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  1. ...and now drifting out to July/August...
  2. It's a Gosturd special, what did you expect?!?
  3. The fad for just dumping a job lot in a box never mind the damage caused has now been usurped. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me present the new way to present your precious wares, tip the lot out of an old suitcase onto a brick driveway!!!! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/393398933856
  4. This is the heart of the problem, in the last twelve to eighteen months there has been a perfect storm of events and legislation which means that import duties, VAT (or local equivalent) and especially huge increases in overseas postage costs. The result is that purchases from anywhere outside a buyer's own country has become prohibitively expensive and in many cases unjustifiable. Case in point, five years ago I could purchase items from the US and they would be sent over for the cost of an Airmail stamp and were not subject to duty, VAT and of course the Royal Mail's infamous ad
  5. Are these ever going to actually enter service at some point?
  6. Try this for a starter: https://www.railscot.co.uk/locations/T/Tom-na-Faire_Depot/
  7. On the earlier subject of the sneaky 50p listing fee because Ebay's computer snuck a Buy It Now onto my auction listing, as soon as I realised what they had done I took the BIN off and down the bottom it clearly said Listing Fee: £0.00 but have they given me my fifty pence back? Err, no! Cheeky blighters....
  8. IN N scale you also have the supply oddity that many N Gaugers have cash ready to buy stock but there is hardly anything to buy, especially compared with OO for example where Bachmann seem to concentrate their efforts on the shiny new toys.
  9. Still a heck of a chunk of cash though and most layouts will need more than one realistically....
  10. I have just seen the pictures of 69001 at Eastleigh. Whose stupid idea was the speed whiskers? They look awful!
  11. Oh crikey, I had forgotten about this one. Just discovered at the bottom of the pile: Weird motor arrangement on the chassis too. Do I go for it and add it to the queue for works attention or sling it on Ebay?
  12. Okay Ebay, what are you up to now? I have just listed an item and have been charged a listing fee, the first time that has happened in years. What's going on? EDIT - Sneaky beggars at work - Put it on as an auction and they automatically added a Buy it Now price which I didn't want and charged 50p for the privilege. They are getting well crafty lately....
  13. In my previous bout of HO modelling, I had a couple of the Blue Box SW series switchers including a Kodachrome one which all benefitted from painted handrails and other refinements. Despite the age of the model, the old Blue Box SW1500 still looks the part and will be getting some appropriate treatment.
  14. Yesterday saw a massive effort to sort out the disaster area that is my desk. Numerous demic Proto 2000 locos, mostly GP's and bits thereof were sorted through, dud bits replaced or bypassed by hardwiring and some good old fashioned bodgery: The result is I now have a queue of working locos now just requiring details and paint. The clearing of the clutter has allowed a Proto 2000 SP SD9 to make its way to the front of the cue: Gawd knows what shade of grey that is supposed to be! The handrails and truck side frames are also a compl
  15. As an old analogue dinosaur, is it possible to get a plain DCC ready version of the B36-7's? I have no interest whatsoever in DCC and or sound!
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