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    Trains. I'm also into running, hillwalking, guitars, and trains. Mainly trains to be honest. I need to get out a bit more.

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  1. Lovely photos, Grahame, of some very impressive machines. This is my only photo of a Shinkansen: I took it on my one day off on my only visit to Japan, in 2012. With an afternoon and evening to myself I decided to take a Shinkansen journey for the sake of it. I calculated that I could take a train from Shin-Yokomaha station to Nagoya and back and have time for a cake and coffee in Nagoya. Using my virtually non-existent Japanese I explained my intended ticket requirements and was very pleased to be eventually on my way to Nagoya. As we were approaching the destination I took out my ticket to refresh my memory about the return time and realised that my outbound train was departing Nagoya about 5 minutes after my arrival! Not only did I have to run like hell, but I also had to leave the concourse and return through the barriers to validate my ticket. I'd barely caught my breath before I was back in the train and heading away from Nagoya, none the wiser about the delights Nagoya had to offer. Despite all that was I still enormously impressed by the Shinkansen, the punctuality and the on-board service. Al
  2. A Japanese Rail Shinkansen is pictured here going very fast in Japan. Note Mount Fuji in the background.
  3. They are a very interesting part of each magazine. I've mentioned before that I've never seen a UK railway photo taken on my birthday, or even a day or two either side of it, presumably because of a belt of poor weather in the country at the time, but one of those Classic Trains shots was taken on the day. That makes me "classic" I suppose. Al
  4. I ran into a bit of an issue with the cockpit canopy on the Focke-Wulf: With the slider part as far forward as it'll go, it bumps into the back of the pilot's head before it closes up with the forward canopy. My guess is that I got the pilot's posture slightly off but there's no real way to judge it until too late in the build to do anything about it. To fix the problem, I've added a big C-shaped fillet of plastic to the front of the slider, visible above, and two extra small fillets to the prong-like projections which go either side of the pilot. When the glazing is in place, it now closes up with the front canopy much more satisfactorily. I also found that the slider as a whole was a bit too narrow at the front, tending to want to fall into the cockpit rather than fit flush with the fusalage sides, so again I added two small fillets to widen it out at a bit. As with the pilot, it;s possible that the error was due to my build making the cockpit slightly over-wide but it's no real problem to fix.
  5. Nice work, Grahame. I've enjoyed seeing these carriages come along. Does this train fit into a layout project of yours, or is just a bit of fun modelling for the sake of it?
  6. Wasn't he supposed to be flying above the water?
  7. How the hell did anyone see out of that thing?
  8. Good job they didn't, in my view - that shot, grainy as it is, is far more evocative of the mass and power of a working steam loco than some superbly exposed, pin-sharp photo of the likes we've all seen a million times before.
  9. Barry Ten

    SE&CR E1 class

    What an absolutely brilliant model, and so humbling to think of the conditions under which it was put together.
  10. Barry Ten

    SE&CR E1 class

    I'm not sure, Dave - I've certainly not found anything it won't shift yet, but I can't swear I've tried it on more than just enamels.
  11. A minor update on my E1 class - see earlier entries this summer - with the main body colour on: Initially I sprayed the model with black, then brush painted the olive green. I've had good results with that approach in the past, finding that a good sprayed base coat can provide a basis for a very nice brush-finished top coat, but in this case it was apparent that the quality of the finish wasn't heading in the direction I wanted. Unfortunately the black had gone on with a gritty texture in places, probably because I was trying to eek out the last few squirts from the bottom of the can. So, out with the stripper. Recently I've found this stuff to be excellent for this purpose: It can be applied very easily with a cotton bud or similar and is much easier to work into fiddly areas than the thicker type of plastic-compatible stripper I've used in the past. It also works very quickly, enabling a model to be stripped and repainted in hours rather than needing an overnight treatment. In this case the body is metal, so (presumably) any paint stripper would have been OK, but I've used this stuff on plastic as well without problems. With the main mass of paint removed, the body was immersed in an ultrasonic bath just to loosen the last few bits and then cleaned and re-primed with Citadel Black. Once it had dried, I then airbrushed the main colour, which is Railmatch light olive. More by luck than judgement, this is the Ashford shade of olive so correct for the SE&CR. However, honesty compels me to admit that it's just the shade I happened to have in stock. The green went on well but came out too matte, which I think is due to it being over-thinned, so once I was happy with the colour density I then sprayed a top coat of varnish on, to act as a base for the subsequent lining. Hopefully that'll be the next step. Cheers!
  12. Very tasty work on the Fowler. I seem to remember that someone else once did some etches for the same conversion - Perserverance, maybe? - but I've never seen them.
  13. Luftwaffe camouflage on my Focke-Wulfe: This is my first go at this type of camouflage pattern and proved rather tricky! I did the dot pattern using my airbrush but it was very fiddly to get the right pressure to produce a dot, and not a splat! I used a set of Vallejo Luftwaffe colours for this job and have to say that they are excellent for the larger areas. I think it will be alright once the decals are on. I now have rather a lot of Luftwaffe paint left!
  14. Back in the summer I posted some pictures of my under-construction SE&CR E1 class. The loco has now moved through the paint shop (Railmatch light olive) and awaits only lining, lettering, and final details: Al
  15. Lovely to see those shots of Kingstorre, Tony.
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