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  1. My subscription copy hasn't appeared yet. Mind you for some reason our local postal service seems to be on some sort of unannounced strike from what I can see with a parcel taking well over a week to travel 1st class a distance of about fifty miles...
  2. As far as I am aware, manual PA announcements are not recorded on any rolling stock currently in UK railway service, only external communications such as driver/signaller etc.
  3. Put in a detailed formal complaint in writing. Let the Railway Powers that Be sort out what happened and take appropriate action.
  4. I can confirm the Pullman's do not have NEM coupler pockets which is annoying!
  5. I remember the "crowd funding" request for EP2. I tentatively considered it but deep in a dark corner of my mind a little alarm bell was starting to ring so I stuck with my preorder through a retailer. It really is all a bit of a dog's dinner isn't it?
  6. I think the problem at the moment as that all the retailers sites I can see and even Bachmann's own listing show the catalogue photo of the previous vanilla version so it may be worth holding off until the actual model can be seen to determine whether any special markings are present. There were a few FK's with Motorail markings so it is possible, then again they may have forgotten to print them on, that sort of thing has happened before!!
  7. I walked past that going to and from school twice a day for thick end of twelve years! Ruddy steep hill too!
  8. Do we actually know what the supposed shape issues on the EP1 Class 17 were?
  9. Top of Page 7 of the now locked Class 17 thread: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/78681-n-gauge-class-17-clayton-locomotive/page/7/
  10. The Class 17 tooling was probably the first major spat between DJ and the Chinese factory (I always got the impression that Dave thought the tooling was his property but it turned out it wasn't) so presumably it's still locked away in a cupboard in China awaiting someone to stump up the cash to continue its development and production which, as we know now, Dave didn't have. Still hoping the Class 17 will see production one day but the more realistic part of my mind says the tooling is destined for the melting pot...
  11. Dangerously sliding into New Year RRP rise territory unfortunately...
  12. I expect Hornby are already digging out the Limby 47 tooling to do a massive release of popular livery models in the not too distant future on hearing about this!
  13. I'm thinking the N scale version in a 1980's livery would look the part, especially as it is similar in outline to the continental refrigerated van's that operated to and from Scotland for a time.
  14. I would have thought the not inconsiderable number of customers, potential customers, crowd funders, deposit payers, etc. who jumped ship in the light of Dave's 1st of May announcement may have been one of the straws that broke the camels back, the Chinese factories no doubt provided the rest...
  15. In which case I shall be patient and wish him a speedy recovery.
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