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    Trains. I'm also into running, hillwalking, guitars, and trains. Mainly trains to be honest. I need to get out a bit more.

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  1. Sherton Abbas is the terminus of the branch from King's Hintock - see Great Western Branch Line Termini Vol 3 by Paul Karau.
  2. Pretty sure both had split gears on the "top" gear, the one that engages with the worm, but in those cases I was able to get spares. It was only after fitting the new gears that it became clear something else was up with both models. I think in one Ian had to replace the driving gear and wheelset, but in the other it was just locked bearings/gunk creating the same issues. I'm not sure if the idler gear, deep in the chassis, was split as well. These things are a swine to take apart, too. I had this with a Black 5 which initially seemed to have all the symptoms of split gears, after being in storage, but which gradually sorted itself out until it became a good runner again.
  3. It's only one data point, but of my three Rebuilt Spams, the only one that didn't go wrong was the one I weathered, detailed and ran from time to time. The two that were tested and then put in their boxes (and then up in the attic) for a few years) were the ones that gave the problems.
  4. Llancaiach Fawr: Saturday 23rd May. Model Railway Exhibition with trade support. Martyn Parry Railways. https://your.caerphilly.gov.uk/llancaiachfawr/events/events-2019 I booked in with Cogirep, now 13 years old! https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/56643-cogirep/
  5. Just a note to say that Ian (Redgate) has done a splendid job resurrecting my two duff WCs. They are now great runners again, with the added bonus of really impressive sound.
  6. I think it was generally accepted that the shade of blue Dapol applied was a long way from being Rall Blue ... far too purpley, for want of a better word. I remember seeing one in a shop and immediately deciding it looked wrong, even allowing for the range of interpretation of Rail Blue as shown by other manufacturers. I think the yellow may have been off as well, to add to the effect.
  7. Nice work, I like the footstep at the ends. I need to add that missing lifting eye to mine as well. You've also made a neater job of the door mods than i did.
  8. Tangentially related ... Does anyone, or did anyone, make cast headcode boxes of the correct type for a DMU as in Robin's picture above? The Lima Class 117 boxes are a little undersized. I asked a few of the suppliers at Warley but no one seemed to know who did them.
  9. Thanks, Brian! I've since learned that the Genesis parts aren't available any more so it would be difficult to do this project now. Do you remember what livery the Hymek was in?
  10. I've seen some reports of the Dapol models running too slowly due to stiff mechanisms. Mine's fine but it is a tad noisier than I'd expect from a modern diesel. Overall, though, I'm happy enough with it and since my layout's at eye-level, the seat/custard interface isn't too obvious.
  11. I've got the R37 one, I like it quite a lot but there are aspects of the design which aren't quite what you'd want for the price, such as the internal wiring being quite visible.
  12. Funny you should mention that first shot, Mikkel, as it's a bit of an inadvertent lighting experiment. One of my fluorescent tubes failed so I ordered a replacement - but forgot to check the colour temperature. I ended up with one that's quite a bit cooler than the others, more to the blue end of the spectrum, but I like it as well so I've decided I'll replace all the others for cooler ones as they fail.
  13. Just had a look at Paul Bartlett's usual excellent selection of photos and he says the containers were around until about 1977 so modeller's license will win out, I think! https://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/acontainer
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