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  1. You can download and print out the crossing plans from here: https://peco-uk.com/collections/turn-out-crossing-plans/oo-ho-16-5mm?view=48 Cheers Rich
  2. Please do post that video. I'm really enjoying this topic.
  3. Unfortunately this shunter has really suffered over the past 8 months. The radiator was intact and a number of the panels on the engine cover were present. I've been watching its slow demise. I don't know if it is kids or scrap metal thieves. It's all very sad. There's a plaque in it some where that says it belongs to the Bahamas railway society.
  4. Ah, I didn't say I was in the RTC, I'm the otherside of the tracks, next to the Rolls Royce building (one of those very dull looking offices next door).
  5. Hi, I'm looking out of the window at 37308 at Derby RTC, does anyone know what it is doing there? I can see from one side to the other through the grills on the nose side, so it's obviously had some equipment removed. Cheers
  6. I had exactly the same problem with my Bachmann 66. The problem in that instance was the pickups, while they looked to be touching the back of the wheels when you picked the loco up, if you applied a little pressure to the wheel to push it sideways the pickup immediately lost contact with the back of the wheel. This wheels will move side to side slightly as the loco runs over point work and thus will stall. I gently bent the pickups to apply more pressure to the back of the wheels and the problem was solved.
  7. It's threads like this I really love. I'm one of those people who have been silently watching. Actually I don't like to clutter up threads with "looking good" statements as I think it dilutes the real content. But really this has been a very inspirational build. It's been really good to read your very honest posts, and all the helpful suggestions others have posted. I'm now looking forward to your next build. In the mean time, I feel motivated to resurrect a stalled build I'm doing which I haven't touched for over a year. So thank you. I think you should be very proud of what you
  8. Really enjoying this thread, but in my opinion you definitely need some variation in that grass colour. Perhaps some areas where it isn't so lush, I'm thinking some brownish patchy areas where the sun has scorched grass. In future you might want to include some more of the scorched grass colour in your mix. I know it might sound drastic, but hacking it with scissors then giving it a light blast with the airbrush with a light dirty colour might help just to pick out the tips of the grass where it is slightly dying back.
  9. I'm not familiar with this particular railway and I'm sure it's very good. But dealing with just the web site, while it is content rich, I find the visual style of the site a real turn off. It's very cluttered, lots of flashing images and I think it really looks dated as well as amateurish. The sort of thing I would expect to see 10 years ago. I agree with S.A.C Martin, the Mid Hants site is an example of a really well designed and visually appealing web site.
  10. Any chance of putting up some YouTube videos of your project so we can experience what you are talking about? Cheers
  11. That livery really works well on the class 47. Is this the first time a Loco has been painted to match the Northern Belle stock?
  12. I made a quick trip to the station, this is the current state of progress..
  13. I'm without a camera this weekend, so any chance you could get some pictures of the work in progress and post them on here?
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