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  1. Towards the end of last year, I made the announcement that Avon Junction was going to be retired permanently, and that there was a possibility that the people involved with it may start a new layout. Having spent some time during December, and over the Christmas & New Year period salvaging what we could from Avon Junction's boards, before disposing of them, We had a meeting to decide as to what we wanted to do. We agreed that we would like to work on a new layout. The size of the layout was going to be determined by its ability of being transported in 2 cars, along with its equipment. After a discussion, we decided that we would order baseboard kits from Tim Horn, these being easy to put together, rather than building our own! The only question would be how many and what sizes. The layout would be DC controlled, as we had Gaugemaster D twin controller from Avon Junction and due to the amount of stock we had between us, it was going to be steam based, running as either Southern/GWR (1930/40's) or BR (S)/(W) (1948-mid 60's). Having agreed to this we went away to have a think as to what trackplan(s) we wanted to consider, Colin
  2. Unfortunately until club's can meet regularly, we won't have exhibitions. I can hope that there will be a show this year, but I suspect that we may even be looking at exhibitions in the early part of next year being cancelled. Colin
  3. The distillery office looks great, and will look forward to seeing the progress with it. Can fully understand how you are explaining to your father as to where it will be situated near the distillery buildings. Colin
  4. Today is Tonbridge MRC's 40th birthday, and obviously we are unable to celebrate it the way we should have, but we can celebrate it in the future.

  5. I said before that having a dark wet/grey skyline really sets this layout up. Like the signage you have done as well Colin
  6. The Peckett certainly sets the scene well. The distillery buildings look superb. Colin
  7. I made the journey around the M25 (the traffic both ways was noticeably lighter than normal) to the show, and wasn't disappointed. Some excellent layouts on view, but has been mentioned the attendance did appear to be down on previous years, but congratulations to the Basingstoke club and the layout owners & operators, and the traders for helping to produce a great exhibition in concerning times. Colin
  8. The thing about Metcalf kits are that they are easily recognised on layouts. Whilst they are good for some people, it is when it is your own work that you have the satisfaction when you see it. Colin
  9. Have just had a chance to have a catch up, and have to say your buildings look superb, but that is not a surprise to me. I particularly like the engine shed. Colin
  10. ColinW


    Thank you for informing me yesterday, at the Tonbridge exhibition, of Tony's passing. It was a shock to hear the sad news. Condolences to his family. Colin
  11. I always seeing Canute Road Quay, at an exhibition. Glad you enjoyed the Tonbridge show yesterday Graham. Colin
  12. As the show has now finished and the equipment put away, the club would like to thank the layout owners & operators, traders, Demonstrators, neighbouring club members, and our members wives for helping to make a successful show. The weather and the A21 closure did not help us. Next year will be the club's 40th, and the date will be Saturday 20th February, 2021. Colin
  13. Just 40 minutes to opening the show. I am upstairs on the club display stand, so will be discussing anything to do with the club. Any RMWeb members around, do come and say hello. Colin
  14. On behalf of Tonbridge MRC, we are sorry to hear the sad news of Vernon's passing and would like to send our condolences to Kerry and family. Colin
  15. Unfortunately Ville a La Champagne have had to withdraw from the show. Colin
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