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  1. Hi Graham sorry I meant to reply and got distracted! All good here thanks, missus has been working normally throughout and I've carried on as best I can considering most of my work involves visiting hospitals! As you can see the restrictions have given me the time to progress things in the shed since you visited. Glad to hear you've got your own gaff now, have you got plenty of modelling space to get Aylestone rebuilt, and I had seen your videos of the n gauge.
  2. No it's not Andy, this is definitely Kevin's work but similar set up inside.
  3. Cheers Graham but the loco is all Kevin's work on loan, its not seen any use since he sold Leaford but you're right it does look good. Like everyone I'm still waiting for the Dapol one, as being a Lima loco I'm not sure it will make it up from the FY with 15 PTAs in tow! How are you and the brother coping with the last year? Say hi to him from me.
  4. Evening all Two days running eh, don't worry it won't last! As the plaster is still drying I just had a bit of a play today and spent sometime improving the running of a loco. Plus it is apparent I haven't completely cleaned up all the pointwork after all the glue and paint has been poured all over it! I need to spend a day running an 08 over it all until it runs perfect again. oh well two steps forward and one back. Different traction today on the Merehead to Exeter Riverside stone 59003 rolls through Exford Park. Keepi
  5. Evening all So things have moved on a bit more so thought another update might be interesting for some? When I had some time this week, I finished the placing and carving of of the Celotex formation at the far end of the shed and today I coated it all with Sculptamould. First a panoramic view of the whole scene. More Dover than Dawlish so far! Drivers' eye view of the curve. The bare bones of 'Kennaway Tunnel' (ish. Once I'd cleared up I ran some trains as a reward until dinner was r
  6. Cheers! but it’s taken three and half years to get this far, and it’s only because of a pandemic that I’ve made this much progress in the last year!
  7. Evening Stu I hope you're well mate. '10 is looking good so far, it made me remember a pic I took back in the day at Basingstoke. 50010 Monarch at Basingstoke with 15.10 Waterloo - Exeter 7th June 1988. I always thought it was probably one of the best pics I took with my first SLR camera. hope its useful!
  8. Evening all Since the last update all the mainline ballasting has been completed as well as weathering it all. It's kept me occupied through this latest lockdown, and I've found it quite relaxing to shut myself in the shed with the radio on just getting on with it! The four track area. Compare to the last post for the difference. A bit further along at the junction and tunnel entrance. Close up of part of the tracks close to Exford Park station. Another view of the same area.
  9. My three arrived this morning and a very nice model but anyone else had transit damage? All three of mine have broken buffers.
  10. Looking as good as ever, Happy New Year Pete.
  11. Off until next Monday Andy and won't be furloughed, medical company so we have kept busy! How's things with you, hiding from everyone I guess? Happy New Year and hope to see you soon(ish).
  12. Hi Alex, Happy Birthday and hope you and the family had a good Christmas. With the sleepers placed the sheer size of the layout is becoming more apparent and you're going to need more locos! While you've been sticking down the sleepers (how many by the way, are you keeping score??) I've been ballasting, amazing what lockdown boredom can do eh? Hope you have a good New Year and I hope to catch up sometime when BoJo allows.
  13. Evening all I hope everyone had the best Christmas possible under the current circumstances and are looking forward to a hopefully better New Year! With time at home and no visitors, I took the opportunity to spend some time in the shed and made a start on the ballasting of the mainlines. Monday saw the junction completed. Whilst yesterday I spent most of the day getting as far as the last crossover. Finally this afternoon saw the completion of the four track mainline up to the scenic break.
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