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  1. I've been working on and off on an old EFE Hants and Dorset bus. After opening the bus up and painting the interior, as well as adding people, I wanted to make the front axle rock, to help the bus sit nicely on uneven ground. I also wanted to add a slight turn to the wheels, which I think always makes for a more interesting look. The rocking mod is quite simple and I've done similar jobs on kit-built road vehicles as well. First, the existing axle was discarded and the wheels put aside. I had to use a bit of force to get the wheels off. I then use
  2. I put an AM10 in a Castle but found it far too slow for express passenger duty, so substituted an AM9. The AM10 then ended up in a Patriot, which tends to be assigned to mixed traffic. Al
  3. We walked from Porthmadog to Portmeirion, but sensibly caught a bus on the way back.
  4. As mentioned above, I'm not tempted to do anything prototypical with the 0-4-2 and its coaches, so thoughts have been meandering in somewhat whimsical directions, with a view to what could be accommodate on a single small-ish board (say 4 x 2 or thereabouts) with a continuous run. Among the ideas that have come up (none original!): are: A garden centre with a narrow gauge railway. A zoo. A seaside narrow gauge railway, going around a boating lake, duck pond etc. I wondered about modifying the loco and coaches to make them work in 7
  5. I'm not sure why the Dutch are such fans of Welsh narrow gauge, and it might not be an accurate impression, but I did bump into several Dutch who holidayed in North Wales quite frequently, including volunteering on the lines. Perhaps it was near enough to drive to, while still being very different from the Dutch landscape. I also notice Dutch number plates quite a lot when driving in the wilds of West and North Wales! There are some fine standard and narrow gauge preserved lines in the Netherlands of course, and I think I visited most of them. This was always a favorite:
  6. As mentioned in the Paynestown topic, I was a bit underwhelmed with the slow speed running of the Dapol N pannier. So, determined to give it a proper run-in, I temporarily back-converted the Gulf, Atlanta & Eastern to DC and let the pannier do many laps (nearly 3 scale miles each time). The running did improve, but that's another story. While I had the layout connected up to a DC controller, I remembered a little 009 loco that had been in my possession for 18 years, but which had barely turned a wheel. Flash back to 2003: when my wife and I lived in the Netherlands, we often en
  7. On with more paint and decals on the p51: Just the canopy to be trimmed, fitted and painted now, then the wheels and prop can go back on and she's ready to fly - although it won't be me who takes her up for the first time - or any time soon!
  8. We have taken this lack of updates on Frankland "on the chin" for quite long enough. Failing further reports, I shall have no recourse but to write to my MP.
  9. The 1.8th scale Mustang that a friend and i have been building over the last two years is now getting painted:
  10. Cheers, Nick. I'm very impressed with the Finetrax range. I think the main thing is that the filing jig is very well designed, taking all the guesswork out of the equation. There are things I'd do differently a second time, but that comes with experience, Rather than build each point as a unit, which meant a lot of unnecessary rail breaks, I should have thought carefully about where the points could be built as pairs or with lead-ins to adjacent track. I'm sure with your P4 experience this is second nature, but it's new to me! Anyway, I'm pleased with the
  11. Thanks, Nick - I've just added a new update. I brought it to two RMweb dos if I remember - one in Stafford and the other the Taunton one. It was a pain to transport as there wasn't room in the car for both the layout and the legs - and it was a tight squeeze even then. For the second outing, I booked a van - the smallest type as I'd be driving it on my own and I'm never confident in vans, at least not initially. When I turned up to the collect the booked vehicle, though, I was told the one I'd asked for wasn't available and the only one left was a super-long
  12. I'm building an N version of my old 4mm Paynestown layout, in anticipation of the Sonic Models 56xx tanks. The new layout will be about half the size of the old and uses Code 40 Finetrax components for the points and plain track. In the previous exciting installment I showed some laid and partly ballasted track. Well, hold onto your horses, because here's some more laid and partly ballasted track. At last I've got the basic essentials done, in that there's now a functioning run-round loop. I must admit I had to force myself to push on as I neared
  13. I must admit I'd been um-ing- and ah-ing about ordering a set for myself, but these pics pushed me over the edge. Oh, and my finger accidentally slipped on a blue streamlined duchess as well.
  14. I ended up gluing slivers of acetate under mine on the side where there was a tendency to lean - very hit and miss but it seemed to work in the end.
  15. One of the scale societies had some card-built carriages on display at a recent exhibition which I think dated to the immediate post-war period. They looked very good with no obvious signs of wear. Obviously a loco will be subject to different factors but imagine if the card was of sufficient thickness and Shellac-ed (etc) then it wouldn't necessarily be any less lasting. I think we have to bear in mind that plastic and white metal are both also rather easily susceptible to damage if not handled with care.
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