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  1. Found some sun!

    1. Mikkel


      Sounds some fun! :-)

  2. hi colm, hope all is well, thought you might of had some pictures of cp in the harbour up.
  3. she is now on her way home. ps, this is the model
  4. just to let you all know that C Princess is finnished and will be meeting colm on the 22nd june to hand her over from the ship yard for sea trials to ireland. i will post pictures after colm has her.
  5. thanks. yes the graffiti is free hand done with paint.
  6. hi all its been a long time since i last posted. just thought i would post my latest weathering.
  7. I am bringing my NMT to have a run as promised, am trying to make it saturday and sunday, but will be there sunday.
  8. hi all the caledonian princes is nearing completion for this layout.
  9. hi all thanks for all your wishes, I am happy to say shirls 4hr op was a success.
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