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  1. A thought, can I nominate my PayPal account as the payment destination from Ebay?
  2. I think the photography has rather over accentuated the ridges. In the flesh as it were they are far less pronounced.
  3. Same concerns here, more so that I used the PayPal income to pay the Royal Mail for the postage through their Click and Drop system (I wouldn't touch the Ebay postage purchase system with a twenty metre cattle prod...). Now I face the potential faff of having to transfer funds from Ebay sales back into PayPal from my bank account to pay out the postage!! Also I will NOT dispatch under any circumstances until payment has been cleared and is in my hands. Many I reckon will still pay through PayPal anyway, it is too established. It will be newcomers to Ebay who will be e
  4. My Transit Van has arrived. A few pictures in its as delivered state including the underside which has not been illustrated here so far:
  5. The two plastic straw bales next to the Hornby hydraulic buffer stop are Britains Farm Toy accessories. I had a few of those back in the day....
  6. I am struggling to see what is worth thirty five sheets plus postage here unless the first unhelpful photograph shows the margarine tub which is dated 2015 is some sort of rare collectible? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Job-Lot-Mixed-Model-Railway-Accessories-IN-3-TRAYS-FROM-MODEL-MAKER-LOT-NO-2/363310241286?hash=item5496fa5606:g:e4AAAOSw3j1gLBeE One drawer of stuff looks like RC model car wheels to me as well.
  7. Err, right.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Graham-Farish-Sana-Fe-8731-No-8007-Class-47-Locomotive-N-Gauge-Boxed/233915540754?hash=item367673e512:g:zxUAAOSwmZhgPSwF Just because that is what it says on the outside of the box, it does not always equate to the contents... From the same seller - Not Hornby (you don't say) and not LNER either unless Union Pacific bought them up at some point... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Arnold-N-5230-Union-Pacific-Railway-Not-Hornby-LNER/233915564608?hash=item3676744240:g:TBAAAOSwqx5gPTE0
  8. That's odd, Fox definitely do make the right size and style BRITISH RAILWAYS lettering for M7 side tanks because I have used them in the past. They are described as LNER style for some reason though but the lettering is correct. Good luck with your order with Modelmaster....
  9. I would be up for an N Scale version if that is possible?
  10. I have also decided to try one out, gone for an unpainted Transit van which will look just right parked outside a bank with the engine running....
  11. I would be willing to bet the big online retailers already have an armada of lawyers on speed dial who will come up with creative ways of avoiding paying any form of online sales tax, meanwhile small one man band type business will get hit and I would not be surprised to see a surcharge charged by the likes of Ebay at point of payment too. Grim....
  12. Is there any particular reason why the BR liveried Parrot wagon is more expensive than the other two?
  13. I was flabbergasted when that was one of the first things announced as getting a green light!
  14. An interesting choice of opening photo: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hornby-gauge-track-job-lot/143960112099?hash=item2184b0fbe3:g:1gQAAOSwZsRgLawG
  15. Going through my Watch List just now and a number of items are still active but labelled 'This item is out of stock' so why on Earth are those listings still active?!?
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