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  1. Annoyingly Dapol had SGD bulk grain hoppers N scale listed in their Special Bargains this morning but someone snaffled the lot before the ink was barely dry on the email!!!
  2. MK3 Cortinas managed to survive in reasonable numbers to the end of the 1980's but usually in 'Questionable MOT' condition...
  3. I've just taken a look at Wiking's website and it doesn't look like the Sierra is made anymore, not in 1:160 at any rate. Time to go searching the second hand market....
  4. I believe the diecast range is being announced on the same day. Hoping to see the Sherpa Van and variations shrunk down to N scale and greater attention paid to quality control and livery accuracy across all their products, not holding my breath for the latter though...
  5. Hello I am looking for a preferably late model Ford Sierra saloon in 1:148 N scale. I have tried a search on Shapeways but have found nothing (although it has to be said Shapeway's search function is awful!) Anyone got any possibilities? I would consider a continental N scale version if nothing else is available.
  6. Ooooh. I have one of those when they are available please!!
  7. I would think one of the big issues at the moment is not so much the prices as the supply, new production (be it new tooling or new releases of existing tooling) of Farish models seems particularly in comparison with Bachmann's OO scale ranges to have trickled almost to a halt at times over the last couple of years, resulting in not much to actually buy!! Bachmann were making big noises eighteen months or more ago about new production facilities, speeded up production lead times, clearing the backlog, etc. All very optimistic and positive at the time but since then if anything things have stagnated or maybe even got worse. Was Bachmann's much lauded new production facilities capability announcement just a load of PR and hot air? Then there is the Limited Editions and Rep Specials which in OO have been coming thick and fast yet in N there has been pretty much nothing.
  8. A slightly left field thought, how about Mk3 hauled coaching stock, particularly Sleepers as Dapol have dragged their heels so much there feet have worn away...
  9. I had forgotten about the N Scale Mk3a Sleepers, in fact I was beginning to think Dapol had forgot about them as well....
  10. Although for reasons I have never been able to fathom out, the direct mainline railway service goes to/from Moorgate now rather than the far more practical King's Cross!! Whose idea that was I don't know!!
  11. Still very much a work in progress but the second module along, the crossover tunnel is loosely assembled and the platform tunnel now has a head wall and a pair of starting signals. I am trying to replicated the west end wall of the crossover tunnel like the original with the offset portals, the incoming Up line was higher than the outgoing Down line as the latter dived underneath the former and they ran on top of each other past the Swan Wharf shaft and under the Thames. This is a prototype mask for the end, not convinced it is going to work yet:
  12. I well remember a time when Lima Class 60's were going for three figure sums, as soon as the superior Hornby one turned up, like pretty much all Lima now which at one time was branded as "collectable" all of a sudden you couldn't give them away. Quite a few members of the presumably now defunct Lima Collectors Club (yes, there really was one!) must have got seriously burnt!!
  13. That is some lovely useful bits he has got there, if it were available in 2mm N Scale my wallet would be screaming....
  14. The Nightstar generator conversions never saw their intended use did they? What happened to them?
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