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  1. Afternoon all So after a gap of 750 days Tidworth went out on the road again this weekend to the Tolworth Showtrain. A big thank you to John and his team for their efforts in providing us with the chance to play trains again and their hospitality. Also thanks to Mike, Paul, Chris and Scott for their company and assistance all weekend I hope you enjoyed it as much as me, plus for once I actually took some pics myself! As you saw above Scott brought this 'Poppy coach' with him on Sunday and Tidworth had two buses on the bridge for the day as our nod to the importance of the weekend as the exhibition fell silent at 11am. . 08953 arranges some china clay wagons in the yard. 47482 moves off the stabling road to collect the clay train. View of a Cargowaggon awaiting unloading at the warehouse dock. View across the yard. MoD shunter 270 collects newly arrived wagons in the exchange sidings. Overhead view of the stabling roads with 33030 and 47142 in situ while 08953 sets back to collect the empty fuel wagon from the fuel point. The driver of the Thumper gets the 'tip' from the guard with the 14.03 to Portsmouth Harbour. All in all a very enjoyable weekend as it was good to get back out on the circuit and some potential invites were received for next year. Also received a request to photograph the layout for a possible magazine article. Thanks again everyone.
  2. Shouldn’t be difficult we face each other across an aisle.
  3. Evening all As you may have read on the Tidworth layout thread the extension is completed and we're raring to go for the first Ex in two years, come and say hello to me and the gang on stand E35. The thumper sits in the platform on the original part of the layout. And seen here approaching the station on the new extension.
  4. Afternoon everyone So having sat in the sidings overnight the wagons were visited on Friday evening by the "MoDs"! Mr Rhb brought the military shunter with him and a few CVs were tweaked to improve the running. There are a few minor bits and pieces to attend to before he declares it finished (and I have to pay him!), mainly a bit of extra weight hung underneath and numbering etc and coat of varnish, although I wasn't expecting front and rear lights originally! Not obvious from the pics but the orange beacon light on top of the cab actually looks as though its rotating. Finished or not it will be running next weekend so look out for it and any questions ask Paul! One last pic as I went into the garage on Saturday morning for something and noticed the sun catching the layout. 'Lion' catches the early morning sun as it sits on the fuel road.
  5. He’ll need the rockets without any juice rails!
  6. I got worried when I read this far as to what I'd missed or was wrong!! It has you just couldn't see it! Many thanks for commenting.
  7. Evening all Further progress has been made with the extension over the last couple of weeks and I'm at the point of declaring it finished (I think) and time to leave well alone! Having cleaned up the track after all the works it was time to 'test' and run some trains ready for tomorrow night when a couple of the crew are coming over to refresh on the layout after the 2 year exhibition wasteland! The first through the 'countryside' was the thumper seen approaching the Whistle board before the station with an arrival from Portsmouth. Having changed ends the driver awaits the signal to return to Pompey. A few minutes later it heads away from Tidworth and gets a run up to the gradient back to Ludgershall. Once the thumper cleared the single line at Ludgershall, 'Eastleigh' brings an arrival for the Bulford exchange sidings into the loop. After a run round in the station, D6508 draws up to the ground frame and awaits permission to proceed through the gates. As Eastleigh eases through the gates 33117+4TC is seen arriving from Waterloo. Once through the bridge into the headshunt the train is set back into the sidings. '08 sets off to the stabling point at Tidworth having positioned the wagons in the sidings. As it clears the point Eastleigh is passed by the 4TC/33 combo as it heads back to the 'smoke'. The wagons sit and await the arrival of the MoD shunter to be taken inside the offscene MoD depot (traverser). Just as I was about to head home the 117 left for Reading via Bedwyn.( First time the 117 has been used on Tidworth) So there we go then all ready for the Tolworth Ex next weekend but there might be more pics after the running session tomorrow night.
  8. Evening all So three weeks on and progress has been steady with an hour here and there and a fiddle each time I walk past the layout in the garage. Apart from some signs and bit of extra weathering to the track I think its pretty much done and I need to leave it alone! Firstly a couple of general overviews from either end of the extension. Looking towards the station end. View back from the roadbridge. View of the forest floor! Looking from the dirt track across to the MoD entrance. The other way with the now empty sidings. Area around the platelayers hut. Lastly for now my favourite pic of the bunch the view over the fence through the trees at the Ludgershall end. That's it for now folks, I'll take some more when I get the trains out to 'test' the layout ready for Tolworth.
  9. I’ll be there with Tidworth with the extension finally finished off hopefully!
  10. None! Although there was a possibility of Basingstoke in March but I’ve had no contact from them.
  11. no progress Phil lots of other stuff going on and any time has been given over to finishing off the Tidworth extension in time for the Tolworth Ex in November.
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