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  1. I have tried Humbrol Maskol twice (I model in N Gauge) and both times it has been a disaster. After the first time, I even bought a new bottle in case that was the issue. Maybe the formulation has changed? I will not be using Maskol or recommending it again. Kind regards Paddy
  2. I doubt it as one exists and the other does not... This is great news though - can anyone explain the dates of the Black and Bauxite Shark liveries? EDIT: Being dumb, Eras are on the Rails images! Paddy
  3. How about the OO crane shrunk down to N gauge? Also a CONFLAT-P to make use of the container models they already produce. Finally, a replacement range of pre-MK 1 Pullman cars. How about that for froth! Kind regards Paddy
  4. Oh I very much hope so otherwise it would have to be RMWeb Platinum Pro.
  5. How about RMWeb Platinum where Andy wakes you up each morning with a nice cup of tea? Kind regards Paddy
  6. Congratulations Andy. Looking forward to seeing you and Rapido take the UK market by storm. Kind regards Paddy
  7. Thanks @Aire Head - thought so. I wonder if there were any ASDA milk tanks? Kind regards Paddy
  8. To be fair, I don't believe KRM have said they intend to leave any particular detail in or out. They simply announced their desire to create these wagons and invited feedback. If there are issues then no doubt KRM will be keen to correct these within the commercial parameters they have set for this model. Kind regards Paddy
  9. Hi Folks, Not taking sides here but it does amaze me how polorised the price/detail/accuracy debate has become. There are a number of older models with compromises that I am personally happy with but it would likely be commercial suicide to re-release them now (talking about British N Gauge here). We have all seen how reviews of new models highlight the smallest of errors/compromises even if the author labels them as "nit picking". Surely, if you are creating a new model from scratch then it is as easy to get it right as not? If you are making compromises in the desi
  10. Is it true that ASDA started out as ASsociated DAiries? Kind regards Paddy
  11. Also, I believe Hornby have plans to introduce Railroad Plus. These models will be the RR range but with enhanced livery application. Not sure where this range would sit? Kind regards Paddy
  12. For me it has to be PECO’s N Gauge wagons and associated kits. They have their compromises but most of them have been in continuous production since the beginning of mainstream British N Gauge. Kind regards Paddy
  13. Popped to Halfords and got cans of white, grey and red primer. As I model in N gauge this should last a wee while! Kind regards Paddy
  14. Hi Folks, Thank you for the great info. I had a look on the Halfords website but there is no red oxide aerosol primer listed. There is a plain red - is this the same thing? Many thanks Paddy
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