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  1. Hello! Been to my local model shop (A little plug for WD Models on Chatsworth Road in Chesterfield) today and spent loads of money (£150!) on a BR Blue class 37, a yellow Network Rail liveried track cleaner (Both items in N Gauge), and a copy of the latest Model Rail magazine. Sam
  2. I've just seen your trackplan and it reminds me of the very similar one found on pages 58 & 59 of the 'Model Railway Planning and Design Handbook'? Sam
  3. This is a good idea - looking forward to seeing more. I have a soft spot for small/micro layouts! Sam
  4. I've just come across this layout on this forum and what a find it is - amazing atmosphere and detailing, it really feels like a modern Northern town! I wonder if you have any future plans to take it to a show at a exhibition or feature it in a magazine? Sam
  5. Like many other modellers, I also truly love the Minories layout and would like to build a N Gauge version one day, set up north (Yorkshire) with a run-down station with Pacers, Sprinter units etc... Sam
  6. I've just come across your layout on 'Layout Topics' and what a nice layout you have sir, especially the big terminus! I will be following your progress from now on. Sam
  7. Could we see the full track plan of the entire layout above please? Sam
  8. A great layout! I first heard about your project from watching videos on YouTube and it's great that you have put it up on here. Keep up the good work mate! Sam
  9. If you had a N Gauge layout in that same space, you could have a Great Western main line!
  10. A nice compact track plan. Good luck with the rest of your layout build! Sam
  11. This is a lovely layout plan - which will be saved and on the list of my future N Gauge layouts to be built on a door! Sam
  12. Regarding the name for your layout, C. J. Freezer (in his book 'The Model Railway Design Manual) - one of the best model railway books that I own. He says that one of the names that has long fasinated him was Emborough, or you could have Walford - if you like East Enders. Buchan (Change here for Tweedsmuir) is a nice Scottish name, or on a literary theme, Casterbridge, Barchester, or Borchester. Sam
  13. I've just finished an enjoyable hour or so this evening watching three trains run round my layout: Class 156 'Super Sprinter', Class 350 'Desiro' electric unit, and finally, a Virgin Class 57 diesel hauling 5 Virgin liveried Mk 3 coaches. Happy Easter and Stay Safe! Sam
  14. One day in the future I would like to do a layout based on a small standard gauge railway network that serves a fictional island located in one of the seas just off the British coast that is only accessed by a ferry - just like the Isle of Wight. The island's railway would use trains that had been retired from service on the British mainland, such as the Pacer units for example! I have several layout ideas and plans that I would like to build before planning the above idea however... Sam
  15. The covered load under tarpaulin looks something like a car?
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