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  1. Excellent day yesterday. Great to meet up with so many friends on the circuit again, which helped to put the last 18 'missing' months behind us. Last but not least, excellent hospitality and support by the ECT team. Thanks Chris.
  2. Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces again. Will be bringing US O Arcadia Pennsylvania, after our enforced break. Come and say hello!
  3. My wife says she wants a bottle of Merlot - and kittens in her dressing room!
  4. Hi again, for anyone interested, here's a bit of detail to the quarry Stone Terminal scene above - some close-ups of the now finished limestone Hopper. Pic 3 has a flashing light to warn of train exit. Essentially, I used Evergreen sheets glued on Plastruct girders, then applied a top skin of Ratio and Wills Corrugated sheets. Some detail bits and pieces (handrails, vents, and windows) were left-overs from Cornerstone kits.
  5. I have been developing a quarry Stone Terminal, as an extension to my OO 'Clayton End Signalman' layout. It has (so far) three scratch built structures: left to right, a limestone Hopper, a tower, and a second loading structure. The designs are very loosely based on elements around Tunstead. "Loosely" meaning an attempt to recreate the atmosphere of the Peak Forest area. The limestone Hopper is unfinished (first base coat). Dave
  6. I reckon that is the first ever, photographic evidence of a formation of low-lying UFOs in Nottingham.
  7. We are all going to have to create new bubbles then :-). Fortunately, my 3 layouts are set up by Sue and I. I hope that new rules are not suggesting my wife and I stay 2 metres apart! Of course, everything will depend on the progression and efficacy of the vaccines, significantly reducing and then planing infections. If that is maintained and generates public confidence, the earliest possibilities must surely be late this year.
  8. Was expecting this discussion to happen following Boris' Lockdown Release Roadmap. I see that stage 3 is interesting? Stage three - No earlier than 17 May, includes: Indoor entertainment such as museums, theatres, cinemas and children's play areas can open Performances and large events will be subject to limits though. For indoor events they can be at half capacity or 1,000 people, and outdoors they can be at half capacity or 4,000 people - whichever is lower. For large venues (at least 40,000 capacity) up to 10,000 will be allowed to attend Hotels, hostels and B&Bs can reopen Whilst no mention of actual exhibitions, the middle one looks interesting - even before the June 21 free-for-all? Dave
  9. Finally, more locally, on the western edge of the Pennines, some dear freinds who have been forced to smile (only joking), whilst enjoying a really interesting presentation of wagon movements at an ICI works. No prizes for identifying the characters! Dave
  10. I am on a roll, I don't think there is any need to name this excellent show! I am sure that many will readily recognise this Friday afternoon setup scene at a 'northerly' location in Summer, 2018? Dave
  11. Here's a picture of a relatively new exhibition by Sheffield Neepsend MRC, showing part of the gathering at their 2nd show at a former swimming baths - in 2019. I was on the 'spectator' balcony, just checking that my other half, lower right, was not having a problem with a two-engined Alco RS-1 that we were testing at the time. Lovely show, very freindly atmosphere, and well worth a visit when it next appears. Dave
  12. Hi Alisdair, we have crossed paths a few times. I recall you were "back-to-back" with us at Liverpool in June 2019, in the Church (Clayton End Signalman)! Also, I thought we were indeed operating at the last exhibition (or one of) last year. Very unusual but enjoyable weekend. I agree, we have learned a lot since then. Forgive my criticism - it was reserved for just some of the recent publicised transgressors :-). Even so, I can understand the frustrations we are all feeling. It will be very interesting to see which show will be the first to launch in the future. Dave
  13. There has been plenty of wide-ranging knowledge and guidance disseminated. Unfortunately, the proverb "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink" has been often demonstrated. No matter, returning to the theme of the thread, the joy of exhibitions will be a joyous moment for many and, hopefully, will produce many new presentations for us all to enjoy. Dave
  14. That was our last show of 2020. Managed to also exhibit/visit at Pontefract and Rainhill, Stafford and SECC, which now makes it all so painfull to be 'locked away' from the beautiful hobby. The weekend we were at Macclesfield, we set up on the Friday, unsure if it would last until the Sunday. There were various news bulletins being relayed around the hall, about ‘elderly’ types being confined to barracks on the Monday 16th. We were in the Premier Inn and the only guests were exhibitors/traders for the show. When 4:30pm breakdown arrived, everyone packed up quickly and we drove through Cheshire hardly seeing many cars or people, until we got to Lymm M6. We all know what has gone on since then, and now we are paying the price of what some of us would describe as complacency, irresponsibility, and stupidity out there. It was a great weekend, with a real sense of camaraderie! Well done to the club for having made a carefully considered decision to go for it. Roll on the vaccines, and let's hope a chink of light starts to appear in the Autumn. Until then, with no sense of urgency, I am slowly getting on with improvements to a couple of layouts. Dave
  15. First of Les' photo looks like Macclesfield, would suggest 2nd photo is indeed Museum of Transport.
  16. Ever so slightly off the exhibition beaten track, who out there would hazard a guess and name (a) the location and (b) identify any of the usual 'suspects' having a serious session, playing trains? I know 1 of them. Dave
  17. OK, to maintain the retrospective nature of the thread and to re-kindle lost moments of contentment - who would like to guess where this pre-show opening scene may have taken place? Dave
  18. Dear oh dear. A modest aside on a post that was initially related to the issue adding cab personnel in locos. My transgression being motivated by a natural reaction to recognise a quality model loco. My deepest and humblest apologies if it offended you and caused you to have to post a somewhat churlish remark.
  19. Ah yes, and typified very nicely in the presence of the lovely Adtranz FS Brennerlok model - a Roco I assume? I had two of them until recently: excellent multi-current roof detail and super smooth operation. Now I wish I had kept them .
  20. That's what makes Freight in America so fascinating. One of my greatest regrets, is in not having an interest in US railroads in June 2002. At the time we stayed overnight in the Hitching Post Inn in Cheyenne, on our way towards Yellowstone. Right outside our room, opposite our parked car, were the tracks to a UP marshalling yard. I could kick myself!
  21. Same with me - the gear tower clip came away far too easily first removing the body - your “no reassuring click” was instantly apparent when I replaced mine. Wonder just how often others have found this?
  22. I've now installed ESU V5 + EM2 in my My FL 66/9 and there is no way whatsoever that its sound is remotely flat or weak. Having said that, I have several Bachmann 66s, including a 66/5 FL with factory sound, and whilst it is not so powerful sounding, I have found the Bachmanns perfectly suitable and reliable for full weekend operations on the exhibition circuit. I have never had a drive tower and shaft come apart as I foundf when I opened the Hattons loco (beautiful but fragile as it is) to install sound. Swings and roundabouts. Nevertheless , each loco manufacturer type has a part to play and I cherish both.
  23. On a positive note, there are some good ones available. I took delivery of £119 FL 66957 yesterday. Was very apprehensive when opening the box. Locomotive was pristine, all ABs were centred correctly, all wheels grounded on flat surface, and test run was fine - no wobble!! Perhaps I've been fortunate. Certainly not smug, just relieved - as I may get another. No doubt the ABs will work loose at some point. Is there a stock part number for them?
  24. Hi Ray, that's great to see the final outcome of an excellent layout, given "world-wide" exposure in the calendar. Let's hope it won't be too long before we get a chance of returning to the circuit - it's been a long time! Just need to get folks vaccinated asap.
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