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  1. We think the fact Flying Scotsman was putting in an appearance affected Saturday afternoons attendance. It was busier in the morning then it often cab be. I'm looking forward to seeing the visitor number comparisons to previous years when the Treasurer has done his maths! We aim to break even on our show. We're a little club with a little village hall show and enjoy the freindly atmosphere. We'll be back next year on the last weekend in September at Stickney Village Hall
  2. Setup for the show has gone well this evening with 4 layouts to set up tomorrow morning. If you are heading out Skegness way to view the Steam Railtour tomorrow, why not pop by Stickney? We're a small village hall show and would love to see you. For Covid, we'll be having all the doors and windows open for extra circulation and there will be a seating area outside the hall. Hand Sanitiser will be available on entry and all areas where contact could be made. We will also be ensuring all regular 'touch surfaces' are cleaned regularly. We are following government guidance on masks and social distancing. To aid the latter, a One Way system will be in place.
  3. Yes, thank you for the very informative replies on this. I mentioned previously that I was worried. I'm not now as you've put my mind at rest. A suggestion, maybe include some instructions of what detail to remove from the model to achieve running around 2nd Radius? Obviously you won't know for certain what that needs to be until you've had some samples from the factory and done some testing.
  4. A shameless bump here as the show is this weekend. I hope to get an update from the Exhibition Manager at our club night this Thursday Evening.
  5. Excellent clarification here, thank you.
  6. Yeah, another plea for you to ensure that this is able to traverse 2nd Radius curves from me. I cancelled a pre-order for the upcoming blue Hornby example and pre-ordered this one. Now I'm worried I could have made a mistake! I really hope not because your version looks epic. I think you are going to severely restrict the number of people able to accommodate the loco if it can't go round 2nd Radius.
  7. In a weeks time we'll be one sleep away from doors open. Sadly, Caistor Loco will no longer be attending. We are trying to find a replacement but this may not be possible.
  8. They might be sold out now but that doesn't mean their success in doing so doesn't prompt Hornby to do another run of them.
  9. I don't think you can fairly assess the running of a sample locomotive. Possibly when they first come from the factory but they then have a rough life being handled and scrutinised. A full assessment can't be made until the actual models arrive and I'm sure they will be up to Bachmann's normal high standards of running.
  10. The Boston Model Railway Society is planning to go ahead with our show at the end of the month. Taking place at Stickney Village Hall (PE22 8BG) which is 7 miles north of Boston on the A16. The opening times are: Saturday 25th September - 10am to 5pm Sunday 26th September - 10am to 4 pm Admission: Adults - £3 Children - £1 Family (2+3) - £7 Layouts: 0-16.5 Salthaven by Steve Cooper EM Woodcroft by Market Deeping MRC OO Sykes Lane by Sleaford MRC Gracetown Bank by Graham Morfoot Tremawn by John Cotton Holland Beck by Ben Adlington Boghampton by Tony Forward Breydon by Ken Bannister N Chillington by Spalding MRC Traders: Elanie's Trains We are hoping to be able to serve Light Refreshments including an outside seating area but this is Weather Permitting. Similarly, we hope to hold a 'covid safe' Tombola and Raffle. There will be a One Way System in the Hall and all windows and doors will be open to provide additional circulation. Further Covid precautions are being investigated. http://bostonmrs.50webs.org/Exhibitions.html
  11. https://www.keymodelworld.com/article/great-electric-train-show-visitor-information Looks like entry times are like a pre-covid show. Also looks like you can pay on the door.
  12. The same can be said of the whole 'DC vs DCC' debate in my opinion. Everyone chooses the control method they prefer and you are never going to persuade some people to change from one to the other. You therefore get debates going round and round in endless circles as those who believe their control method is 'superior' attempt to convince each other as such. Neither are ever going to win such an argument!
  13. When Bachmann announced their new 47 I decided to wait and kept my money in my pocket. However, one of these would be perfect for Bostcroft so I've already pre-ordered one
  14. Sound for steam is improving all the time but it still has a long way to go. It very much relies on how you drive the loco too mind.
  15. Deeping Lane is currently sat stored in my room along with my other layouts. Sadly, I had to turn the space I had into a home office during the lockdown. Deeping Lane and my other two layouts have therefore been stored since covid started. When I'm able to get them out I'll be checking them all over and hoping to get out and about to shows again with it.
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