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  1. I returned home from this great show just 2 hours ago and my time inside the Derby Roundhouse was enjoyed greatly with some cracking layouts to view - especially 'Charwelton In The 80's', Millsbridge (N Gauge), 'Burton On Trent', 'Ryburgh', 'Kingsbey', plus several others in a exhibition venue full of fellow railway modellers. I travelled there and back by train (Only a twenty minute journey from Chesterfield) - with the outward journey on a packed 4-car Voyager unit with Leeds Utd fans also heading to Derby - I'm a Sheffield Wednesday fan and we have a big rivalry with Leeds, so I had to keep very quiet! I am very much looking forward to this show again in 2020! Sam
  2. Looks to be a another good exhibition this year and I should be travelling down from Chesterfield by train again on the Saturday. See you there! Sam
  3. A great layout. I remember reading about this as a 'Railway Of The Month' in a Railway Modeller (Can't remember which one!) and I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures. Sam
  4. I have a small 20 page booklet from The N Gauge Society, titled 'Plans For Small Layouts in N Gauge' bought for only 30p at their sales stand at the Derby Roundhouse exhibition a couple of years ago. The ten layouts featured in the booklet are all built to the size of only 4ft x 1ft - which I believe is roughly the same size of the IKEA "Billy Bookcase" layouts as seen on these pages. If you can get to buy one (Or someone you know has got a copy and will let you read it), I recommend having a look as it may inspire you! Sam
  5. I had a nice couple of hours at this exhibition at late morning/lunchtime, travelling through the sunny scenic Peak District by car with my Dad. It was only a small show, but the sports hall was full of a mixture of good quality layouts. It was nice to see a layout based on the old station in the town (Chapel-en-le-Frith Central) being brought from Leeds. I also enjoyed watching the trains go by on the N Gauge layout Bridgford. Sam
  6. This is going to be one of the nicest layouts that is based on a preserved railway that I have seen on this forum. Sam
  7. I'm also one of those who loves looking at model railway track plans. I've got several books about the subject and in my spare time, other than working on my N Gauge layout, playing computer games/surfing the internet & watching football, I find it easy to relax after my shift at work with a drink and a bar of chocolate just to sit and read from the works of CJ Freezer, Iain Rice, etc... and thinking 'That'll be a lovely layout. I would like to build that one day'. Sam
  8. Just looking at the list of contents you have added for your excellent magazine - it looks like this month's theme is goods wagons? Sam
  9. My only railway modelling resolution: Finish the layout!!!!!
  10. A humble local Sprinter DMU service arriving at what will be the platforms of Newbridge Junction station.
  11. Any good places to get to by train on a day out that's not too expensive?

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      Look out for local day ranger/rover tickets - they can sometimes be cheaper than a return ticket. http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/times_fares/rangers_and_rovers.aspx

    3. gridwatcher
  12. A great exhibition I attended yesterday in the biggest school I've ever been in! Some great layouts were seen, I enjoyed being lineside on Shap, trainspotting in the bleak northern fells. Also 'Rippendon' was atmospheric, a lovely little layout. I liked 'Melton Mowbray North' also. I've also got to say that the food at lunchtime was enjoyable in the big school refectory. Sam
  13. That's three defeats in a row now, time for Jos Lulukay to leave his position as Sheffield Wednesday manager! #LulukayOut

  14. I remember commenting on a post by Dapol on Facebook in the summer that it would be good to see the new coaches released in a special train pack with the TPE liveried class 68 locos, and I would certainly seriously think about handing over a good chunk of hard earned money to buy it at my local model shop if it ever was released. Sam
  15. Wow - what a fantastic layout you have! This needs to be photographed and shown to the world in a modelling magazine. Sam
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