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  1. Allegedly riddled with errors supposedly so probably better to start again from scratch I would have thought.
  2. I think that is the general consensus of what happened and I believe the KR version has now been dropped in light of the EFE version being imminent. KR only got to expressions of interest stage anyway as per their other potential N scale offerings of which so far, none seem to have got anywhere.
  3. Is there a list anywhere of the ten cars of Class 484 stock's original LU numbers please?
  4. There seems to have been a lot of comment across N Scale social media about the complete lack of any N scale in this sale. I must say I agree.
  5. Bit of plywood and some carpet, it will be fine. Anyway, not my area of concern for a while, I have hung up my ticket clippers and gone driving.....
  6. She has been sitting dead with one door stuck open in Worthing bay platform since about four this morning. 313205 is attached, I think it will require moving at a very slow speed overnight. Its repairable I reckon.
  7. Probably the last time you will see 313220 for a while after it had a bit of a barbecue at West Worthing last night
  8. I am wondering if it was specially chartered as WightLink do have a spare one parked up opposite Gunwharf Quay most of the day at the moment which could have been used. The video from the Isle of Wight paper seems to show the lorry and escort van as the only vehicles on the car deck.
  9. I am waiting for the inevitable idiot to moan on social media, asking why it wasn't delivered by rail.... Yes, they do exist.
  10. I just took a look at that ebay listing and interestingly, the last picture shows a inset pic of the plug which looks to be a correct domestic UK type and not that narrow unsafe pile of poop that it was actually supplied with. Buyer beware....
  11. The vanilla non sound 31's seem to have disappeared.....
  12. I have just done some dramatic surgery on my N scale signal box to make it into a platform mounted version. Seems to have worked so far....
  13. Are the 442's actually doing anything other than rusting in sidings at the moment? I don't recall seeing one under its own power since the end of March!!
  14. Didn't the Mk2 Pullman set last a matter of months if not weeks because FM Rail I think it was went bust or something? Anyway, especially without yellow panels, sorry I think it is hideous....
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