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  1. Walton Street, Hull. Mid 80s. Hull - Bridlington line. Paul
  2. Depending on what stock iam coupling dictates what I use to couple it with. A magnetic tipped screw driver is my favourite weapon of choice but I do use bent wire taped to a small torch. However with the wire method coupling up diesels with airbrake stock and the various hoses hanging down does turn the air blue from time to time! Paul
  3. Heljan to Heljan coupling is terrible for me. The hook point seems to come that far back it almost closes the gap, so I have trimmed off the very point of the hook allowing the link to fall into the hook. Paul
  4. December 21st. 66765 at Hessle Rd Junction, Hull with Hull Hedon rd to Ferrybridge Gypsum. Paul
  5. Nice bit of action going on at York. Anyone got more pics from others? Paul
  6. Just watched another Heljan VAA go for £185. The mind boggles. Paul
  7. Just scanned these two for you. Any good? Worksop open day. Regards Paul
  8. Just a little up date. The first picture shows some ballasting i did in September, then the layout was hidden away till a couple of nights ago. I did some weathering on the track, but still needs more. I have decided to leave the wall at the front off. As usual you always end up having a little fun with the stock! Paul
  9. Just posted on Facebook by Dapol Regards Paul
  10. http://www.prmrp.com/electric-loco-kits.html Regards Paul
  11. Even though I have only read the first few pages iam enjoying this read. Most of the monthly mags I seem to get through in an evening whilst the boss is watching junk on the TV, but this seems to hold my interest along more. Hope there's more editions to come. Paul
  12. Great pictures. Just thinking if you had 10,000 tons of whatever to move from A to B and every day 50+ tons of it came back because the wagons weren't fully emptied it would generate another part train load! Paul
  13. Does it happen? Is it more appropriate to steam era. Modern box wagons unloaded by grab - are the corners swept out? Just curious, never seen pictures (or model) of wagons being swept out. I guess even scrap metal would need the human touch for non metallic stuff etc. Thanks for any Answers! Paul
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