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  1. The driver's side windscreen wiper is broken. Geoff Endacott
  2. Tickets are now on sale https://www.wegottickets.com/event/511412 . So who is going to be the first person to book? Geoff Endacott
  3. Three of the layouts are from club members. That's about as far as our personnel will stretch. Geoff Endacott
  4. We now have a full complement of layouts. The first post in this topic has been updated with layout names and descriptions. Geoff Endacott
  5. It wasn't cancelled - merely moved to a different venue due to building works at the leisure centre. Geoff Endacott
  6. One of our members has it at home to work on during lockdown. Geoff Endacott
  7. Someone doesn't know about Jethro. Geoff Endacott
  8. How can it be a monolith if it isn't made of stone? Geoff Endacott
  9. Cheltenham is 30 & 31 October 2021. The availability of key personnel (me) rules out the other weekends in October. Geoff Endacott
  10. The Calne Model Rail Show The Calne Leisure Centre, White Horse Way, Calne, Wilts., SN11 0SP. Saturday 23rd October 10.00 am - 5.00 pm Sunday 24th October 10.00 am - 4.30 pm Adult: £5.00, Child: £3.00, Group (2+2): £12.00. We didn't hold the usual Calne Show in January 2020 due to building works at the leisure centre. Instead we held a much smaller event at the nearby Beversbrook Sports Facility. We had expected to return to the leisure centre in January 2021 but something seems to have gone wrong! Trainwest was last held during April 2019 and has been cancelled for 2020 and 2021. It will return (we hope) in April 2022. We had long been pondering moving the Calne Show to the autumn in order to give us equal intervals after the preceding Trainwest and before the following Trainwest. So from adversity comes opportunity. We can't hold a Calne Show (or any other show) in January 2021. By early 2022 we will be busy preparing for the return of Trainwest after a gap of three years. But it does look as though a sufficient degree of normality will have returned in order to hold a Calne Show in October. We therefore intend to hold the next Calne Model Rail Show at its usual venue over the weekend of 23 & 24 October 2021. I do hope that we will remember how to run a show by then. More significantly I hope that people will still want to visit. Thanks for the offers of layouts. The show is now full. Layouts: 85J (OO): Dave Spencer UK - BR(WR) - 1960s Angell Creek Roundhouse and Mill (On30/O9): Paul Davis & Jim Keylock USA - Tennessee - 1940s-50s Axe Valley Mill (O): Ken Banks UK - BR West Country - 1950s-60s Bridgebury Gate (N): Russ Hobbs UK - BR South of England - 1966-2000 Invernevis (N): David Greenwood UK - West Highlands of Scotland - 1980s Llanteulyddog (OO): CLAPHAM UK - BR North Wales - Early 1990s Moonbase Alpha (OO): Tony Vernon The Moon - Fictional Human Settlement - The Future Much Murkle (OO): Nick Wood UK - GWR Herefordshire - 1930s Peasevern Yard (O): Rob Owst UK - BR in Bristol - Late 1970s Penmawr (OO): Chris Thomas UK - GWR in South Wales - 1930-40 Puffin Colliery (OO/OO9): John Stephens/Swindon MRC UK - Colliery in Wales - Late 20th Century Smallcombe (OO): Ted Olney UK - LMS Western/Central Division - 1930s St Oswalds (O16.5): Tim Crockford UK - Welsh Narrow Gauge - 1950s-60s Stowford (OO9): Diane Tape UK - Preserved Line in North Devon - 1960s-70s Victoria & Albert Docks (OO): Arnie Bird UK - London - 1914-18 Weaver Hill (OO): Rich & Benjamin Brady UK - Network Rail in Staffordshire - 1990 or 2018 Trade Stands: Along Classic Lines Andy Lynch David Smith Books Frome Model Centre Medway Queen Model Railway Developments Richard's Spares The Trainman Geoff Endacott
  11. I like the writing in the dirt explaining what 143018 is supposed to be. Geoff Endacott
  12. That gives the impression of being a bereavement sale by someone who doesn't know what they are selling. Geoff Endacott
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