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  1. Will any other liveries be getting done with a second production run ?
  2. Placed my order for the n gauge version in green last night, another model that I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of just need to decide what locomotive power to propel it DRS or Colas tractor.
  3. Received my order yesterday and again very pleased with the attention to detail on this wagon and service from Cavalex. Looking forward to future releases from them. Davie.
  4. Could I possibly ask as to where you found this model as looking for a couple myself. Thanks Davie
  5. Here is a couple of videos from the show that I took on Sunday three great layouts IMHO. First two layouts New Bryford on it’s last outing and Wellpark on its first. And the star of the show for me Calcutta Sidings. Davie
  6. Well after just over a year of nothing happening I’m pleased to announce that the layout will start to get worked on again as it has a new home. Progress will be slow and steady as the flat will need worked on also but at least it’s a step forward. Davie
  7. Unfortunately the layout is in store just now due to unforeseen circumstances but hopefully it will soon be sorted out and will have a new home and work will resume. Davie
  8. Here is a link to some video of Coppell the star of the show imho Davie
  9. Thanks the walls are Slaters plastikard, 7mm Cotswold Stone, they were given a light paint of grey and then weathered up using Carrs weathering powders. First time of doing walls with the powders and I'm happy with the results. Davie
  10. Well thought it was about time for a wee update on the layout after getting supplies at Model Rail I have made a start on the ballast and scenics Davie
  11. That was myself that spoke to you regarding operating your layout. Glad the rain didn't damage anything and that the layout made it home. As I mentioned above was worth the trip to Glasgow to see a wonderful layout. David
  12. Spent an enjoyable time watching your layout and chatting to your operating team today the level of detail is brilliant and it was just as I remembered your layout from the first time I seen it many years ago when you appeared at Glasgow. It was just a pity that the roof of the SECC decided to add some rain into the mix. David
  13. Made an attempt today with weathering the stone walls using some powders, I'm pleased with the results as you can gain different tones using them.
  14. A few photos to give an idea what the layout will look like.
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