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  1. I have done a cut and shut to do the bullion van on the right and a bash of another BSK to create the Courier Van on the left. Never did get around to applying the white lining though!
  2. I have been watching Spooks, the BBC1 drama about MI5 that ran for about ten years. They were overly fond of establishing shots of EMU's on the approach to London Bridge which was used for everywhere from Liverpool Street to Tehran.... The fact the production company's office was adjacent to the lines into London Bridge so all they had to do was point a camera out of the window might have had something to do with it.
  3. First example that springs to mind would be the Courier Van. BSK's which were converted. Toilet and first seating compartment were retained. Second and fourth compartment windows plated over and a roller shutter door inserted into the third. TOPS code NNX I think.
  4. N Scale stuff on Ebay has gone bonkers in the last couple of months. Over fifty sheets for a GF Mk2 coach the other day for example.
  5. One thing I think will happen is that there will come a point, possibly quite soon where the UK Government will no longer be in charge of saying when social distancing is dropped as there will be a certain sector of the UK population who will simply make the decision for themselves and effectively cancel it for them. On a more positive note, I predict small exhibitions may recommence around September or October and the first large one to go ahead will hopefully be Peterborough. Not so sure about Warley though,
  6. Finally found a copy, Morrisons in Bognor Regis came up trumps this afternoon. One left after I had picked mine up.
  7. I am astounded. I put a claim into the Royal Mail two years ago and I got the Three Wise Monkeys response. Gave up in the end!!
  8. We haven't had an entry in the awful photograph category for a while. Have a squint at this one!!! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/371-450A-GRAHAM-FARISH-CLASS-37-0-DIESEL-37041-BR-BLUE-N-GAUGE-6-DCC-NEW/133414012223?hash=item1f1018453f:g:~dkAAOSwBAFewswV
  9. I haven't managed to win anything by auction for months now, N gauge, even tatty old stuff has started going for crazy prices in the last few weeks with bidders piling in during the last few seconds even at normally quiet times like early weekday mornings etc.
  10. Is it vaguely possible to get some positivity and hope into this thread, some of the discussion is getting way too pessimistic for my taste!
  11. Thanks for this, I have decided to give the N scale Taynuilt signal box a try.
  12. Indeed, I have seen our working diagrams for next week and it is a slightly odd mish mash of Saturday and weekday services. The 313's are back on the all sheds Littlehampton/Southsea's....
  13. John M Upton

    Class 26

    My red stripe Railfreight example arrived this morning. Since its arrival, those offending numerals were removed straight away, now numbered 26035, she has been dogged, striped and the cab front flashes relocated. The couplings are way too long, will source some short ones soon and the snowploughs need sorting (I had two pairs in my small parts packet)
  14. Is former MHR resident 27007 still around? Last I heard of it, it was little more than a pile of badly rusted bits.
  15. Nothing that can't be solved through the careful application of a sledgehammer and a dustbin....
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