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  1. Probably not the right thread, but more likely the right target audience. . I 'm slowly working my way through building my first Intentio 7mm kit, the modern bothy. My thoughts have turned to how to finish the flat roof, and how others have done theirs. I have come up with using wet and dry paper covering, coating with suede coat, or even using aircraft modellers tissue and dope. What have others successfully used?
  2. Think I might get some unofficial nameplates made up for my 122. Torn between,"Suez" and "Ever Given"
  3. Oxford 1/43 lightweight this time,repainted and loaded on a Skytrex Lowmac. Copied from a photo.
  4. Note the "Rare" in the title and description. I should think it is rare, as it's not available yet!
  5. Noticed that when i put photo up. Close ups are cruel. corrected it straight away.
  6. received my conflat today, without container. First impression, very nice, although that wooden deck is crying out for toning down with weathering. Not sure what is going on with wagon number though. Something lost in translation between Dapol and the Chinese perhaps?
  7. Do you mean subscription started from issue 264. I ordered 263 as a back issue from there.
  8. On line here. Just ordered it myself.Traction - World Of Railways (world-of-railways.co.uk)
  9. Typical, It's a 122 I pre -ordered. Still, it's been on order over 3 years now, so what's a few more months wait !
  10. Satin varnish, as loco finish is satin. time to position before it dries, and clean up of excess is easy with cotton bud and thinners
  11. If it's just been purchased, return it to retailer. Trying to resolve the issue yourself will probably invalidate the warranty
  12. 1970's olive green one on ebay at the moment, also still available from Hattons
  13. in rural Shropshire, and happened across this old container being used as a farmers shed. Exterior in very poor state , but traces of original paint and stenciling survive. Interior much better.
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