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  1. Looks good but does the N gauge one actually clean the track? I can live with any lIvery if the product works. Many thanks Paddy
  2. They are all fantastic layouts. There is something rather special about HD 3 rail. Have you seen Barrie Davis’ layout on YouTube? Not HD but it has the same train set character. Kind regards Paddy
  3. Hi Folks, Disaster averted - after a lot of trial and error, polishing and cleaning of drives I managed to copy the second DVD as well. Kind regards Paddy
  4. Hi Ray, What a fantastic layout. How big is it? Do you have a copy of the track plan? Kind regards Paddy
  5. Hi Kevin, Thank you for your reply. So far I have been able to recover disk 1 via Roadkil's Unstoppable Copier and cleaning the DVD with face cream, toothpaste and Vaseline! Disk 2 is proving more stubborn at present. I would not have believed this would work unless I had done this myself. Kind regards Paddy
  6. Hi Folks, My apologies for posting in this thread but I was not sure where the best place was. I am currently in the process of setting up a media server and this will contain my collection of modelling and railways DVDs. One of these DVDs is the two programme collection on Hornby Dublo by Laurence Hogg (hence the Hornby Dublo) connection. Sadly both of the DVDs seem to have become "damaged" and will no longer play despite careful storage (I can only assume it is heat or something). Normally I would have gone back to Laurence to obtain replacements but as you may know he died a while back. The programmes are no longer available and I have check Google, eBay etc. Does anyone have these DVDs and be willing to sell them or lend them to me? Alternatively, I am attempting to convert them to MP4 720P files and would be pleased to have copies in this format. Any help and/or suggestions would be appreciated. Kind regards Paddy UK
  7. Not sure I would say 9 times out of 10. They definately lend to some "unusual" businesses but it is all about diversification. One model company I did get hit by was Golden Age Models (FC customer). In my experience, returns from FC are around the 5% mark (cautious investor mode), with bad debt at 1.5%. FC's recovery teams seem to get back about 30% of your losses over time. Hope this helps. Paddy
  8. Hi Edwardian, Just to add a little bit of balance to this. I have been a significant investor in FC for many years. Whilst I admit it is not for the faint hearted and you will lose money on certain loans I can assure you that I have to date exceeded FC stated returns. This is not me saying everyone should dive in and that FC are great, just giving some insight from an investor. It will be intersting to see if I will get hit by DJM's default. Paddy
  9. And remember, Funding Circle is a P2P lender so in reality this loss will be individuals and potentially the tax payer. Paddy
  10. This is very positive by Hornby. Personally, I like Simon's manner but he should be prep'd for something like this. Either get a professional do present or do the job properly IMHO. Paddy
  11. Any update on this layout? Looks great... Paddy
  12. Good news about the Shark - hopefully here for Christmas. Paddy
  13. Hi Richard, Watched your new video yesterday - amazing. The production values are top notch and I love the way you show exactly how you achieve things and the products used. Keep up the great work. Paddy
  14. When I used "normal" glues on HOLLERTON JUNCTION I would get bubbles despite my best efforts. I then switched to 3M Spray Mount and have had no problems at all (no peeling even after 4 years). Many thanks Paddy
  15. Lovely little wagons but alas too late for my time-frame. RevolutioN really do deliver. Paddy
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