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  1. Evening all So with Tidworth's exhibition diary empty for the time being and Warley weekend with Paul's layout over, I've cracked on in the shed with the wiring of track and points on the lower level. Tonight was the night that something ran! This is the first time the inclines and spiral has been test run to see if they work, rather than having fingers crossed and hoping! Next, upper baseboards to build and fit. maybe there'll be a complete circuit by Christmas?
  2. Evening all So with the summer over and the extension to Tidworth made presentable for the Fareham and Taunton shows and no confirmed bookings until late next year, my attention has returned to the shed at last! With all the FY tracks laid as seen above and roughly 120 dropper wires soldered to the rails, it was time to get out the cutting disc and chop it all up! After cutting through about 50 pairs of rails the 4 baseboards were upturned to allow me to attach all those droppers to a power bus and fit point motors. Left hand end of FY with all bus wires done and point motors fitted in place. and the other end of the FY. The two middle boards that have just 14 plain tracks on each. Next move now is to wire up the 32 point motors to DCC decoders and program them all up for testing before moving on to the upper baseboards, wish me luck!
  3. They might have ideas but I don’t have the inclination! I haven’t finished this bl**dy extension yet! My attention will be focused on the shed layout for the foreseeable future, I need to get trains running. I also have a backlog of stock projects to get on with. any video of the weekend yet?
  4. Hi Simon Have you modified the pickups at all? Both my early release 73s ran perfectly all weekend at Taunton with the improved pickup arrangement.
  5. One thing I forgot to mention earlier tonight was to thank Paul for this beauty! Once I decided to model the exchange sidings it was imperative that I had an MoD shunter to play with! With his past experience with 0 gauge kits I tentatively asked Paul if he'd have a go for me, a challenge he took on 'willingly' (ok he didn't say no though!). He apparently won't be building anymore! The kit is a Judith Edge Vanguard shunter a type that the MoD had a large number of and there were 4 at Ludgershall at one time I'm told, so the obvious choice for the layout. As you can see it's not quite finished yet but already looks the part and was used this weekend. Once the rest of the detail is added, windows fitted as well as flashing beacon it should set off the sidings superbly. Thanks again Paul.
  6. Oi ssshhhhhhhhh! Don't give them ideas for gawds sake!
  7. Thanks Q, yes the bus is the number 8 but this one turns around at Tidworth.
  8. Just a quick thank you to Steve and his team for their hospitality this weekend, the Tidworth team enjoyed ourselves immensely and I hope the layout didn't disappoint when we finally got there this year! (although you did get 50% extra scenic area more than you would've done last year)
  9. Evening all Time to catch up with posts here! First though a big thank you to Steve and his team for their hospitality this weekend at the excellent Taunton Exhibition, myself and the team enjoyed it immensely! To the 'team' Mike, Paul, Chris and Rhys thanks for your company and assistance (again) fellas. As usual I failed to take any pictures myself but I see Phil has covered most angles above! Thanks Phil. On to the subject of crossovers! During the planning phase discussions were had regards the inclusion of a crossover or not and also bringing the end of the 'loop' on scene or not. Creating the end of the loop before the bridge would have shortened the MoD sidings to be too short to be useful and look silly. More importantly it would have restricted the length of headshunt for Tidworth yard, which was one of the main reasons for the extension to allow shunting without use of the traverser. Also as it is assumed that the loop ends just beyond the bridge there wouldn't have been the justification for a crossover as Paul said above. Lastly THERE WILL BE NO MORE EXTENSIONS! I can't get a fag paper in the loaded car now so no room for anymore baseboards. Tidworth has no more confirmed exhibitions now until Worthing next September so plenty of time to get more done on the extension.
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