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  1. Absolutely and I have a large thirst, and I qualified as a GOB years ago, just ask my ex-wife!
  2. Sorry not this time Andy as I'll be in the Lake District for the week with another Birthday on Wednesday!
  3. I've had an email saying they've processed my order for two today, credit card is screaming!
  4. Evening Andy Good to see you today I expect there'll be a MidHants diesel gala video incoming? I don't know about the sausage roll but he bought me a beer! See you again tomorrow in your shorts and sun hat!
  5. Looks much better mate will look superb once its all done.
  6. Looks good so far Nigel, keep at it the ballasting brings it all to life. I quite enjoyed doing it over the he Christmas period!
  7. Hi Adrian yes things are progressing slowly but it’s nice to be able to just run trains again. It was quite a while before I made a start in the shed which had been ready for some months as I pondered on where to go. Finally decided to scrap the old loft layout and start again from scratch and glad I did now! I’ll keep the 50s coming for you!
  8. Thanks all for taking the time to comment as it’s nice to get some feedback, although I realise most of you have been clicking the ‘like’ button, it just feels like an empty room sometimes.
  9. Cheers Nigel and you’re still welcome to visit just let me know when your free! Mainly though thanks for your response, the first person to actually post something after four updates from me, just not interesting enough I guess.
  10. Morning all Finally got the next YT upload done at work this morning (took about 5 mins) after it being uploaded at home overnight and not being successful! It is just another selection of trains on the layout from various viewpoints where you can see the differences since the last video in February.
  11. Paul is correct, with the insulation and lining the temperatures in the shed are more temperate, certainly compared to the loft my original Exford layout was housed in! Now in the shed when its hot you can open the door and windows for ventilation, and when its cold a fan heater warms it up relatively quickly and the insulation keeps the heat in for longer. I also enjoy the headroom! The double glazed windows and security door, plus the shed being part of the house alarm system, gives me peace of mind when away from home.
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