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  1. Re the couplings. In the 3 years of being in o gauge I sometimes find the couplings just as annoying as OO gauge. We have Heljan who's links are formed of flat bar yet the opening on the hook makes it difficult to couple to Dapol who's links are formed of round bar. If you look at the couplings on Heljans dog & cat fish wagons the couplings are of a slightly different design still. I use either a magnetic screwdriver which just holds the first link allowing me to drop it on the hook, or a bent wire attached to a small torch depending on what I'm coupling. When you factor in getting the bent wire caught on the various hoses it does test your patience. The above YouTube uncoupling clip seems OK provided you can get in at that angle. Scenic items and adjacent rolling stock may prevent otherwise. Paul
  2. Superb pictures of Kyle. First time I have seen a picture of the wagon turntable at Kyle.
  3. You can sign up at Dapol for an email of their monthly specials which is how I found out about the Lionheart deal. Paul
  4. New version of Skytrex has been trading a while now. https://www.ogauge.co.uk The PCA and TTA are not shown on the site and need to be ordered by phone. Paul
  5. Close encounters of the third kind also has a train set featured. Paul
  6. O gauge turbot wagons are due April. Paul
  7. Oh well the chance to ride on class 68 hauled stock for a fiver has gone thanks to the dreaded lurge... Paul
  8. Tower models are quoting Dapol that the Turbots will be here in April 2020. Time will tell. Paul
  9. I remember around 1987 penciling in a trip on the quay branch on an all line rover. As we were walking to the quay station we came across our train with its route to the quay blocked by cars. The train was cancelled and I never did get to ride it. Paul
  10. Very enjoyable. Bit disjointed in the editing with the s160 first service train being on three different platforms in 10 seconds Paul
  11. Good stuff. Some scenes in The Bill too, including DC Mike Dashwood going for a spin on the turntable at Old Oak common. Paul
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