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  1. I'm back! Been back to the shed and took some more pics. Hmmm that seems okay. Everything seems normal now! oh well...... It's finally happened a train has completed a lap (or several) of the 'new' Exford Park layout at last!
  2. Evening all Dropped into the shed earlier and took some pictures but there seems to be a problem with the camera? Something isn't right? I'd better go and have another look. Laters.....
  3. Might be able to help there.
  4. I hope you're able to keep it Andy, I may have a couple of more colourful visitors once you're down South.
  5. Hi Scott That looks almost real! Did you use a stencil on the roof of the shed or a transfer?
  6. Evening all Two more weeks pass with only limited progress but all the tracks are now laid and wired up across the lifting bridge. The crossover that gives access to both Exford Park yard as well as Exford stabling point has its point motors fitted and programmed. The next move is cutting all the rails across baseboard joints so the boards can be up ended to wire them up and trains run for a bit to 'test'! (Running trains will happen I promise, but I know I keep saying it!) I doubt much will get done this weekend though as a party of four of us Southerners are off to the Stafford Exhibition on Saturday by train.
  7. Temeraire

    O no!

    Oh gawd I do hope not ! Nice to see you back Pete.
  8. Mine was very cheap using scrap card! Looking good Nigel, I'm not far behind in the shed now!
  9. Evening all Nipped out to the shed this evening and took some pics of current state of play in the shed. The missing link was completed from the top of the spiral to the top baseboards first. Yesterday the four track section was finished off and this is the view 'West' down the layout. View from the other end showing the junction where the top level loops leave and curve around to the other side of the shed to Exford Park. The track hasn't been laid from the two blue pins as yet as I was one point short, and hence the sleepers aren't spaced the same as the rest. Finally the drone view along the mainlines from the junction end. Next move then is to complete the junction tracks and then get it wired so a train can circulate the shed at last!
  10. Evening all Sorry a bit later than planned but a little pictorial update of progress with more to follow this weekend once the rain stops! Going back to December 20th and this view shows the top level baseboards painted and in place ready for track laying, and the two outer (up & down) loops were laid by Christmas but I don't appear to have any pics of that stage! As mentioned above the 'tea trolley' bit the dust to be replaced by a lifting flap that was screwed into position yesterday once the paint had dried. Now with the flap lifted the two bridges that were removed from the trolley can be seen, there's a little more to finish these off but it can wait for a bit as they work fine for now! To the right of the bridge is the first baseboard for other side of the shed where Exford Park station will be sited, and again this was screwed in place yesterday. The two outer curves will be the twin track lines through the station and on to the junction back on the other side completing the third and fourth continuous loops around the shed. The inner curve will be access to a yard in front of the station. Also yesterday the four track part of the mainlines was completed once the curves were positioned to cross the doorway. I'll take some pics of this state of affairs tomorrow hopefully.
  11. HI Pete Happy New Year to you and the family, all safe from the fires I hope? Are you over again this year at all?
  12. So New Year passed and I didn't quite make it for Christmas Day, but the top boards were in place and two complete circuits were laid by the turn of the year. Slow progress has been going on since and most of the junction is now laid as well, all with re-spaced sleepers! Last night was spent breaking up 'tea trolley' bridge after it was found to not be as reliable as I thought, plus I hadn't given thought to where to put it when not in place across the doorway and it would be in the way! The two slopes from the bridge now just drop into place when required and are a lot easier to store. Also last night I started planning/building the lifting flap/bridge for the top level mainlines across the door, so three steps forward but one back for the time being. I'll post another update later this week with some pics of where it stands.
  13. that’s exactly where I am atm! £600 and I need to paint it?
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