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    Trains. I'm also into running, hillwalking, guitars, and trains. Mainly trains to be honest. I need to get out a bit more.

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  1. Barry Ten

    Dragon 2

    There's a story that a manhole cover above an underground nuclear test may have been the first artificial thing to achieve escape velocity: https://www.theregister.com/2015/07/16/america_soviets_space_race/
  2. Barry Ten

    Dragon 2

    That seems to happen quite a lot with the stage recoveries. I think the signal must get spotty as the booster is very close to landing.
  3. Barry Ten

    Dragon 2

    Permission to brag that I've met Doug Hurley.
  4. ISS over UK around 22.10 with a chance of seeing the Dragon at around 22.15 (times for Cardiff).

    1. sigtech


      Positve sighting, of the Dragon - viewed through binoculars heading South East in low orbit at 22.15 over West Winch, Norfolk.

      ISS is also visible at 22.30 in a higher orbit southerly direction.

    2. toboldlygo


      Positive sighting, using Mk1 eyeball's of both ISS & Dragon from Kingston, Surrey ;) 

    3. beast66606


      @sigtech - we saw Dragon pass over at 22:15 as well, we are in South Norfolk.

  5. It's a favorite of mine too, relatively short and with a lot of different styles on it. A mate did me a tape of it in 1982 but I only got it on vinyl a year or two ago, complete with the pink Charisma label. I like all the tracks on it, even the jokier ones like Harold the Barrel. Surprisingly heavy and rocky in places, too.
  6. It's the C46 Collett 70 foot corridor third, from the Comet kit. I also built a 70 foot brake and have a restaurant car to do. They are nice coaches but looooooonnng.
  7. Another 1/48th P51-D nears completion. I've still got some small details and stencils to add, and the spinner is just loose on the front for now.
  8. I like the idea of pushing the microstrip hinges in from inside. I made mine from little bits of microstrip but glued them on from the front: However getting them all into some sort of acceptable alignment is a real pain and they're vulnerable to being dislodged until the paint's on.
  9. It's an excellent job. I was reading in an R/C mag about this range of 1/24th WW1 fliers which look like accurate static models but are flyable: https://microaces.myshopify.com/ This afternoon I've been working on my fifth 1/48th Mustang.
  10. I'm going to leave old Durham town ... and then pop back a bit later.

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    2. Barry O

      Barry O

      but it isn't on the banks of the coaly tyne.. It sits by theRiver Wear!

    3. marc smith

      marc smith

      Apparently, you can get your eyesight tested for free, in Barnards Castle....
      If you don't run anyone over on the way...... you have perfect 20/20 vision ;) 

    4. Barry O

      Barry O

      only if you are "a chosen one"!!


  11. The Fokker triplane in 1/72nd scale defeated me as a kid - just didn't have the patience and dexterity to get all the wing struts aligned without the whole thing collapsing into a gluey mess! Don't you have a WW1 flier to be cracking on with, Wenlock?
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