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  1. come and join the gang for the diesel gala June 26-28th Andy. 08,20,25,47,50,73s! might be doing an Eastleigh next week as well.
  2. Simple Andy, into the hall and through the house to the garden, back down the side and large curve on the driveway and back in the other end!
  3. Excellent work Rhys, you've just got yourself five more to do!
  4. i wish he’d turn those bloody 20s off!
  5. All good thanks and been getting on with rebuild of Exford Park whilst Tidworth has been off the road. MidHants diesel gala June 26-27th, Lion out and about, just saying!
  6. Will ‘stumpy’ make a return appearance Daz?
  7. Welcome back Daz good to hear you're planning another layout. Must catch up soon.
  8. Yep and theres room for that 50 now Andy! And I may have a chip on the way for mine but couldn't possibly comment!
  9. Evening Andy Just got home and tuned in, lots been going on! Looks like my Eastleigh and the 50 will fit in well now then, I'd better get some chips ordered for when Boris says I can pop in. As for a construction 33, 33042 is a possible.
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