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  1. Conversely, if you want to model to scale, real railways get as close as 11’ centres, 44mm in 4mm to the foot.
  2. Worcester still hasn’t got colour light signals 70 years after nationalisation, 30 years after the effective end of the regions.
  3. The signals would not be paired deliberately. There would be an entry signal at each end, and possibly an intermediate signal for each direction, to allow two trains to follow each other in the same direction. The positioning of these will depend on visibility, gradients, speed restrictions etc. as applicable in the direction of travel. With colour light signals, its probably track circuit block, (no tokens). The location cabinets are likely to be adjacent to signals or at the start/end of track circuits. If cable joints are needed, they can be entirely sealed in a cable joint in the troughing run, no need for a loc. I feel 4 aspect would be unlikely in the scenario you paint. Watch someone come back with a prototype though!
  4. PM me with your address, if you are close enough to me I’ll quote you mates rates to put a supply in.
  5. For every modeller who records his work in detail on RMWeb or social media, how many are there who hide their lights under bushels, like this? I really like it. Well done sir.
  6. Not a bad “what if” premise for a layout. 1979. Lots of very tired, patched and bodged standard steam locomotives, serving stations taking design cues from Birmingham International and Milton Keynes, wires going up and shiny new 87xxx starting to appear.
  7. Alternatively, fix vertical 2x1 battens to the walls, and fix brackets, accurate for level, to those.
  8. Google Fischer frame fixings. These are used to fix replacement window and door frames to the walls. DIY sheds do them, ScrewFix or Toolstation might be cheaper.
  9. Norton Hall between Honeybourne and Mickleton in the Cotswolds have one of the original plates in the foyer.
  10. The Worcester Foregate to Malvern line crosses the River Severn and it’s flood plain on a high brick arched viaduct. At one time a goods branch left the main on the north side, descending steeply to quay level where Pitchcroft grandstand is now. The remnants are visible from Google Earth. Put a pin in the roundabout just north of where the railway crosses Croft Road.
  11. Google “Sabre” society for all British roads. Lots of info discussion and photos of pre warboys signs.
  12. Inside admission allows you to walk around inside the engine sheds and workshops, outside admission only allows you access to the open yard and walk between the buildings.
  13. A shrunken version of Didcot coaling stage is available from Scalescenes.
  14. Unfortunately the GWSR suffers from a branch line mentality, and seems unable to capitalise on the historical truth of their line’s provenance.
  15. It is probably reasonable to assert that the GWSR Cheltenham to Broadway line is a preserved main line. Although only single track at present the possibility of doubling remains, there have been no major civils works done or losses of land which preclude this.
  16. Eddie Goulding, the Telecoms Area Engineer in Birmingham in the late 1970’s had a green one. He didn’t like driving much, so I chauffeured him around quite a bit. I thought they were terrific little buggies, and it seemed Ford had solved the porridge-spoon gearstick feel of the contemporary BL fwd cars.
  17. I have just received two of these. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F401136703623 They are Chinese clones of industrial sensors which I have some fond memories of using on industrial packaging plant. The European made originals are £40 or so a pop, but at £4.95 these are competitive with items made specifically for model railways. A simple test with a PP3 battery proved it will detect a minimum vehicle, ie, a bare Triang wagon chassis. Mounted under the track at about 30 degrees to the vertical ensures you don’t get loss of detection between vehicles.
  18. Re. touching up silver paint. Sharpie pens are available in silver, copper and gold. I found a 3 pack in Tesco just before Christmas and find they are ideal for muddleing purposes.
  19. Apropos of churches, I was sent to PAT test Bromsgrove Church a few years ago, and was inspired to buy the Metcalf offering. This too is desperately underscale, as I discovered given the chance to compare some principle dimensions.
  20. I’ve got a Lima pannier in the round-tuit box for the same job.
  21. I have just received my Black early crest version and tried it on Stourhampton. I have never spent this kind of money on an engine before, but I have to say she’s worth it. Pristine out of the box with no sign of any of the damage or problems noted above. She’s as quiet as the grave, responds good naturedly to my home made dc feedback controller, and scurries sure-footedly through the south yard point work. Now all I need is 50 or so vans and other fitted vehicles. 10/10 Hattons and Heljan.
  22. I wonder if one of the garden railway bunnies might like them. Those who like scale length trains viewed from a distance. Sort of broad-brush railway modelling.
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