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  1. That appears to have fingerprints in the paint from handling when wet
  2. But that's already been announced, albeit a long time ago. This implies something new.
  3. Is it only me who feels sorry for all the retailers who are having Heljan Cl25 pre orders cancelled on the back of this announcement ? Timing couldn't have been worse considering they are imminent.
  4. According to the dcc supplies link, they have 6 lightbar kits in stock.
  5. Didn't he say the issues were with decoration.
  6. First thing to draw my eye was the silvering, however, close up pictures can be cruel. The pic on the 3rd page of the review, top right of page does not look quite as bad, though still not perfect.
  7. I read somewhere that Dapol are only producing 200 of each version!
  8. I take it you did remove the speakers from their original supplied plastic sound enclosure first? I had a little trouble fitting the Dapol enclosure back into place, but it does go with a little force.
  9. i take it you have knowledge of the costs involved in bringing this wagon to market for you to be able to query the price ?
  10. Have you tried something like maskol , tackywax or bluetac to temporarily fit the speedo cable for testing?
  11. Definitely said production cancelled. Perhaps they meant to say sold out on pre order. Managed to pre order one elsewhere.
  12. I have had notification from Hattons today that 3105 BR Blue class 31 has been cancelled from production. Anyone else had similar notifications? Does it only affect the Blue version?
  13. These do the trick, and each lead will do two loco's https://uk.farnell.com/jst-japan-solderless-terminals/02sur-02sur-32w150/lead-2way-0-8mm-150mm/dp/3852313?ost=02SUR-02SUR-32W150&iscrfnonsku=false&ddkey=http%3Aen-GB%2FElement14_United_Kingdom%2Fsearch”
  14. You need to pull out the metal buffer heads as well. oh, didn't read last entry
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