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  1. I remembered wrong! The other line up is from 19th October 1990. Scrap lineup 1 outside Laira depot comprising 50021,16,20,40,37,50,04,35. 19th October 1990. Viewed from the opposite end. However I did take a pic of '001 later. 50001 Dreadnought at the head of another Laira scrapline, minus nameplates a week after its withdrawal. 25th April 1991.
  2. Hi Iain Two pics of that scrap lineup in the Ocean siding taken 24th February 1991. 26 & 43 in the middle of the NSE four. From the other end. Scrap line up 2 outside Laira depot comprising 50028,43,26,45,40,21,20,42. 24th February 1991. I've got another line up including Dreadnought if you're interested?
  3. No North Devon this time, I've still got some of the soil left from before. Did you ever use what I sent you?
  4. Afternoon all Having just returned from a few days in Devon I thought I'd take some up to date pictures and post a state of play and where its going next. I mentioned previously that backscene boards had been added all around but these had not been pictured yet. Starting at Exford Park station (to be!), you can see the backscene and the scenic break behind the DMUs that are at the platforms that will run up to the board joint from the scenic break. Looking back the two lines in the middle are the goods through loop and run round loo
  5. hi Phil, no not much changed recently although I’ve been running trains to check all is well before burying too much of it with scenery. Pretty much the only progress has been to add backscene boards all around and the scenic breaks either side at the door end of the shed. Next move is source some ballast and ballast the track at least into the tunnel mouth area so I can build up the hill above it and shape it to flow into the bit of the cliffs that have been done already.
  6. Blimey Wummy you're a year behind! I've not had Tidworth up and running since October at Taunton and no likelihood of it getting out anytime soon either, so been concentrating on the Exford layout rebuild in the shed. What happened to your layout build?
  7. Thanks for the comments Alex, its all what I remember from watching at the line side, and the many YouTube videos of the period in my favourites! All the stock has been chosen/renumbered etc to be from the region in the right period. Hopefully once the scenery is started it will create the Devon 'atmosphere' whilst not being modelled on a specific prototype location, just borrowing bits!
  8. Hi Pete I hope all is well down under. Yes it was good to get the stock out I'd forgotten I had. Its taken three years to get this far since the shed was erected and lock down certainly pushed it on a bit this year, as there's been no activity with Tidworth since October last to worry about! Touch wood I seemed to have ironed out most of the running issues and DCC point decoder problems, so the scenery can commence, but after a bit more playing testing.
  9. Evening all Thought I'd better get around to an update as I said there would be! Not a lot of progress on the layout, apart from the beginnings of the cliffs around the sweeping curve carved from Celotex. These will hopefully bear a resemblance to those along the railway at Dawlish in time along with a tunnel mouth based on Kennaway tunnel where the two mainlines head off down the inclines. However, most of my stock has been unboxed for the first time in four years since Exford in the loft was dismantled, and I'm in a period of 'testing' (playing trains) to
  10. Hi Nigel, Hallenby is long gone unfortunately and not sure Matt still looks in here as he sold all his stock I think. Is the lack of footbridge the reason nothing stops there anymore?
  11. oops! Sorry mate I will get on to them!
  12. Evening all My NSE 117 turned up from Kernow today and after fitting a Bachmann chip, I’ve had it running in for about half hour in each direction. Running superb so far and it looks stunning, it was well worth the extended wait! It will get a weathering and a change of destination ready for Tidworth’s next exhibition, whenever that might be!
  13. Looks good Stu, needs dirtying up though. I’ve got the Dapol bubble in NSE just waiting for the 117 to match. You back working full time now? You’ll have to bring the 50s over to Exford for a thrash.
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