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    1980’s Scotland, currently recreating Glasgow Queen Street as was in 1985 in P4

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  1. Not forgetting the FK in ScotRail (1980’s) livery 13566 I do have a photo but not sure of it’s origins so not sure if I can post it
  2. Spotted the BSO in the cabinet yesterday and could see the interior has a buffet counter included. My BSO(T) project has currently stalled as struggling with the white stripe decal application between the blue and grey.
  3. I am looking forward to this and heading to the NEC on Saturday. Be good to have a look at the IPMS displays etc. I think we can learn a lot from our military modelling friends esp when comes to things like weathering techniques. I have wondered if multi disciplined shows are the future for large “commercial” shows. It is already done successfully in Europe. If you look at the model boat hobby, they have lost many of their larger “national” type exhibitions. It would be good be maybe see model boats also included in future plans for Key Model World Live. Just my thoughts. Cheers. Bill.
  4. Quick silly question, is there still much freight to and from Hull docks. I’m guessing coal imports have now long finished leaving possibly just steel to and from the dedicated handling facility at King George dock?
  5. You missed the most important one…. 1980’s ScotRail!!!😜
  6. It is the announcement of the MK2D that my credit card is afraid of!!
  7. The weathering on the wooden planks looks spot on. Any chance of sharing how you achieved it?
  8. Had chance to have a good look at the couple of Warwells that arrived earlier. 1st thing that struck me was the weight of the model. I thought the Cavalex Warflat was fairly hefty but these feel heavier. Overall, very pleased with them and a nice addition to the growing military rake. Looking forward to the Trains4U one arriving soon to go with these. Cheers. Bill.
  9. With the Hattons / Accurascale Warwells now arriving what is the possibilty of some Bedford MK/MJ and TM trucks. Surely these were the back bone of the British Army in the 70’s, 80’s and into the 90’s. PS. Placed a preorder by phone a few weeks back but not had a call yet to take payment. Cheers Bill.
  10. I like that one! Thanks Mike, I’ll try it and let you know when I’m allowed home from A&E!
  11. Had the DPD delivery notification text this morning for my Warwells. Every Accurascale delivery I’ve had has been on a Wednesday. Coincidence I know but I’m sure someone at Accurscale knows that Wednesday is my wife’s day off and the day I have to go into the office. They must love knowing I will have some explaining to do (again) when I get home. At least it is not justifying 2 class 37’s this time!!
  12. Will be there for the weekend helping @PeteScR with his layout “Brunswick Yard” which was featured in the March edition of BRM
  13. Just a quick note to add that Revolution Will be displaying the EP samples of the Class 175 & 180 DMU’s for the 1st time at our Modellers day this coming Saturday (6th) Cheers. Bill.
  14. Hi Andy. Hope you are recovering from your cold. Thanks for sharing your updates throughout the year. I find yours and @young37215 layouts inspiring! my goals for 2024 are to make a start my West Highland project and finally get to visit the WHHR (A visit is long overdue!) Happy new year to you and look forward to seeing more progress on the layout in 2024. Cheers. Bill.
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