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    Trains. I'm also into running, hillwalking, guitars, and trains. Mainly trains to be honest. I need to get out a bit more.

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  1. A bit more work on the Zero-X (apologies to those with no interest in Thunderbirds!): In an exciting piece of crossover modeling, I embedded a Spratt & Winkle magnet in the cab of the MEV: Coupled with a piece of steel added to the nosecon: This keeps the nosecone in place nicely when the model's on the level or not in too steep a dive! Just getting into general cleaning up and fixing on of the last of the details now, prior to a trip to Halfords for some metallic blue.
  2. Fixing sunglasses is my other hobby. My wife broke a pair last week which I glued and clamped up overnight. I've also taken to doing a fair bit of pottery repairs lately, so much so that I even bought a book on the subject. I think as modellers we have a lot of the materials in house already, so to speak - adhesives, fillers, paints, clamps, masking tape etc si it's relatively easy to switch modes. I can put a bit of filler on a chipped jug at the start of a workbench session, then return to it later on, so it all fits in with normal railway modelling activity. I mixed up some Mil
  3. I never tried seeing how it scaled up compared to the others, except that it's a bit wider, but I was surprised at how much shorter it is when put next to a Trainworx one. For some reason my eye just doesn't register the difference when they're running one after the other in a train. Ignorance is bliss.
  4. Isn't railway modelling wonderful? My wife just presented me with a broken gadget, a little battery-powered device to take the fluff off fabric. One of the battery contacts had corroded and broken away so I cleaned it up and soldered on a new one (cutting it from a sheet of springy brass). The gadget still wouldn't work so I took it apart and bench-tested the motor using a DC controller - all good. All that was left was a pair of pickups that need to engage the motor, one of which was worked by a switch and needed adjustment. A few minutes cleaning it up and tweaking the pickup to shape and th
  5. Yes, absolutely fine now, thanks Tony. I wouldn't worry about your memory - who else gets to see as many and varied loco models as you?
  6. That'll be mine! If you remember, we tried it on a fairly heavy goods. The rods slipped out of quarter under load and you took it back into the house for some attention. It's since been remotored and I've taken care of a few extra details.
  7. I look forward to seeing that. We don't see many outside framed locos (let alone GWR 4-4-0s) on Tony's thread. and they do present their own challenges. You probably saw these already but here are my two so far, a City and a Bird, both built from Branchlines kits: I've also bought a set of parts for a Bulldog from Tony so that will join these at some point. Al
  8. Just a couple of file strokes or gently scraping on the back of the wheel should be all that's needed. No need to touch the axle.
  9. Back to the radio control Mustang now. Today we ran the prop for the first time, a big moment! I also worked the control surfaces. She's not far off flying now.
  10. Made a start on detailing the MEV, with the window cut-outs: Once it's cleaned up and painted I don't think it'll look too bad.
  11. More work on the Zero-X: I sawed through the body to make the MEV detachable: Screws were fitted to fix it all back together: Handily, these are in the same place as rocket exhausts, so they can be disguised later on. The cutout shape in the hull also makes it easy to get a screwdriver in, which makes me wonder if this was how they did it on the filming model. I then turned my attention the to the MEV, which doesn't have a front in the kit as it's meant to have the nosecone fitted on permanently. I wanted to make the nos
  12. Just a snap to keep the thread rolling. Most of the scenery here is getting on for 12 - 13 years old. I recently gave it a spring clean by going over everything with a damp sponge, just dabbing it onto the foliage and then wringing it out into a bowl. It didn't seem to make much difference on a scene by scene basis but by the time I''d done the whole layout, the water in the bowl was getting murky so I guess it must have picked up some dust and dirt along the way. I'd also noticed that more recent bits of scenery done with Woodland Scenics products look a b
  13. For those who get worked up about tension locks, here's the ideal product: Seriously, unless you're using dead-scale 3-links, any coupling system is going to be a bit of a compromise.
  14. Norfolk Southern SD80MACs on an intermodal train crossing Gator Creek, SC:
  15. I must admit when I posted some shots of my work-in-progress Mustang a few pages ago I was confusing this thread with the "show us your lockdown modelling" one which I'm sure we had back in 2020.
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