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    Trains. I'm also into running, hillwalking, guitars, and trains. Mainly trains to be honest. I need to get out a bit more.

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  1. 1/48th. All for a bit under 32 pounds so great value if you factor in the modelling time.
  2. Just throwing a bit of non-railway modelling into WW for variety, as I know we all like a bit of iconic post-war British engineering. This an Airfix Hawker Hunter under construction. It's a really lovely kit and captures the beautifully proportioned lines of this early jet very nicely. Hunters were well-known for making the "blue note", a sort of droning air-raid siren noise, supposedly due to the airflow interacting with the gun-ports.
  3. Progress on the Hawker Hunter, which I'm doing in the 1958 Battle of Britain commemoration scheme. I must admit as a kid I always thought Hawker Hunters were a bit boring compared to Phantoms, Buccaneers etc but I've really fallen in love with the beautiful lines of this jet. It's so well-proportioned, it just looks right.
  4. The windows date it to no later than the 1930s.
  5. Dave's carriage building really has "the edge" over everyone else's. (Oh and Das Boot season 2's on now, it's very good!)
  6. Reminds me of when I was showing my S&D 6-wheelers to a non-railway modeller. He was impressed with the all-brass construction, then rubbed his finger over part and said "you could get that bit of rough solder off with a scalpel!" "That's not solder, that's a lamp iron!"
  7. Progress on the Hawker Hunter: It's an excellent kit, with particularly impressive intake detail, including full internal ducting.
  8. Just seen a bus with "Merry Christmas" on the indicator panel.

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    2. St Enodoc

      St Enodoc

      Buses seem to be running later then ever these days.

    3. Compound2632


      There's Christmas Common near here. Maybe it was diverted? 

    4. Porcy Mane

      Porcy Mane

      I put the decorations up yesterday. I love xmas...   I do.

  9. Some wonderfully creative modelling there. I don't know the prototypes but the end results certainly look "right". I'm glad the modelling helped you through a difficult time.
  10. There's just the HMRS sheet and the aforementioned Rail-tec ones, unfortunately. In a way you can understand it as the S&D coach kits have been out of production for a long time so other than scratchbuilders, there can't be an enormous demand for the transfers. However, perhaps that will change with the various six-wheelers being offered by Hattons and Hornby.
  11. That's excellent news. I was in conversation with another modeller and we were considering approaching you with an interest to commissioning coach artwork.
  12. Many thanks, Jerry - that would be very kind. PM on its way. best, Al
  13. I thought I'd crack on with adding transfers to my S&DJR coaches last night, so I opened up the HMRS Methfix sheet I ordered last year. I know this has been mentioned on Wright Writes before, but when I finally got a good look at the transfers, they were atrocious. The white part of the printing was about a mm out of register with where it should be, meaning that at least the S&D part of the sheet was unusable. I've contacted HMRS to see what they say, but since I had this sent to me last year, it's presumably of a recent batch and about as good as it's going to get. Unfortunately the HMRS Midland sheet seems to be the only source of S&D carriage transfers in 4mm.
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