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  1. Your magazine looks to be a good read this month - I will be buying a copy when it hits the shops! Sam
  2. I got mine yesterday for about £110 - which was to me, a decent affordable price. I would have never paid £199 for one!
  3. Got back home in Chesterfield from the Warley show at 19:00 on Sunday evening after a long day - I was looking forward to a nice lie down! Travelled there and back by train again, like I did last year and found the journey easy. I even travelled on two of my favourite trains - the brilliant HST's! This year, I spent more money on stuff than I had ever done before, such as 3 Virgin Liveried Mk 3 coaches (for £50) and a Class 67 diesel (for £70), both items together totalling £120 from the Dapol stand - you would normally pay that for just one brand new loco! I also wanted another Class 20 as they normally run together in pairs - so I found one in London Underground livery, which I bought from a stand representing a model shop in Derby. As like previous years I have attended this show, there were some great layouts to see, such as the big N gauge layout by the 'Railway Enthusiasts Club', and 'Sydney Gardens', depicting the stretch of GW line in Bath, 'The Spirit of Swindon' with its lighting and sound effects and the layouts from the 'Great Model Railway Challenge' - the futuristic scene from the winning team "The Railmen of Kent" with the collection of locos all round a turntable inside a dome - Would engine sheds look like this in the future? The double decker Birmingham bus (which was there also last year) was good, and this year I got to board it and sit upstairs - the views of the surrounding exhibition from up there are great! Sam
  4. This sounds an interesting idea for a layout. I'd love to see more, especially a track plan and photos! BTW: Edinburgh is an amazing city! Sam
  5. I should be going to the Warley show on the Sunday (24th November - Only two more weeks to go!) Really looking forward to it. BRING IT ONNNNN!!!!!!
  6. I went to this show yesterday afternoon and it was a good one with several great layouts, all representing how good modern image modelling is - I certainly came back home inspired! Sam
  7. I've just been looking at Revolution Trains' website for the MK5 TPE loco hauled push-pull coach set, and would love to buy one! But just a quick question... Are they 'Limited Editions'? meaning I have to buy one rather soonish, as I'm sure they'll sell out soon? Sam
  8. I travelled on a LNER 'Azuma' for the first time earlier in the summer, having a high-speed dash between Leeds and Doncaster ( via Wakefield Westgate), on the return journey from Harrogate. The trains are very quick, and have unbelievable acceleration when departing from station stops! Nice modern interiors in the coaches and lots of seats to choose from, which (just as the railway magazines report) are quite hard! Sam
  9. I like this! And I've also just pressed the 'follow' button so I can see more of your work! Sam
  10. I was on the Isle of Wight for my summer holiday last year and we travelled the full length of the line on the tube trains and it was a lot of fun! They are very bouncy (probably worse than the Pacers!) and very fast at accellerating away from station stops! Sam
  11. Check this out peeps! My N Gauge Eurostar set was delivered today from Hatton's of Liverpool, having ordered it online on Friday evening for only £130 (It should have been £330!) I saw it on Hatton's Facebook page whilst on my lunch break at work, and thought "I have to buy this when I get home!" I know Eurostars never ran in Scotland, but I will have to use a massive amount of 'Modellers Licence!' Sam
  12. sammyboy


    An intresting track plan for your layout - look forward to seeing more! Sam
  13. A nice plan as seen above. But, a couple of ideas from me: You could lay a couple of sidings next to the heritage railway's run round loop - even one of them could have a small engine shed? How about a connection between the heritage branch line and Network Rail's main line, so that steam and preserved diesels could be delivered by rail, like you would sometimes see at those handful of heritage lines that are lucky to have a interchange with the main line network? Sam
  14. I am going to this show on the Friday, and by train too - only a 40 minute journey direct from Chesterfield! Really looking forward to it! Sam
  15. I returned home from this great show just 2 hours ago and my time inside the Derby Roundhouse was enjoyed greatly with some cracking layouts to view - especially 'Charwelton In The 80's', Millsbridge (N Gauge), 'Burton On Trent', 'Ryburgh', 'Kingsbey', plus several others in a exhibition venue full of fellow railway modellers. I travelled there and back by train (Only a twenty minute journey from Chesterfield) - with the outward journey on a packed 4-car Voyager unit with Leeds Utd fans also heading to Derby - I'm a Sheffield Wednesday fan and we have a big rivalry with Leeds, so I had to keep very quiet! I am very much looking forward to this show again in 2020! Sam
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