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    Trains. I'm also into running, hillwalking, guitars, and trains. Mainly trains to be honest. I need to get out a bit more.

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  1. If the wheels slip under load then it's not the motor.
  2. In case anyone's still reading this, I'd be interested in thoughts on Dorchester in rebuilt condition. It was one of the batch built with 8 foot 6 inch cabs, which I presume meant it got a narrow tender. Photos of it in rebuilt condition, though, look like it has the 9 foot cut down tender. The only way I can tell the two apart, other than the slight difference in width relative to the cab and the tender, is that the narrower ones are slab-sided whereas the wider ones have a gentle curve. Hornby have modelled both types with two of mine being the wider type.
  3. Here's another radio control P51 that my friend and I have been working on. This was a second hand model but we've redone some of the wiring. It's got working flaps and will have retractable undercarriage.
  4. A minor digression into drawbars, here. Hornby's Rebuilt West Country/Battle of Britain models are nice products, with a couple of annoying quirks. The first and worst of these is that they're prone to gear failures, at least the ones produced in the early batches. I ended up with three, and after a few years two of them were both non-runners due to various issues. Hornby's repair department was no help at all, which I found very disappointing as they are by no means old models, and the Rebuilts have been in the catalogue relatively recently. Anyway, Ian
  5. Here's another of Hornby's goes at experimental blue: This was a Modelfair limited edition - I don't think it was ever in the main Hornby catalogue.
  6. Quite a bit less than 90, Tony, as it's not geared for really fast running - probably more like 60 I'd imagine. I can't remember if I hand-held the camera or panned it on the tripod. Al
  7. There were a few panning shots around P1494, Tony, in August of last year. I posted this one: 1/25th of a second. Al
  8. I don't usually have too much to comment on here, but just to say that this is fantastic, stirring stuff, so please keep it coming,
  9. I've done night-lighting on both my French layouts but I agree that once you start down that road, there's a endless list of things that need to be lit, or look better that way. The wiring for the lights quickly overwhelms all the other layout wiring, too. In this view, we had the ambient layout lighting (variable LEDs) turned up to represent dusk rather than full night-time. On my British layout, I've just got an LED lamp with a permanent blue filter to add some moonlight glow: In other news, a friend in Toronto sent this picture t
  10. The kit would have had resin deflectors but I wonder if Geoff substituted Britannia or 9F ones.
  11. Geoff's Duke is now in my possession, seen here hardly being taxed by a mere 7 Bachmann Mk1s. The resin body details are maybe a little soft but they're fine for me. I still need to attend to a couple of things: the nearside deflector needs re-seating at the right angle, and I'm not sure the body is the right height at both ends (although it might be that the leaning deflector is tricking my eye). It certainly runs beautifully. Al
  12. Other than the first tranche of pullmans, I think they're the oldest of the newer coaching stock done since 2000, so perhaps they're coming around for tooling retirement. Personally, and not being an Eastern Region modeller, they're acceptable to me as representative models of ER stock that I can use to add variety to my long-distance services on the S&D layout. Their faults don't stick out to me (the benefits of ignorance) and I'm not running other models of more correct profile in the same rakes that might show them up more obviously. In the same vein, it's not worth me shell
  13. I've been spending quite a bit of time using Real Flier, a nice bit of simulation software for r/c models. You link your transmitter to the PC, and then fly virtual planes, gradually getting the hang of reversing the controls. I've heard that it takes about 10 hours of flying to make it seamless but I'm not quite there, although getting better. Al
  14. Thanks for this, you've saved me a 60 mile round trip as mine was similarly afflicted. Although the motor looked to be seated properly, I pushed it down at the end as much as I could and the noise has gone away. As with yours it was only in forward.
  15. Hi Robert This may be a stupid question, but have you moved the tank out of "idle"? I couldn't get mine to move either, until I read the booklet and saw that there's a safety feature to stop it moving off uncontrolled. With mine, I have to move the throttle and throttle trim to zero, then back to neutral, otherwise all it does is rev without moving. (Doesn't explain why you can get movement without sound, though, but maybe worth a mention).
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