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  1. Couple of years ago in local aldi customer brought back arc welder with 13 amp plug melted into the house socket complaining its broke, on box clearly stated don't use 13 amp plug, couldn't stop laughing
  2. Very sad knew Tony and his family from the many toy fairs, swop meets,etc. Sad loss
  3. Working on this at the moment several layers of cardboard from thick cereal or cat food boxes, laminated with water proof glue, lots of success making a reproduction RAF ww2 target drone 5 feet wing span out of same stuff. Very much like sundeala but lots cheaper. Started off looking for bases for super quick and Metcalfe building, thick strong light and little bending takes pins and self tapping screws very well.
  4. Quite a lot of my moulded plugs on washing machines,dishwashers, modern heaters get hot so yes know what you mean I suspect no space inside like plugs you can wire yourselves, sometimes the odd one fails so put on an old solid plastic type made in 1980's, I keep all old plugs so got quite a box, I did notice they get less hot if hot at all
  5. Quite a shock I meet Tony at many HRCA swopmeets and over the years purchased many of his Hornby dublo reduction boxes and the odd "Neverwass" product
  6. Thanks for reminding me, should be free this weekend so will pop over, chance to use my new bus pass
  7. About time too, this stuff has caused us a lot of hassle over the years mainly due to the stuff breaking down and getting into the mechs of locos over the years
  8. I don't have trip fuses just simple thin wire ones and I have had a unimat from new, even when it was new it was the only motor which caused inference with all the radios and TV's pugged in, still does now
  9. It's about the only TV I watch now, if it was not on would get rid of TV and the licence it's great for never shown films, another good one was "14" filmed about 1973 around some old railway siding in London
  10. Then there's Facebook, seems to be loads of them, especially the very specialise sites which follow a very small hardly known manufacturer from the 60's
  11. It's from the trix Bible published about 1996 same format as the Hornby-dublo one, think the HD one is the 3rd in series Farthing is a 1/4 of an old penny, 240 old pennies in a £ so 940 farthing in a £ Can anyone tell us who used the same design in "O" gauge was it Lima?, I've a few somewhere I'am looking through model engineer aboutc1946, there is an article on patent application detailed drawing etc, patents would of been pending
  12. Interesting but I've read in a few magazines at the time that the coupling was shown at various trade events just after WW2, I've got a complete collection of model engineer published twice a month from 1940 to about 1949, it's mentioned in there somewhere It's also mentioned in the trix Bible
  13. Surprised me as well sometime my so called smart phone is doing writing everything twice including texts, cause I am last to know until recipient tells us I am been rude or over stating a message. Still it's a lovely kit to make, everything seemed to fit together shame they are so rare and expensive, I've a few pre made one's mostly badly made I've collected from toy fairs some will be rebuilt others use a static model
  14. Made one recently this time I read the instructions and found to my surprise you don't need to use glue on rear doors they clip fit in so one can open and close them Made one recently this time I read the instructions and found to my surprise you don't need to use glue on rear doors they clip fit in so one can open and close them
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