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  1. Just seen a post from Hattons on Facebook saying these are due next month.
  2. I think the bigger building looks more like the GNR station buildings you see around the railways of Lincolnshire. The Station Master would most likely live in the top floor rather than having a seperate house.
  3. I think the main thing that can put people's noses out when it comes to N vs OO prices and how close they are is the feeling of getting less for your money with the N gauge version. Simply because of the smaller size of N, one can be forgiven for thinking the cost should be lower than OO. However, the amount of fine detail being packed into N Gauge stock now is often just as much if not more than the OO counterpart.
  4. https://www.westhillwagonworks.co.uk/couplings-new-c-2/hunt-couplings-elite-oo-gauge-new-c-21/hunt-couplings-elite-mk1-mk2-pullman-stepped-close-coupling-couplings-for-nem-sockets-oo-gauge-p-84 These are what I would recommend for Bachmann Mk 1 coaches. No affiliation other then a very satisfied customer
  5. I'm another very happy bunny when it comes to the Hunt Couplings. My experiences of them thus far have been very good and I'm slowly converting my fixed coaching rakes over to them. The Elite type are certainly a step up from the standard ones given they don't have the polarity differences. They've even got a specific type for Bachmann Mk1 coaches to deal with their odd coupling height in that range.
  6. I can confirm that microphones seem to pick up any little noise very easily. I remember filming trains at Quorn and Woodhouse station during a GCR Winter Gala many years ago. They had a fairground organ over the far side of the yard, where I was stood I could barely hear it but when I started going through the footage to edit the camcorder had!
  7. A lovely video with excellent editing and a nice compilation of footage. Personally, I did like the shots where you were trackside and you could see the trains approaching from a distance. However, the 'helicopter' shots also conveyed the sense of space that Little Bytham has. I'll admit, I was surprised at the amount of whining that some of the locomotive motors were making. However, I suspect they aren't quite so noticeable to an actual human ear from X number of feet away. Camcorder microphones do have a habit of picking up noises far easier than you would expect.
  8. In my experience you need both good raw footage and good editing to get a great video. I'm very much looking forward to seeing the results of both here
  9. I completely agree that in the case of Little Bytham, and most likely Retford too, DCC Sound would be completely superfluous. The natural sounds of the trains are all that's needed. My main reason for this view? Steam sound decoders have a long way to go before they capture the intricate and complex sounds a real steam locomotive makes at high speed. DCC sound for steam is far better on a smaller layout. There the sounds add to the experience though whistling when appropriate and though adding atmosphere. A country branchline station for example. Additionally, for a smaller
  10. To say it's your first go at scratch building a bridge it's very good indeed. I very much enjoy watching your videos too, they're very well filmed and informative. I especially like the one's where your upgrading rolling stock.
  11. Another way to mitigate the risk when loco doctoring would be to wear disposable gloves. There'd be no need to sanitise the models before you touch them as the gloves provide you with protection. You would however have to sanitise them before returning them. It would also be advisable to wash your hands before putting the gloves on and after taking them off. This is what I'm having to do at work when going to schools to maintain their IT equipment.
  12. I'm also an optimist, I've also been contacted by a show organiser to say that a layout booking for late 2020 has been confirmed for 2021. They are very optimistic that the show will go ahead in 2021 given all information at their disposal. Fingers crossed for at least some of next year's shows going ahead.
  13. I don't think it's a 'requirement' that all shows are cancelled. If a show's organisers are happy that they can comply with all the relevant government requirements then they are completely entitled to go ahead. As to if they get enough visitors though the doors to justify it is a different matter.
  14. I think in the current situation with different areas having different amounts of cases local control is a good thing. It allows more targeted solutions to help keep those case numbers down and finally defeat the virus. Local areas have been wanting more control for years.
  15. The Boston Model Railway Society are sorry to announce that our 2020 exhibition due to take place at Stickney Village Hall on the 26th and 27th September 2020 has been cancelled. All exhibitors and traders have provisionally been booked for the 2021 exhibition. The reason being the Hall informing us that the number of people allowed in the building at any time has been restricted due to the virus. This being a small village hall, I think its going to be the main issue stopping the smaller shows from running. The Boston Club are also thinking of holding an open day early
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