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  1. Yesterday I made a start on the next coach build, finally adding a bit more variation to my brake thirds adding a Sunshine Stock D127. As with my previous Sunshine Stock first build (and for that matter the build for the composite that will follow sometime soon). This differs from my other builds in that I am using the Mainline ends as well as the roof, and have accepted that the D137 is going to be 2mm short (the Mainline / Bachmann coaches being a scale 6 inches short for the two coaches offered and 6 inches too long for the other diagrams). This was a simple case of cutting 2mm off the luggage end using tin snips, however I don’t think the approach would work so well with the other 61ft coaches (thirds or restaurant) as I don’t think it would look right reducing the space between the outer windows and the end of the coach. The first job after stripping down the coach was to modify the roof, some roof vents needed removing (requiring the removal of the raised base) along with one toilet filler panel. The gap in the rivet detail here will need replacing with Archer’s transfers. Next up was the preparation for the new sides, the original sides were cut away (scalpel along the top edge before using the razor saw to cut along the ends), once cut the ends were then filed back to provide clearance for the thickness of the brass sides. The new sides were prepared with a length of 10by1 mm brass strip to add rigidity (and a good bond with the roof), hinges will once again be added post painting and lining to assist with masking. This etch includes half etched droplights, so that’s one less job to do. One issue with this brass is that it obstructs the interior. Will be making sure to use a narrower width next time. The sides were then glued in place, filling the gaps with the end and replacing the roof vents in their new locations. So the body is now ready for painting. Moving on to the interior, this is one of the more straight forward jobs in that most of the original brake composite interior could be reused for the passenger compartments. It then just needed a plasticard extension for the wall along the luggage / guards compartments. I did find after test fitting that the non smoking compartment is bigger than the others and needs adjusting. Finally the underframe, one battery box needed relocating from one end to the other. Thankfully this was a like for like swap, so it could be carefully cut off and swapped with the plane trussing from the new location. Likewise the dynamo also needed swapping. There is an issue with the bogies, which have both snapped the fixing pin so will fall off at the slightest provocation. the completed coach with modified underframe and roof vents added (pre fitting the interior) a little more on the K40 as well, which is also fitted with roof bits and the grab handles have been fitted to the sides. It is also now ready for paint, so just need to build the sunshine composite first.
  2. I really do hope so, always such good days out
  3. Completely agree, my second pair of B Sets are sat on the work bench to do shelf awaiting the same modifications. One of the plans for this winter is to get “Kingsbridge” wired up (along with getting the dodgy switch on the platform exit slip rewired. So that I can start running the branch, at which point I will want the b set ready for service
  4. More K40 work this evening, the sides have been prepared with plasticard behind the holes for the recessed door handles. Drilling out the handrails and door handles and adding droplights. the sides were then glued into place onto the B Set core. the underframe needed a fair bit of work, the solebar had the footsteps cut off and was filed flat to remove the remains, before adding a new channel from Evergreen strip. The incorrect battery box was removed (as were the hideous attempt at vac cylinders. While the strange curved headstock was chopped off to be replaced with a new (flat) plastic version Still to do: -handrails (I am thinking about getting 20thou evergreen plastic rod as cutting so many short lengths of brass wire will be a pig) -roof detail -modify the bogies with the tiebar -end details
  5. It will no doubt stop again soon as once these 3 are finished I will be out of kits again. I really should be working on the layout while the weather is still pleasant. The modelling budget for October has already been spent in September, and I still need a whole load of under frame castings to finish everything off. Giving serious thought to getting a 3D printer so that I can just make my own for things like vac cylinders, battery boxes etc as I’m always running out when I most need them. I have been looking again at the complete coaches and there are quite a few running without interiors. Mostly because I really dislike the Comet partition wall and keep meaning to draw up my own and run through the cutter. So I guess that will be the project over the next few months
  6. I have also been testing the M Set and Dreadnought Tavistock stops at Brent en route to Plymouth with a local service from Exeter passing an up passenger as the train crosses the Avon The sort of photo that’s often taken today (but was very rare that someone would ‘waste’ the film on in ore digital days), a shot with no loco showing the full train the Dreadnought brake third (after being dropped on the garage floor)
  7. Going through the works at the same time as the K40 will be this D127 sunshine stock brake third, which will follow the same build approach using a Mainline BCK as a basis. the Mainline/Bachmann model is the wrong length, too short for a 61ft third and too long for the 60ft composite (that is next in line for building). the length discrepancy, in this case I have shortened the side slightly to match the base mode. I can live either the slightly short coach more than I want to spend all that time adding rivets to a comet roof.
  8. The sides are now fitted with their reenforcing sections and are ready for assembly, other than the fact I’ve ran out of glue.
  9. I don’t need a manor, I already have a very nice Mitchell one that I have built. But every time I see a photo it does tempt me towards getting another…
  10. Oxford Rail Dean Goods, although it is rather overscale and looks a bit silly now that I have added Dingham couplings to mine
  11. I need to get some more impact adhesive before I can manage much more progress, however this is the current state: The Hornby coach was cut up to remove the whole side before tidying up the remains. The remaining plastic on the ends was then filed back by the thickness of the etch so that the new side would correctly sit under the guttering along the roof edge. The next step will be soldering brass strip along the top of the side in order to get a decent bond between side and roof (and to add some strength to the side.) I am using some 10mm by 1mm which is rather excessive, but it is what I have available. On the Dreadnought I used 5mm by 0.4mm scrap fret. The etched sides will be detailed with the recessed handles and droplights prior to gluing into place, then its just the usual end / chassis detailing (the latter of course requiring the incorrect battery box removing). But this final stage will have to wait for parts much like the dreadnaught. The Sunshine Stock third will follow exactly the same approach (although in this case I will need to reduce the length of the sides by1mm in order to get it matching the short Mainline body), while the Sunshine Composite will just use the shortened roof and underframe from the Mainline model.
  12. I think (from distant memory) that I found a way of modifying them with pinpoint bearings. I will try and remember to look tomorrow.
  13. The Dreadnought is rapidly approaching completion, having been sprayed brown, lettered, varnished and glazed. It just needs roof vents and underframe castings which need ordering. prior to fitting the droplights and fixing the underframe trussing With the rest of the rake, the two collets were both finished with passengers and a grey roof this evening (as well as fitting new couplings.) my Wizard order also arrived today, a B set coach is beginning to transform into a K40 at the moment…. It also included transfers to finish the Dean Goods I have tested the loco on my new Sprog and it now just needs couplings and coal and it can return to the layout. Wish I could do more about that trench in the lower boiler…
  14. I have built the brake third, the photo I found to work from (which had shortened steps) was in all over brown with GWR over crest, if you havent built any before beware of the bogies (which are a pretty poor design). Mine isnt actually in service yet as I want to rebuild said bogies with traditional pinpoint axles rather than the supplied compensation units.
  15. This morning I had a delivery of a can of Hycote Ford Sierra Beige via eBay, so at lunch I couldn’t resist spraying up the Dreadnought. The colour was recommended on the website of respected coach builders Rocar so was expecting good things and it didn’t disappoint. The Hycote can sprayed well, while the colour looks a pretty good match. Best thing is that coupled with my camo black brown from Halfords I now have all the paint needed to spray coaches without resorting to the airbrush, meaning I can get stuff finished through the winter months. Which is a good sign once my Wizard order arrives with the rest of my coach parts… the coach will get the brown sprayed tomorrow, after which I will line and finish off the door hinges etc
  16. At lunch today I dug out a set of Mallard American bogies (from a Kays Siphon F that I intend to hack into a siphon c)) which were then fitted to the Dreadnought underframe. Nice to finally see it on its own wheels, I don’t know if any Dreadnought coaches received the later truss underframe as a retrofit (I am sure I read it was the case with some Toplights at least). Just need to drill and fit the new headstock now, the rest of the underframe detailing will have to wait until I have castings. this Slaters toplight third has also gained the basis of a Comet chassis, but needs American bogies. So I am back to needing to find the missing 247 developments packet…. It will also be in need of a headstock fabricating from scrap brass
  17. When I bought my copies of the two appendices and volume 2, I took the logic Vo 2 covers from 1903 so I am definitely covered. I didnt realise that Vol 1 covers up to 1913 so there is quite an overlap (all be it only for a fairly small number of coaches I want to model). It is certainly making this project more difficult than it needs to be, finding details of the underframe is now proving difficult. What I would really like to see is a publisher taking advantage of the ebook technology and making an electronic version of these books (and other similar reference texts), that way all of the photos could ne expanded to full size at a click rather than having to follow the constraints of the page. The amount of times that a book has a photo I am interested in, yet its only reproduced as a small image. Of course this would rely on the original slides still being available, which I guess could be a big ask. With Russell I particularly like the fact that the vast majority of images are in GWR times (or very early post nationalisation) and hence are a lot more useful than most books with their BR obsession. At least the next 4 coaches should all be a lot easier (although it doesn't help that I should be receiving a Wizard order today / tomorrow, only i have now realised I haven't got any more vac cylinders or battery boxes so will need to place a further order.... At any rate I really ought put these etches away for when the weather turns and return focus to the layout, I really need to get that final board plastered (and ideally ballasted) before the weather turns. I also really want to try and get the first layer of grass down on the two hills from last week seeing as it will allow for more photo opportunities.
  18. Thanks, hopefully I still have a set of American bogies in my stash, I’m sure I bought a set for a siphon and promptly lost them (only to find and then lose them again). So hopefully should be in the workshop somewhere.
  19. The D42 Dreadnought has been primed and had a little rework done on the sides (along with filling the gaps on the recessed doors). I’ve cut some suitable strip for the headstocks, so just need to drill the buffer holes. I don’t have the first edition of Russel in which I think these were covered, so I am struggling to verify bogie details. Thankfully the drawing in vol2 was a godsend for the roof detail (and interior). I see on the Rocar website they recommend Ford Sierra Beige for GWR cream, I think I will get a tin ordered as it will enable spraying coaches through the winter I have also been trying to commission 1004 having found a chip for it yesterday. Unfortunately it seems the rubbing issues have returned (and I didn’t retest on DCC before fitting seeing as it worked fine a couple of months back). I think it is a tightness in the gearbox, but it will take some time to check. For now back in the stock box it goes.
  20. I just went for the simple solution for a consistent rake and did some modelling, converting one of the Hornby firsts into the buffet.
  21. Here’s hoping we get to See some of these hit the shelves. in the meantime once my Dreadnought brake third is finished I have a toplight third to build an underframe for.
  22. Really should read what the autocorrect has entered…… of course it should say bogies….
  23. Having finally gotten around to building the body on my D42 brake third, I need to find some bodies for it. I am assuming when built they would be on American bogies, but did any end up on different types later on? other than the one small photo in Russell I am really struggling to find photos to work from
  24. A lot of progress on the Dreadnaught further modification to the ends (shown on the left) to ensure the inner end cleared the roof the inner end assemblies were then soldered onto the sides, given the length of the coach I added a third spaced in the centre the underframe was straight forward in the Comet style, however oddly no headstock was included so will need fabricating from the scrap fret. The roof still needs the final filing and glueing in position. Droplights will be painted and fitted post painting, a trial to see how I find it relative to soldering in place and painting in situ The hinges (again not included) are thankfully predrilled, these will also be added post painting. On a ‘normal’ coach they get in the way of the lining, with all the recessed doors it would be even harder on the dreadnaught. Other finishing work still needed, the gaps between the recessed luggage doors and the sides need filling. This will be done once the coach has been washed and had a first coat of etch primer.
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