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    Trains, trains, trains, and music, and beer, and food and festivals, and did I mention trains?

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  1. No worries re the compliments sir - it's a great looking micro layout. Yes, I'm still playing bass. In fact, I'm busier than ever, in 4, sometimes 5 bands, plus an occasional folk club trip / jam. Way way too busy actually! lol I'm playing a mix of genres, and playing almost as much upright as bass guitar. I'm enjoying it more than ever - but perhaps it takes a bit too much of my time..... hence a lack of modelling output from me these days. But at my age, I realise the rock & roll lifestyle probably isn't going to last too much longer - so I'm making the most of it now. I can always play trains when I'm too old & creaky to go lifting amps, cabs and double basses around ;)
  2. Looks superb @alant - really glad I logged on to RMweb and spotted this today. Excellent work sir
  3. Hi @Giles long time no see. I hope you are well? Your modelling is still fabulous I note! It all looks brilliant - just as expected. You have definitely captured the look of a hard working Hunslet. Really really neat work re the driver's moving head too btw - that's just genius :) EDIT: The Hunslet looks perfectly "at home" on the layout too
  4. Is that Mr@wenlock asleep? Must be digesting his pasty :)
  5. Ah, Mr Lord has extracted the readies from many willing modellers over the years... always willingly (too much so, in my case I admit). I suspect @Graham456 that the pasties are consumed immediately, and rather quickly - which is the reason for a lack of photos. Indeed, typing this reply, I wish I had one of those fine snacks in front of me now! ha ha
  6. Hi again Rob - by gum, I think you have solved it. Barnstaple 2014, where I was invited to exhibit by Mudmagnet and co
  7. Well the SWAG day was definitely worth the trip "down south" once again. As ever, the standard of layouts was as good as the standard of cakes and pasties... and that's saying something indeed. It was so nice to catch up with so many old pals - in fact, they are too numerous to mention, without this post becoming way too long to read :) @rcf- it was great to finally see "Osney Town" in-the-flesh, and it looked just as superb as I knew it would. So nice to see you again Rob - and I still can't recall when & where we met (it must have been Taunton Railex?). @bcnPete - great to meet up again good sir... but I only "helped out" for about 5 minutes... and most of that was chin-wagging! I even managed to dodge an operating session on @Barry Ten's layout. Perhaps I wasn't asked because I wasn't wearing a waistcoat? Great to chat to all my good friends from this forum. I am already looking forward to next years SWAG day. Many many thanks to @NHY 581 and everyone involved in setting up and running the event. As I've said before, several times - this event is better than many shows I have paid to attend. It's the highlight of the modelling calendar IMHO. Cheers all
  8. Really like the run-down, unkempt look of this fab micro layout. The graffiti being "The Skids" helps place it.... and get a fave band of mine in there! Nice :)
  9. I hadn't looked at this thread until just this morning - and I'm so glad I did. The layout is looking great. You've got such a lot going on, in a small area, and your use of buildings, blended with backscene and other details really sets the layout off nicely. Looking better all the time :)
  10. Haven't popped in to see "bert" in a while now - so glad I did today. Looking great Stu. Keep up the good work.
  11. As others have said - this lovely little layout is just stunning. Excellent work. Such atmosphere, I have forgotten it's raining outside lol
  12. What an amazing project! How on earth have I missed this? Superb work sir. Really like the whole concept of this. BTW I am known (by some) for using mirrors on small layouts, and I think in this instance, perhaps it did look a bit "contrived" - however, it is possible to use them in a more subtle way too.... which could work on a micro / diorama like this. Anyhow, I'm looking forward to seeing this one progress.
  13. Hi again @JimRead, "Barry's Light Industrial Premises Yard" - that's the name definitely sorted! I'd really like to see a model of that shunter, built out of card Jim... I'm sure if anyone can do it, you can sir :) As ever, your work is inspirational, especially in the world of micro and small layouts. Really hope to see this layout in the flesh some day.
  14. Another micro classic coming up here, I think @JimRead I think the name "Barry's Lip" is rather clever - the suggestion "Barry's Lip Yard" is quite good. Looking forward to seeing this one progress.
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