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  1. Another option similar to the wrapping idea is that you can get coloured and patterned rolls of Duck tape from Hobbycraft
  2. The WWS applicator can do tufts fine, I use a piece of greaseproof paper, apply blobs of neat PVA then apply the fibres (4mm & 6mm) using the applicator, leave it all to dry, tip of the excess fibres then peel of the tufts.
  3. Leave some wire wool or a used brillo pad outside in the wet in a container to rust, turns into a nice rust coloured weathering powder.
  4. I don't really find the Ratio kits fiddly, but then I have been building plastic model kits since I was a wee one. The best advice I can give with the Ratio kits is to replace any of the plastic shafts with thin wire, makes them much more durable.
  5. As Ian, I still use flock along with static fibres
  6. Another satisfied customer here, I made my own using a fly swatter, then purchased a WWS one earlier this year, can really recommend it.
  7. A couple from the John Ahern miniature building construction book, but built similar to the Pendon way. A village pump Harbour Office Cottages in a scenic tray The Outhouse
  8. You could colour the wire using a magic marker or artists markers before assembly, its a very thin covering so you can still slide them through.
  9. Full sized rope comes in many sizes so it will depend on what you are trying to depict, ropes for mooring small ships can be around 3" diameter so 1mm cord, and normal cotton thread for any smaller diameter rope.
  10. I coat the armature with PVA then sprinkle on sawdust, gives a rough bark texture.
  11. I have used the tutorials in the past and am quite happy producing templates when needed, it was just reading about how templot was written as Phase 1 and Phase 2 and the ideas behind the storage box, has to me made using the software easier by understanding how the software was designed, maybe its just me being a programmer my self.
  12. Anyone considering using templot should read the origins post first, I have been using it to create single templates but having read that post the design of the software now makes far more sense.
  13. May as well add my 4mm scale one. Mainly produced from card.
  14. This may seem a bit of a wild card suggestion, but go and google 'caravan jockey wheels' they would also give you levelling options if needed.
  15. I got the book last year of Amazon for around a fiver, you just have to wait for reasonable price ones to come up.
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