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  1. Stunning....and an era, class and livery not very often depicted as well as this.
  2. Quite possibly mate, coming to the end of a financial commitment I’ve had for the last few years and ready to direct the spare cash back towards the hobby. Might be a change in gauge on the cards as well, just need to find the space !
  3. Nearly a year since my last post and unfortunately no new modelling but I thought I would share a few images from my work travels over the last few months. I will post a few at a time until you either........get bored looking.........or they inspire me to turning one or two into dioramas !!
  4. I don't log on very often anymore but that last photo had me remembering my password instantly ! Absolutely superb and possibly thee most realistic shot I've ever seen. Please get one of the photoshop masters to add some steam & smoke and I think we will have the ultimate in diorama realism. Great work Cactustrain.
  5. Hi Mick No probs, see below plus a few more I snapped. Taken by myself with permission and i'm happy to see them on your thread but I trust everyone will respect that they're not for re posting or reproduction anywhere else please. As I said on my own thread a few weeks ago, if anyone wants to drop me a PM requesting pictures I may be able to get whilst on my travels, just let me know, i'd be happy to help.
  6. Having just got back from a dog walk over Toton Bank thought I'd post this one again.....
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