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  1. Words fail me. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-york-north-yorkshire-54612122 Paul
  2. I have a Prairie that runs well forward but in reverse there is a noticeable lack of smoothness. It is fitted with a lokpilot decoder- no sound. I have an end to end layout approx 20ft and have run it backwards and forwards at different speeds but the reverse direction does not improve. Paul
  3. The Dapol interview on the Hornby mag web site said they were in production. Paul
  4. Rails of Sheffield have o gauge Dapol 08 shunter from £179.00 https://railsofsheffield.com/search?Personalise=false&searchTerm=class+08&Manufacturer=Dapol&Category=Class+08&Gauge=O+Gauge&SortMethod=Relevance&PageSize=24 Paul
  5. 37402 & 37423 Stand at Bridlington on Fri 2 October 2020. Paul
  6. There is also a path from Hull docks to East Midlands gateway on real-time trains. Route learning took place earlier in the year but the service has yet to run. Paul
  7. I have 3 class 08 shunters. No issues and run great on an end to end layout. Paul
  8. Bit more clearing up on this one! https://globalnews.ca/video/7334594/drone-video-of-huge-train-derailment-near-hope-b-c Paul
  9. Is it me or did the Author forget which edition he was writing for? The intro consists of several pages of text relating to the steam era and early BR diesels. Bizzare. Paul
  10. I have done a little more by painting and weathering the rear wall. Using Halfords red primer, thinned down matt black and a dusting of weathering powders. Quite pleased how its turned out. The smaller front wall had just been painted. I need to sort out a pipe bridge to hide the entry/exit. All in good time. Paul
  11. Working silly shifts at work has slowed progress but over the last 10 days I managed to construct a retaing wall out of card, foam board and plasticard. Paul
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