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  1. From Dapol Facebook page Paul
  2. The cover picture of this book came to mind when I read your question. https://www.waterstones.com/book/private-owner-wagons-in-colour-for-the-modeller-and-historian/david-ratcliffe/9780711033658 Paul
  3. One that I never got to model was the parcel side of a large terminus station. Along the back scene a single track with a platform. On the platform either stone work or large advert hoardings just giving a hint of the train behind on the single track. Moving forward on the viewing side of the platform a track used for assembling a short parcel train and / or running DMU shuttles. In front of that 3 or 4 tracks to park parcel stock or stable the odd loco. The trick is giving the impression of a larger station, so lots of signs indicating platforms 6- 9 this way. The t
  4. Andy they also do a PCA cement wagon (Vee tank) they are not listed on their website so you will have to ring. Mine were bought at shows. Paul
  5. My two resin skytrex ones cost around £50 plus wheels and were fairly easy to build. Paul
  6. A TTA tank wagon in the number of liveries they come in must surely be viable. Carefully done to allow for variants. Paul
  7. Several of these are available as kits. From time to time some manufacturers ask for suggestions but they don't go any further. I was hoping accurascale would add to their hopper range, but nothing as yet. It's all very well churning out loco after loco but if they have little to pull... I guess air brake stock is a niche market in what is still seen as a niche scale. Paul
  8. Nice to see progress on these. Was there a HSA variant too for scrap metal that had the hopper doors welded shut? Paul
  9. Link is back up! https://www.Dapol.co.uk/O-Gauge-Vanwide-and-VEA-Update Paul
  10. In the Dapol interview on the virtual show on Saturday it was said they are on the water. Paul
  11. Yes it seems the page has been removed. Hopefully it will get re instated Paul
  12. Link to update https://www.Dapol.co.uk/O-Gauge-Vanwide-and-VEA-Update Paul
  13. Looks really nice Julian. So nice in fact I have ordered one despite running BR blue! Paul
  14. A small tank engine would be a good bet, but a large chunk of work was already done on the Little Loco companies two up and coming plans before they folded - the Ruston shunter and the class 22. Could Dapol have bought into these? Paul
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