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  1. Hi everyone, Great announcement from Accurascale. I was surprised when I got the email earlier but already ordered one with sound to go with the rest of the DRS fleet. All the best Mark
  2. Hi Mick, My thoughts had been towards a 37 but a 185 would be a winner or even the 175. Far better as gives us all something different and very useful. cheers Mark
  3. Hi everyone, I had missed the news of the extra liveries, but the Royal Scotsman liveried ones are very welcome. By complete chance saw 66743 heading North through Dunkeld earlier this year with the Scotsman and a year ago saw one of them top and tail with another GBRF loco on a set of auto ballasters. For now I will be getting a pair of EWS/DB locos with sound as they will be very useful additions for Rannochs next show at Glasgow in Feb. The sample Bif had at St Andrews really does sound fantastic with the EM2 speaker and the loco ran faultlessly over my tight curves and point work. It even ran into the front siding which I don’t normally use and it didn’t stutter once which is very impressive. With regards the compressor speed up I know Bif has tried to give the best functionality for everyone. He has put it on a Function as in the video so it can be controlled as you wish but also it’s able to be switched on and left so that it will come on randomly and run for 30 seconds before returning to normal. This was on an earlier 66 sound file and had changed on a slightly later version to a Function I got, but Bif kindly put it back on a later version for me so it kicked in automatically. It works really well as when you run a train into a loop and leave it idling or say on a depot it will kick in without that loco being under control and adds further interest while you are running another train. Watching the video with Bif, Mick and Ben was really useful as we’ve not seen a British model with so much light and sound functions to play with and I’ve learnt more about things like Radar Hiss too. Will be looking forward to these. Cheers Mark
  4. That looks great Kev, it’s really coming together well. now if you build that 325 you dont need to put wires up and I can lend you a nice blue GM to haul it on your layout. A pair have been to Fort William after all lol! cheers Mark
  5. Hi Dave, Great to see more progress since we caught up at Barrow. I really like 47500 in that condition. The fleet look and sound great. One thing that really caught my eye in the videos is the MK2’s you’ve been working on. They look superb very realistic looking with the weathering, lighting and people along with the other little detail touches you add. They are the best coaching rakes I’ve seen. look forward to seeing 522 when it appears. All the best Mark
  6. Hi Clive, It’s nice to see a run down of the numerous conversions of DMU’s. I like 108’s best as that’s what ran to Barrow apart from the one blue 104 that made a few appearances before the 142’s, 156’s etc replaced them. keep up the good work Mark
  7. It was and we had a chat via messenger about them. We will see what models appear soon. Thanks Mark
  8. Hi Kev, That new unit is going to look really good. Is that you using those round speakers already too. The bus will look quite at home on PH and by Railex will hopefully have a nice T Brady lorry you can borrow and will need to sneak one onto Bere Banks too! Cheers Mark
  9. Hi Jilo, Actually under the 2015 consumer act you are entitled to ask for a refund on postage to return faulty items to a retailer so that isn’t an issue. That however creates a cost for a small business which is unfair for them to absorb. I was very clear this wasn’t a pop at Bachmann, I’ve spent a lot over the years and still will I was just sharing that this experience was below the standard I expect from them at today’s prices when it’s a fault of manufacturing. Mark
  10. Hi Jilo Sorry I don’t think you actually read everything I wrote - it would mean a 200 mile journey back to the retailer so not practical on this occasion and very much not having a moan at Bachmann. You’ll note how few issues I’ve encountered. Just pointing out this was disappointing with today’s prices this is poor compared to Hornby and others. And the past experience from Bachmann service team. I’ve worked in retail for 20 years so well aware of consumer rights and others may not be in a position to confidently diagnose and fix an issue to save this cost. Thanks Mark
  11. Hi everyone, I’ve just collected a pair of the rep 37’s Stainless Pioneer and a sound fitted 37025. Both locos are finished to a really good standard as we’ve come to expect from Bachmann. I’m a big fan of Bachmann and have at least 150 locos/units and only ever had one issue in a new unit purchased over 15 years ago whilst in a Bournemouth model shop. They phoned the service team and put me on as there had been an issue with gears slipping out of line in transit. The service team back then were happy to advise and asked if I was happy enough to do the fix required which I didn’t have any issue with and they even said if you can’t or find a different issue to send it to them. I gave 37025 a test as it’s actually a present but despite it running smoothly, lights working and moving off as you would expect for a sound fitted loco - no sound. I checked the sound volume just in case it had been set at 0 but still nothing. At this point I decided to give Bachmann a call. I’ve no issue with the person I spoke to and I get they must speak to all sorts of ability in the hobby as was asked if I’d pressed F1 on my controller first. I explained the issues and was told to send it in. I asked can I not check first as it was most likely an issue with the speaker maybe not being connected. They advised they did not recommend this so I asked if they have a return post for sending faulty models back as the shop I purchased from was 200 miles away so not easy to return to swap. And this is where my issue really is that it would cost me around £12 to send recorded by RM to cover the value for Bachmann to look at my faulty model. Both Hornby and Rails as examples have free post labels and have offered this quickly to help sort problems. Given the prices now expected I feel a bit let down on this particular issue by Bachmann. The reason I can say that my model was faulty is I took the body off to check and found that one speaker wire was broken - it had been snagged during assembly so not a major issue to fix. I’ve replaced the broken wire and all works fine. I actually quite like the sound file and drive lock features now included. This doesn’t detract from the models in any way and I will still be buying more Bachmann but just felt this experience has let me down. thanks Mark
  12. Hi everyone, For those modelling the current Northern scene one of the Scotrail Barbie livery units is ideal. Just de-brand possibly renumber and job done. 156477 was at Ravenglass on Monday. Not the same as those nice 37’s on the line! cheers Mark
  13. Hi everyone, Just wanted to post my thanks to Ian/Kev and everyone at FMRC for inviting our group with Ketton Cement and Bere Banks. We had an excellent weekend as always at one of the friendliest shows in the country. Great selection of layouts and trade. Good food and a great Saturday night out too. We hope to see you all again next year. thanks Mark
  14. I saw that photo on ebay too recently but with bids a lot more than that. Probably as a genuine sale and they nicked the photo to use. You really do need to be very careful.
  15. Best wishes Jools. Hope the treatment goes well and you beat it quickly. all the best Mark
  16. Hi Mick, Those HRA’s are looking very good as does the layout. Hope you have a good show and will get to see your layout one day. all the best Mark
  17. Hi Ben/Mike, My box of 16 DB boxes arrived today very well packed from T4U. I know you let me have a proper look at the sample at Glasgow but the quality is superb. The level of detail on the middle of the underframe pipe work is just brilliant. Well done on another super wagon in OO. cheers Mark Andy7 - I think you need to remember that these wagons are funded by modellers at a price point that the big manufacturers couldn’t achieve for the detail and quality. Adding posting on whilst higher probably covers not just packing materials but labour cost from T4U etc and distribution of the entire batch. These still work out very good value for money overall. Mistakes can happen I’m sure it will be easily sorted.
  18. Hi Charlie, Northern Rail - purple livery for me please, how about the Ravenglass branded one too! Cheers Mark
  19. Hello everyone, Its not that long now until I get a trip back to my home town to what is always an excellent show put on by all involved at FMRC. Two members of our group have had their layouts invited, Martin with his superb 2mm finescale layout Ketton Cement at what is planned to be it’s outing as it makes way for his new projects coming down from Scotland Keith is bringing his excellent 4mm creation of Bere Banks all the way up from Devon. Will also be nice to get my new 37 from John & Shelagh at Crafty Hobbies in person for a change instead of sending my mum in! see you all soon Mark
  20. I think your right Rob, mine went into DRS livery a long time ago. This one is ideal for my early 90’s era to add to one of the metals workings so glad I pre ordered one. cheers Mark
  21. Thank you Andy and Phil for producing and sharing an interesting video giving an insight into Bachmanns operation. It puts into perspective when they get up to 3 containers a week at busy times the size of it which is actually larger in some respects than I was expecting. Cheers Mark
  22. Hi Andy, thanks for for sharing the update photos. The 20/3 looks very nice and looks like I’ll have enough time to save for a couple. I like the 117’s too plenty of detail in that underframe. Its positive to see the quality and new new models progressing from Bachmann. Thanks Mark
  23. I thought you had removed most of them back in July from the post above? Just check all wheels are in position correctly as they should be free rolling first. Hope that helps Mark
  24. Hi everyone, At first I was quite interested in this new flask announcement but unfortunately the type proposed doesn’t fit my modelling era from what I can work out. The MOD type that have been used in more recent times, and are quite different, with DRS haulage would have been of much more use. They had carried the old fuel from the Vanguard class (Trident) subs when they were all going through mid life overhauls. The new type of flask wagon would also have been a good choice. Hopefully it turns into a nice model when it does come out All the best Mark
  25. Hello everyone, I was very fortunate to get my Super Sprinter in person from Charlie at St Andrews show when they had just arrived. It’s a superb unit, detail, livery and all the lighting functions make this the best DMU model on the market. It’s a superb, smooth and quiet runner and will get sound added later on as I have on my more current Scotrail versions. I really can’t believe that there are moans about lighting which Charlie clearly explained was a compromise to keep costs down, especially when virtually every other loco topic has complaints about ever increasing prices, seems a sensible approach was taking so the vast majority get a superb model in what is bound to be a popular livery. Well done Charlie and Arran on another super release. Thanks Mark
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