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    Trains. I'm also into running, hillwalking, guitars, and trains. Mainly trains to be honest. I need to get out a bit more.

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  1. I understand the Giraffe car mould got it in the neck.
  2. That's cleared up a mystery for me as I could have sworn I read the original announcement in our old flat in Holland, which we vacated in 2008. I've got one on order so looking forward to it, and well done to Kernow for seeing this through to completion.
  3. I'd have thought so - I always end up spending a bit of money in any well-stocked heritage railway shop, either on books or models - but there's a remark in one of the newsletters I get from a heritage organisation that the stuff aimed at enthusiasts doesn't sell as well as it used to, and it's more the family-orientated stuff like local produce (fridge magnets, marmalades, jars of fudge, etc I presume) that they see as the future.
  4. I'm working on this Airfix Sea King in 1/72nd scale: It's a real dog of a kit! I bought it quite a few years ago, made a start, and then realised there was going to be a major problem with the front, as the canopy moulding is quite a bit too wide for the fuselage. Last night, I resumed progress. I cemented the sides together, and then, once everything was clamped up, split the front a bit and inserted some scrap plastic into the seam between the sides, then trimmed back and added filler. It reduces the overhang by a bit, but it's still not perfect; unfortunately any further widening would create knock-on problems elsewhere, so I settled on a compromise. Elsewhere the fit of parts generally is poor, with a lot of filler being needed, and even after this work, the side-on profile of the nose looks a bit off to me. I gather this tooling has been retired and the new 1/72nd Sea King is much better, but I'll be happy enough once I've finished this model.
  5. In That London.

    1. marc smith

      marc smith

      Nice. Haven't been to that London in a while. I fancy a trip down Denmark Street
      ... but don't go there... too many temptations ;) Enjoy

    2. Barry Ten

      Barry Ten

      Wunjo Guitars very good - that's where I got that Gretsch from that I think I showed you? About five minutes after buying it I was trying to go through the barriers in the tube and they closed on the case - I could almost hear the crunching of nicely varnished wood! Thankfully when I finally got the guitar out to check, it was all right - but it was a nervous few minutes!

  6. Building one of those 1/16th tanks with full RC and sound is definitely on my list ...
  7. I'd have a go at building it, if you can manage without the instructions. If you dig back into the thread I recently finished a 1.32nd German half track that I started in the 70s, which was very satisfying! I did have the instructions but over the years I had lost one or two parts, but nothing that really mattered. I think as modellers, too, we can be quite resourceful about making replacements, if all else fails. edited to add; I didn't know 1/25th scale was ever a "thing".
  8. That's a very good idea of crossing off the decals as you do them; it's never occurred to me!
  9. A round of applause in memory of Keith Flint at our local Parkrun  - very touching.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Barry Ten

      Barry Ten

      First in my age group for the first time today, too - although my wife and relatives wondered if it was because everyone else stayed home. Very supportive! They're probably right, though, as it was nowhere near a fast run.

    3. Bucoops


      A win is a win ;)


    4. Barry Ten

      Barry Ten

      I'll take that!

  10. I'm still struggling to see what's not acceptable or even better than acceptable about that paint finish. Maybe the red lining is a little variable in depth, but hey ... I'd be very, very pleased indeed with that. I loved Black Lion Crossing, fantastic layout and well described, but I'd have done something about the tilted verticals in that cover shot.
  11. I must be one of the top RMwebbers as my name's always first on the list of who's online.

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    2. SVRlad


      At least you were on there - I must be the least popular member as I'm not even on that list. :D

    3. JDW


      And Phil Parker is in red, he must have been naughty...

    4. saxokid


      Im just happy to be back on here!!:senile:

  12. Thanks, Wendell - that's very kind! I'm very pleased if the layout doesn't look too incongruous to someone more familiar with the locale. Yes, it was in MR - about 2013 I think. I'd like to see if they'd be interested in a follow-up article at some point as the layout has evolved and grown quite a bit since then.
  13. Das Boot

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Hroth


      (sucks hollow tooth)


      Target tracking to port Sir!


    3. marc smith

      marc smith

      das modelling clay

    4. Patrick


      Das boot reboot? Is it any good? From reading the plot, it seems like a completely different story. If true, hard to figure out why they just didn't call it something else...

  14. Model Railroader took their traditional April Fool joke to a new level with this year's issue. I read and re-read the issue before I realised I hadn't spotted the joke, and even then it took me three further reads to see it. I won't spoil the fun but it actually made me laugh out loud when I got it. They've done some good ones in the past, such as the guy who melted down his wife's jewellery to make gold trackwork, for extra conductivity; the guy who over-pressurised his basement to several atmospheres so he could get rid of the supports, and the guy who made an electromagnetic vertical train storage facility, like a cork board where you could just put your box cars and so on and they'd stick to the wall. They also promoted a new modular baseboard standard involving former rail line turned into cycle paths. I'm probably easily pleased but I got a good chuckle out of all these, especially as the articles tend to start in rather straight-faced fashion.
  15. Thanks! I think some areas of the layout could do with being simplified back a bit, which is (hopefully) one of the on-going jobs for the future. As for that grade crossing through a switch, I didn't leave myself a lot of choice... but it just about works, even though I'd hate to be an N scale driver going over those rail gaps!
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