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  1. Please can someone remind me which exhibition was due to be held at the school in Bacup. Geoff Endacott
  2. Been there, done that. Never again. We were persuaded because it was a charity show for a good cause. Fields aren't level. Nothing would stay coupled. We spent all afternoon operating in push-pull mode with the locos on the downhill end. Freight trains did look a bit silly, but if the loco was on the uphill end there was a risk of uncoupled wagons rapidly disappearing off the end of the layout. Geoff Endacott
  3. Bentley MRG are introducing a booking system. Anyone wanting to visit the clubroom has to book in advance and once six people have booked the evening is full. Geoff Endacott
  4. Trainwest is already organised for April 2021. However, I have taken the precaution of checking that exhibitors are available for April 2022. If we can't go ahead next year the show can be moved to the following year. Geoff Endacott
  5. That is why I duly record the hours spent by volunteers running the exhibition. Accounting for these, even at the minimum wage, produces a number far greater than the surplus (not profit) from the exhibition. On that basis we never make a profit and therefore pay no tax. Of course, the suggestion further up this thread that paid stewards and other staff should be brought in, paid for by increasing the ticket price, would negate this exemption and may therefore have tax implications. (It does help that we have a committee member who is a retired tax inspector.) Geoff Endacott
  6. No amount of technology will avoid the need for some form of human presence. There is a world of difference between people taking a (managed) risk as part of their job and taking a risk as a volunteer. Until such time as club members are willing to staff exhibitions they aren't going to happen. Geoff Endacott
  7. The limiting factor is not so much who will be willing to attend an exhibition but who will be willing to run one. The people at greatest risk will be those on the cash desk selling and checking tickets. No amount of online booking of advance tickets and cashless payment methods will do away with the need for someone to check tickets on the door. Those who do the job in our club tend to be the older or less active members because it's a job they can do sitting down. They also tend to be those at most risk from the virus. I can cope with greatly reduced attendance because costs can be reduced accordingly. What I can't do is organise a show without club members who are willing to volunteer for the public facing roles. I think it may be some considerable time before enough people feel comfortable enough to do that. Geoff Endacott
  8. That's an awfully long time to spend in the same place. Geoff Endacott
  9. Then what are you going to do? Geoff Endacott
  10. Beatties used to issue a catalogue of RTR models which could be updated by adding extra pages and stickers. I am a life member of the Beatties Club. Fortunately my life has been rather longer than that of the aforementioned company. Geoff Endacott
  11. Just as well he wasn't doing anything important like running a major economy. (I can't mention who it reminds me of because that would be too political.) Geoff Endacott
  12. The trouble is that if every two months things shift back by two months we will never get back to normal. Geoff Endacott
  13. Solihull is cancelled. http://www.solihullmrc.org/exhibition20.html Geoff Endacott
  14. One of the main reasons for attending exhibitions is to meet other people. The main risk for contracting the virus is meeting other people. I think I can see the problem. Geoff Endacott
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