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  1. Thanks for the conxfirmation, that's the article I referred to earlier. Wally
  2. I seem to remember an article in a magazine re soldering rail to rivets by putting the earth clip on the rail some distance away from the.joint and the electrode on the same rail directly above the rivet. The heat will travel through the metal and make the jointa! May be worth a try. Wally
  3. One method I have used is to lay the DAS with a small amount of dilute PVA on the card and when all is dry flood the surface of the DAS with the solvent, this will soak through and weld the components without producing the trapped fumes. Wally
  4. Quite probably the old one had an original copper bit whereas the new one has a steel bit. I. Suggest you try swapping the bits over to see the result before trying more desperate remedys. The steel ones are a pain in the proverbial until you get.the tinned properly. Wally
  5. i have been following this topic with interest since it started and have come to the conclusion that whilst the participants are very knowledgeable about the operations of the railway there is a lack of knowledge of the modern fuel market. For the last ten years of my employment one of my many and varied duties was the overseeing and monitoring of the fuel supply for our fleet of buses including ensuring timely reordering of additional supplies so I may be able to inform readers of how the market works. Fuel supply contracts with a specific supplier no longer exist locking the customer into a specific purchase price, instead the operator uses an agent who negotiates each delivery at the lowest price available on the day on the spot market, as the price is continuously fluctuating this can lead to considerable savings. Each penny saved on a 36000 litre load equals £360.00 less on the fuel bill, it is possible to get a discount of 10 - 20 pence against retail pump price which is a considerable saving on operating costs especially if you are getting three loads a day as mentioned earlier, this price includes the delivery costs by road tanker. In the case of Long Rock fuel will probably come from the Falmouth terminal and Laira's from Catedown so delivery mileage is small and unlikely to suffer delays or interruption. There was a comment earlier asking if National Express buses fueled at Long Rock.. Services were operated both by First Group from their Camborne depot and my employer with Plymouth based vehicles, when First withdrew we took over their services with some of our vehicles and crews turning round overnight at PZ. These vehicles are fueled at Long Rock but in a commercial filling station at an agreed discount so the answer is, yes. but! I was in conversation with my successor a few days ago and he told me that they had carried out an accountancy exercise recently and found that the equivalent price of fuel through the depot pump gave a theoretical saving of 1/4 to 1/3 of a million pounds annually. Just a small point to ponder when you complain about the cost of filling your vehicle. Wally .
  6. e Phil, Sorry to say that since then I have lost the grip in the right hand and the left one is gradually failing so practical modelling has literally taken out of my hands!l I am now in a residential care home but can still do you a CAD drawing of the Kings Road bridge if you require, my electric wheel chair has sufficient range. Wallyv
  7. Naval refuelling was and still is at Thankes Point on the opposite side of the Hamoaze just outside Torpoint. It takes the shape of commercial tankers deliver And R F A (Royal Fleet Auxillary) tankers out. Naval vessels are replenished at sea and not alongside the dock to minimise pollution risks. Wally
  8. In order to broaden your search further apparently the Friary and Devonport Kings Road buildings were identical. There are several pictures of that structure around.. Wally
  9. An empty "Pasty Tanker" returning to Callington perhaps? Wally
  10. The generic term for anti slip flooring plate, which is often used in alternative purposes such as this, is tread plate. This is available in several styles of raised patterns the more usual ones are chequer, diamond or five bar and many sizes of thickness are available dependant on intended use. Different manufacturers use trade names for their individual products. Wally
  11. I have just looked up his (Kits from Somerset) membership record for this forum and the last posting was on the first of April this year,just looking at the collected entries there makes you realise the enormity of the mans outstanding task Whilst I have not been a customer of his products for many years I have been (third) party to conversations between an associate of mine and the proprietor I have come to the conclusion that the old problem of "biting and chewing" has come into play here. Perhaps this is vindication of Petes actions when Carrs took over Len Newmans empire last year, which also lead to vociferous criticism from some on here. Perhaps I have a more relaxed attitude than some towards waiting for delayed service due to some thirty years trying to fulfil the needs of myriad motorists all of whom own the only car on the road. Wally
  12. Here are a couple of pictures of a relaying job carried out in Plymouth a little while ago - the bits were brought in having been assembled off site (Tavistock Junction possibly?) and dropped in place as can be seen here, the up side on this occasion, and the down line about a month later. The chaps in the centre of the photo are standing on the divergence of the turnout, where the joining bolts protrude from the sleeper ends. Although I did not capture the work during the second occupation this is a detail shot of the finished crossover showing the fixing of the two sides using the vertical studs. This needs careful measuring when casting the second set of bearers to ensure that the stud holes are correct to allow the studs (which are welded to the reinforcing steels in the first bearer before the concrete is poured) to slide through correctly and allow every thing to align. You can clearly see where the two bearers butt up against each other close to the near rail. I hope this helps to explain the methodology of this operation Wally
  13. The box is still in its " box" as the windows are not weatherproof yet.
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