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    Driving along the Coastway West in a 313, and occasionally a 387 if something has gone awry...
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    Model Railways, writing novels and eating all those things the Food Standard Agency keeps trying (and failing) to warn me about....

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  1. It has happened here too (see Category Changes thread) and it has been an utter disaster as everything irrespective of scale, gauge or relevancy has all been lumped together. You can't find anything anymore without wading though literally thousands of irrelevant listings. As a buyer after a few weeks of this mess, I have noticed that new listings have now plummeted and as a seller, sales have suddenly evaporated too.
  2. I did something similar back in the early days of Ebay and 56k dialup, found a cheap lot of all sorts of odd bits and bobs for about £20. Got a lot of useful Lima spare parts out of it and a couple of years later, sold on some of the remnants. To this day I have no idea why a broken Lima(?) French TGV driving car with no motor went for a bonkers twenty five quid...
  3. Nails as fence posts aside, there is a pretty half decent looking layout in the background of those photos which combined with the low prices suggests this seller has bought a big job lot somewhere for something specific and is now disposing of the remnants.
  4. Latest update of items due from Dapol issued earlier today by Rails of Sheffield is noticeable by the total absence again of the blue/grey ones again...
  5. Electricity has now reached the remote outpost of Barons Ridge. A Viessman 16v lamp has been installed with another a bit further to the left planned and possibly light up the interior of the hut if I can manage it. The Foreman is so astounded by this modern wonder that he has left it on into the daylight as he watches CenterWest 2823 go past on a test run. 2823 is an old Athearn Blue Box GE U28B that was acquired very cheaply as a completely disintegrated wreck and I decided to take on the challenge of restoring it.
  6. Overnight, some little thieving so and so stole the whistle off car 126. Removed carefully apparently. An appeal for its anonymous return has appeared on social media.
  7. It has made searching for US HO scale stuff even more difficult. Many of the key manufacturers produce in at least two if not three different scales and as for searching for HO scale stuff from Atlas, the listings are now flooded with all that part work landfill!!
  8. Your small one or two locomotive shortlines will often just keep the number on a loco that it came with, saves the cost of changing the number boards for a starter. All that will change in the initial change of ownership is the owners prefix (usually four letters, some still have two, mostly the oldest of the original railroads) and even these will often be tiny lettering somewhere near the loco numbers on the side.
  9. I am adamant that I post to home addresses only. Having witnessed in person the utter shambles that is the Click & Collect Point in my local Sainsbury's, I now refuse to have anything to do with it.
  10. Based on a number of examples of their output in N scale of late, not very. The recent Intercity Mk3 Sleeper being one of the worst I have seen in a long time.
  11. Of course, a V5 and a charred chassis plate are all you need to ring a stolen one sadly and it does happen, a lot.
  12. Not model railways but, what the flip?!? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/353732501004
  13. GP40-2 but classified as a GP40M-2. Not new to SP (note no signs of the classic SP ridiculous number of lights), one of a batch of GP40's from various sources rounded up and refurbished by Morrison- Knudsen (hence the M in the description code) for the SP, This one started life with B&O and later CSX. An interesting one this.
  14. And I am willing to bet that the 'dealer' paid the deceased's estate nothing even remotely close to what he is now charging!
  15. Interesting reading the description, there seems to be some confusion, has the box really never been opened? There are some contradictions there. However, despite the interesting back story, the listing and all the others from the same seller smell of a dealer to me rather than a seller proper per se.
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