absolutely no manufacturers markings on any of the boards, so what KCL put up the other day would be the best solution in finding something similar. Colin
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