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  1. Here are a few more photos of Morecambe now the station roof is built and a couple of lights added. A few people and animals - especially seagulls have appeared too. Thanks Mark
  2. Hi Kev, Really looking forward to the show and seeing you all. I’ve not been in my old school since I left in 1996 and the new venue is only a short walk from my mums. I’ll add some more photos of my new mini layout Morecambe once I’ve added a few more details. Thanks Mark
  3. Hi Cav/Alex, Another fabulous addition to the first batch of 56’s, certainly something for everyone covering the lifespan of the locos. With this having worked up to Carlisle several times both on freight and driver route learning runs, it’s one I’m about to order. You can place your orders at Rainbow Railways for this latest announcement and all the other options. We are taking a £30 deposit to secure your order but if for any reason between now and release you change your mind there is no problem having this refunded to you. https://rainbowrailways.co.uk/product/cavalex-models-cm-56091-dcr-class-56-56091-in-dc-rail-livery-oo-gauge/ Thanks Mark
  4. Hi, Just a post of thanks to Stephen for sorting out and creating an order for an 8 coach set of the Edinburgh low lander portion. Seeing the painted samples appear inevitably led to a purchase of these along with a Caledonian 92. The colours look great on both and decided that by getting an Edinburgh destination will allow 4 coaches to run on Rannoch until I build the big layout. Superb service as normal thanks Mark
  5. Hello everyone, Just thought I’d share the latest Bachmann Class 66 to get the Rainbow treatment. DB’s green machine 66004 I am a climate hero resprayed and artwork printed directly on the body sides. Even has tiny leaf transfers next to the cab top light on the ends. These have just hit the website today and already very popular. https://rainbowrailways.co.uk/product/Bachmann-class-66-66004-i-am-a-climate-hero-livery-db-oo-gauge-dcc-ready-repaint/ Thanks Mark
  6. Cheers Mick, don’t you just love auto correct on you phone.
  7. I’m looking forward to the VEA coming out. Looks superb from the video Andy shared. I’ve built 3 of the park side kids which do go together nicely and even did a couple of ODA’s but I’m going to get 3 of the new Bachmann model as they will go very nicely into my MOD van train which just happens to be made up entirely of Bachmann stock. cheers Mark
  8. Hi Fran and all at Accurascale, It’s great to see the image of the printed sides at the factory. I think it’s captured the look of them brilliantly and the faded/removed first branding looks very effective. A block trainload off these is going to look very good. Thanks Mark
  9. Hi Fran, Appreciate the update with photos. Really glad I’ve ordered 92010 as well to go with the other 2 last week as it looks a nice colour in your photos. No worries with the delays either. Would far rather have a top quality model that these will be than rushed through. Cheers Mark
  10. Hi Fran, The 37/7 is nice to see being done and im sure there will be plenty to tempt in the 2nd batch. There’s enough in the first lot of course! thanks Mark
  11. Cheers for the update Fran. Well I gave in yesterday and ordered a 3rd class 92 in Cale Sleeper livery. I think the Lowlander Edinburgh portion of the MK5’s will follow. Thanks Mark
  12. Hi Chris, Great to hear from you. All good here but things are busy since June with my softplay finally reopened after 16 months closed. I’ve progressed the new big fiddle yard and have trains running. It’s supposed to be for use with several planned layouts but Newlands will also be able to be used once a couple of end plates are built to bridge the slight size difference. It will mean we can bring it out again and have far more capacity to run a wide variety of trains through. Well that’s the plan anyway. Will be at Glasgow next year and hopefully see you there. All the best Mark
  13. Hi Piston, When I built my model of Rannoch I didn’t realise there had been a turntable there in the past at first, so it was a bit of a surprise to find out. There is still an old camping coach which belongs to a fishing club beyond the turntable well. I’m not sure when it was removed or the reasons for putting the turntable in originally. All my interest and research focussed on 2005 onwards and I didn’t go much further back than the 80’s when the signal box was no longer used and the RETB was installed which changed the direction of trains through the platforms etc. A few images of it come up on Flickr and there are a few books on the West Highland line so hopefully one of those will contain information on it. thanks Mark
  14. Hi everyone, Thanks to everyone who has visited our new shop since we opened at the end of April and to all our online customers throughout the UK and beyond. We are very fortunate to be able to stock all the leading model railway manufacturers of British outline ranges and as a result are increasing our shelf space and display counters to offer even more choice. Thanks Mark
  15. Hello everyone, Just thought a little update that we are delighted to now be official Bachmann stockists. Thanks to Ron and the team at Bachmann, over the coming weeks more Bachmann, Graham Farish, Scenecraft and Woodland scenic products will be arriving in store and on our website. As items arrive or confirmed orders are placed, products will be added to the website for purchase or pre-order in the case of future releases. This couldn’t have come at a better time with the exciting announcement of the new class 47’s. The SFX versions are already proving very popular. Thanks for the kind words above and to all our customers who have ordered online/phone and visited so far. Many thanks Mark
  16. Hello everyone, First of all I just want to say thank you to everyone that has supported our TUA project with Revolution and placed orders already. It has been great to see how positively the choice of wagon has been received. It’s also been really interesting talking to many modellers on the phone, from those that worked up close to them or saw them in various workings at locations up and down the country and want to recreate on their layouts. We showed off the final CAD work when we announced the wagon back in May and the factory started tooling early in June. We are very excited to share this quick shot straight out of the box from China, of the first hand assembled tooled sample which arrived at Revolution HQ this week. This is being checked for dimensional accuracy, detail, fit of parts etc and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on it shortly after that. Our early bird price of £35 is still available and all options are on our website at Rainbow Railways: https://rainbowrailways.co.uk/?s=Tua&post_type=product&dgwt_wcas=1 Thank you Mark
  17. Hi everyone, Certainly an interesting announcement from Bachmann and not something I was expecting to see. I like the launch video and the tooling shown off does look like a further step change from Bachmann in many areas. It does look very good. I also noted they said the later variants with the stainless steel grills over the radiators could be done too which is potentially great for some current machines to appear. look forward to seeing what liveries/numbers are in the first lot to tempt. Cheers Mark
  18. Hello everyone, Back in January I purchased 4 kits, a couple of crabs and a couple of Lamprey. Arrived well packed and I kept them aside for building. I’ve always liked the look of them, although they don’t really fit in in the North west, I thought they would mix in with a few grampus on a tatty vac braked working. I was delighted to see these return as several modelling friends have them and told me how good the kits are. A week away gave the ideal opportunity to get them built and I’m really pleased with how they went together. I think these are easily the best kits I’ve ever built in terms of fit of parts and they look great too. I’ve just got the end hand rails and footsteps to add before painting. Thanks Mark
  19. Hi Tom, Thanks for the suggestion but I had a 3 pack of Hornby’s first version with the high body which I sold a while back and I do have the later version triple pack which I will also be selling to make way for the Accurascale versions. I’ve reduced the MTA’s/MFA’s to just the ones I want to mix in and I’m quite happy to wait for the other body type from Fran & the team which will eventually give a set 30 odd wagons long. The Accurascale MHA’s from what we’ve seen already will be far better in so many aspects I’m more than happy to wait for them. thanks Mark
  20. Hi James, I would like the Ravenglass branded one just like that too. The photo liveries are a bit niche but if we can get hold of the artwork in a high res format then it might be possible that some of the photo liveries can be done when the next batch of 156’s are produced by us at Rainbow Railways. Can’t promise anything but it’s certainly something I would like to see. thanks Mark
  21. Hi Fran, That’s my plan as I’ve ordered the 12 of these and hopefully the same will follow with the alternate body type in the future with the handful of MTA’s/MFA’s I already have to mix in will produce a nice engineers rake. cheers Mark
  22. Hi Fran, Great to see the photos, does look a cracking model. cheers Mark
  23. The TIGER lettering started to appear in at least 1987 when some of the wagons entered clay use. The same with those that went over to ATO. Other wagons remained in ICI traffic and gained the lettering along with a revision to the ICI logo. Hope that helps Mark
  24. Hi Andy, Interesting survey results to see how people feel etc. Personally I am looking forward to being able to go to an exhibition and will be attending the Furness Model Railway show in October as an exhibitor. It’s in my old school so feel it’s a big enough building to spread out, windows to open etc. It’s a case of balance and behaving with common sense, masks/hygiene etc but no reason why we shouldn’t be able to enjoy it as we always did. Thanks Mark
  25. Hi Tom, Totally understand where you are coming from. If this helps you can safely pre-order any Class 56 model you like from us at Rainbow Railways. We are asking for a £30 deposit when you order but if you decide you don’t like the final RRP or circumstances change we can refund this to you at any point. By pre-ordering in this way however will ensure you get the model you want as I’m sure once production is under way and quantities fixed there will be several models that will sell out given the positive reaction to this announcement. I’ve ordered the Colas one for myself too. Hope that helps and gives you total confidence to be able to order. Many thanks Mark
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