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  1. Hello all, 3 and a half years on and progress is as speedy as always! work has been taking place and will be uploaded soon. unfortunately my dad prefers to run the the trains, ( which it’s all about isn’t it! ). and so we present 92158 which has been purchased by the OBB plus a BR brake van to operate iron ore trains to the Erzberg! more to follow soon. Graham
  2. Excellent progress David, very much looking forward to this evolving. Graham
  3. cheers Phil, All scalescenes work thankfully, I was a bit apprehensive about using printed stuff but after seeing what can be done on the Chandwell layout I’m well pleased. Graham
  4. Couple of hours work and she’s just about done. A few small finishing touches to do and a bit of weathering then it’ll be installed, all in all rather pleased with how it’s come out. Graham
  5. Hello all, First try at a scalescenes kit, I’ve never used printed scenery/buildings before but after seeing the excellent results on Chandwell I thought I’d have a little dabble, granted it’s only a tunnel mouth, and so far this is just a test build to get a feel for how they go together. I’ve made a few mistakes but we’re getting there, fairly happy of what I need to do so I’ll start on the proper one soon. cheers Graham
  6. Technically I have four on the go, two N gauge ones, 2018 ish WCML and a1980s Southern era, one 00 1990s NSE 3rd rail and then an ho french steam depot. keeps the interest alive. Graham
  7. Hi Andrew, take a look at Steve farmers lymebrook yard, it’s N gauge but I think very doable in 00 gauge. Graham
  8. Bonjour brother.. Any progress with the scenics Stu?? Or YouTube videos?? G
  9. Hello all, Thought I’d test the new wires before I continue. cheers Graham
  10. Great news as always with RevolutioN, bad news for the bank account. The mesh sides on the super tench are gonna be a challenge in N! I’ll definitely be in for some.
  11. Hello all, few snaps you may like, I’m playing around with eazi line on the OHLE, pleased so far. Graham
  12. Being in a productive mood I’m trying out some easi line to see how it looks / performs. So far so good. Graham
  13. Hello all, Dodgy point has been removed and replaced. Attention has turned to getting the four track section glued into place, I’ve done three out of the four and also started mocking up the tunnels at one end, I’ll be using scalescenes and I wasn’t sure about size so I’ve increased it slightly to see what looks right with catenery. Also added a cant to all the curves, rather than use slithers of card or plastic, this time I’ve used sliced sections of bluetac, it’s worked quite well as you can adjust the levels much easier before glueing into place. cheers Graham
  14. New point ordered, shuttle section is working fine now, slight issue with the weight of the non motored pacer, soon rectified with some liquid lead. Graham
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