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  1. https://shop.nnrailway.co.uk/ Link to the NNR's appeal page where donations can be 'purchased'.
  2. I would think it's the responsibility of the layout owner/operator to ensure these things are correct just as much as the photographer. If the layout owner wants their layout to be portrayed in a favorable light then they should be just as much on the ball as the person taking the photos. Having had Tony taking photographs of one of my own layouts I can certainly say that he is very professional in the way that he captures his images. Yes, he questions what he sees before him but this is always given in a constructive manner. He also makes it quite clear how the images will be used.
  3. Tell me that someone is a 'lad' and I think of a primary/early secondary school boy. Hence my reaction to the post by Steamport Southport, apologies for any misunderstanding. I have heard people being called "little old boy" too. Although the 'old' makes it clear that the term is referring to someone past retirement age.
  4. Issue there is trying to not upset the young lad given that he really should be encouraged. He could have little to no idea of the fact his diesel is out of period for the layout. All depends on his age and how mature he is. Of course it's completely right to educate him. But the problem is doing it in a tactful manor that leaves him happy.
  5. I saw this morning that there was now a version specific for the Oxford Mk3's so have snapped up a pack, along with another HST pack for my second HST. However, I now note that they're now once again out of stock such is the popularity of these new couplings. The pack of close couplings I had have been fitted to my Hornby Mk2e's. The gap between the coaches is now much, much reduced but under test they were still able to traverse the club layout with no issues. Even propelling through medium pointwork and double slips were no issue. I did have a couple of couplings let go of the NEM pocket but none of the magnets came out. I presume the time left in the open allowed the plastic time to properly cure and adhere to the magnet before they were put under load. Whilst you could argue that should be done at source I think they're basically trying to churn out as many as possible to meet the demand currently. Those which let go of the NEM pockets were soon sorted with a spot of glue. By that point I was pretty certain that they'd be staying on the rake so gluing them in place wasn't an issue.
  6. Well, it is 'unique in the world' but only because of its single chimney. A very important detail that they keep missing off the narration. Also giggled at the 'GRAND Central Railway' sending the Hall That said, it's still a very entertaining series and I hope the NYMR get's plenty more passengers from it.
  7. That's excellent news, I'll continue to save my pennies for them then
  8. Is there likely to be another run of the Cawoods version at somepoint? They're fast running out and it's looking increasingly like I'll not be able to afford them before they do.
  9. Oh there are certainly annoyances when it comes to taking layouts to shows. Being up at the crack of dawn to drive to a venue and set up on a Saturday morning isn't the best part. Similarly knocking everything down then having a long drive before unloading the other end because the van needs to go back first thing Monday is another. However, I personally find enjoyment from operating at an exhibition and getting good comments from people about the layout too. I suppose anyone who doesn't enjoy the operating side would get far less enjoyment from shows. Hence why they aren't compulsory, if you don't enjoy it then you don't have to do it
  10. That will be because everyone has a different opinion on how a layout should be operated and what constitutes a 'good' layout. Our wonderful hobby is very diverse in that respect and I personally think it would be poorer if there was just one option and one opinion. We'd certainly have fewer lively debates here for example
  11. I think prople glue metal kits together because they are afraid of soldering. The fact your dealing with something hot that can and will burn you if you handle it incorrectly has to be a factor there. Many times someone at the club will ask me to solder something electrical for them. When I say 'why don't I show you how' they reply with various variations of 'I can't do that'. Completely agree that metal kits should be soldered together. There's a reason why plastic glue is often called 'plastic weld' as it melts the two peices together. You can't melt metal with glue.
  12. I can't take any credit at all for the modelling as it's not my layout. I'm just a willing helper and snook a few of my own locomotives on there Keeping things moving and interesting for viewers is also one of our main aims.
  13. Thanks, I've also found the below image of the same working.
  14. The image on Accurascale's announcement page of their website with a metals 37 on the PTA/JUA tipplers. What working is that?
  15. Painting is certainly my Achilles heel. I'd build far more kits if I felt I could paint them to an acceptable standard. Weathering meanwhile is far more up my street. I suppose it's one of those practice makes perfect things.
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