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  1. 50's looking nice stu! Might have to borrow her sometime. Graham.
  2. Hello Michael, I discovered you layout on youtube a few weeks ago, very impressive indeed! glad to see the progress on here too. Graham.
  3. hi simon, there magnetic couplings, I’d seen a few videos on YouTube and decided to give them a go, for permanent rakes there ideal.
  4. Really pleased with the wagons, had a few teething troubles, have fitted them with Hunt couplings, very impressed! Graham.
  5. Hello all, Bit of testing, i've been having trouble with the rapido couplings on my Revolution HOAs, there quite a heavy wagon and they were not 100% reliable on the gradients of the layout/test track, i bought some of the Hunt couplings to try out and i'm extremly impressed, coupling up is now so much easier and they run like a dream. Also needed to test the new 60, impressed with that too! excuse the plaster mess, was just enjoying playing trains to worry about cleaning it. Graham.
  6. Hello all, managed an hour or two on the layout tonight, I’ve built up a skeleton framework using balsa wood, covered it with chicken wire and just applied some mod roc to give me a base to work on. Also taken delivery of a load of trees. Added bonus was winning this 60 on eBay, she’s sound fitted but I haven’t tested it yet, first loco I’ve bought in ages! finally I’m experimenting with hunt couplings on my HOAs, will upload a video soon. cheers graham
  7. Looking really good Mark, you definitely putting me to shame, I’ve managed absolutely nothing on mine. graham.
  8. Like it Mark! I've come to a standstill on mine as I'm enjoying running some stock. Graham.
  9. Liking the look of the RFD 47 Tim! One of my favourite livery’s. Graham
  10. I would change the wheels as soon as you can, plastic won't be good to the track, will increase the dirt, plus metal wheels will run better. have you got a picture of the train your replicating with the western?
  11. Look good stu, are the wheels plastic or metal? Graham
  12. I think a 59 working hard to bring a stone train up the branch would excellent! shame it'd end up in the bay platform
  13. Very nice Richard! One thing that lets a lot of layouts down is not enough trees! Yours is looking superb! Graham
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