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  1. Since we had the testing of the first two boards, another two boards have been wired up, although not tested yet. These are the board with the turntable and the goods yard area, leaving the central board as the last one to be wired up. We should then be in a position to do testing on all the boards, just to confirm everything still works correctly. Once we are happy about this wiring, we can start on the point motors. The wiring for the Goods yard area, that was done this morning. Whilst the wiring was being done, the weathering of the sleep
  2. Having wired up the first two boards, this morning they were put together, and connected to the control panel, and we put power into them. First of all using just one controller, then when happy increasing to two controllers, which proved to be successful. The rail sides can be painted now, and then platform edges put in position. Wiring on a third board has also started. Colin
  3. With the majority of the work in the control panel done, a start was made on wiring up the first boards. These are the boards that the station platforms will be put on. The board at the end of the layout. The board leading onto the station throat. The next stage, will be to arrange for power to be put into the control panel, then we can look at doing a testing session with these two boards. Colin
  4. So after a long time, the three of us involved with the layout were able to have a working morning on the baseboards. Whilst I fitted the final point motors on the central board, the other two began weathering the sleepers on the station boards. All the point motors in place on the central board Weathering duties on the sleepers begin. Colin
  5. A bit more work done on the control panel, with the 25 way D sockets fitted at each end of the cover and main body. Inside the main body of the control panel. The cover for the control panel. The cover and the main body electrically connected using computer ribbons. The cover fitted onto the main body. I still have to do the point wiring, again using a 25 way D socket for the cover and main body and computer ribbon, and connect the hand held controller plugs, but will be done before we want to
  6. Steve was an excellent demonstrator at exhibitions, scratch build locos & rolling stock in plasticard. He would greet people with a smile and a friendly insult, before inquiring as to how people were, and how the club was. Unfortunately he had been unwell in recent years but still wanted to do demos at a show, latterly with his wife, who drove him. He will definitely be missed at shows, and on behalf of Tonbridge MRC, we send our condolences to his wife Sally. Colin
  7. As I do about 20+ shows a year, it's very hard to pick, but here goes 1. Uckfield - Good selection of layouts 2. Ally Pally - normally turns into a club outing, great day out 3. RailEx - Great layouts and traders. Others that I should mention : Tonbridge (club show), Epsom & Ewell, Basingstoke, South Hants MRC (Portsmouth), Scaleforum, Farnham, High Wycombe. Colin
  8. Whilst we are happy to get back on to the baseboards, work has continued with the wiring in the control panel. Hopefully the control panel should be ready for when we want to do testing on the layout. Colin
  9. With the government's restrictions being eased, this morning allowed us to go back to working on the baseboards. This was to fit the first 4 point motors onto the baseboards. We are using the cobalt motors that we had fitted to Avon Junction, and are relatively new. We will be looking at getting the other 8 motors fitted in the near future, and then wiring can begin. In between being able to work on the baseboards, the wiring in the control panel continues. Colin
  10. Managed to get the next part of the control panel done over the weekend. This included laminating an A3 copy of the track plan, trimming it to size and fixing it to the cover of the panel, then drilling the holes for the section and isolation switches and push buttons for the point controls. Due to the thickness of the cover, the back of it had to be countersunk around the holes to allow the switches and buttons to sit deep enough to give enough thread poking through to fit the locking nut on. The switches without caps are DPDT centre of
  11. I have now managed to get the majority of the wiring to the boards finished in the panel, the next stage will be to get the trackplan fixed to the control panel lid, position the section and isolation switches and the push buttons to operate the points and get them wired in. Then it will be look at the wiring on the boards themselves Colin
  12. Some more work done on the control panel, including putting a wood stain on the exterior, and getting half of the wiring soldered onto the 25 way D sockets in the panel. Will be looking to get the wiring inside the panel completed soon. Colin
  13. Have now fitted all of the main wiring in the control panel, next stage to fit them to the 25 way D sockets. Colin
  14. Whilst things are still quiet in progressing with the layout, I have been able to make a start with the wiring inside the control panel. As can be seen, I have marked out what connecting block goes to which section or isolation switch, while the 2 sets of connecting blocks in the middle are for the points. As the lid to the control panel has to be lifted off to allow us to work inside it, the plan is to use 25way D sockets between each two rows of connecting blocks, and the lid, and then connect them using computer ribbons, which we had originally used on Avon Junction.
  15. Great news about the warehouse. Good to see the company continuing to expand , even during the lock down of the past year. Colin
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