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  1. Hi This has just come in to day. Darren https://railsofsheffield.com/products/39190/Dapol-4s-027-001-oo-gauge-wainwright-d-class-secr-green-4-4-0-steam-locomotive-no-488-pre-grouping-silk-finish-
  2. So are these coaches being re tooled or just having a new paint job?.
  3. One set of the set tool van and Mess coach was made up from some very old LSWR ones still in LSWR brown! A very good book i would recommend it called, Off the rails, all about the work of the brake down gang on SR/BR.
  4. Here one working. https://youtu.be/KSn8NN-CYs0?t=13 https://youtu.be/TnFItOiomeU?t=4
  5. Glade their doing the Restaurant car again, missed out first time round.
  6. I love this little loco, i having one of these, and what a left field move by Hornby.
  7. Would be nice if Hornby are doing them as sets to maybe color code the box for each set?.
  8. Q, Why have they gone for so many brake thirds ?.
  9. Well done Hornby, the long drought is over for Bulleid coaches, (Sorry Bachmann you taken to long) will be adding a few set of these to my roster. I never would have thought they would ever do these.
  10. You won't be seeing them at that price again me thinks, saw one shop selling them (Dapol 08) for £299.99!
  11. Oh dear that lettering is very bad on the tender, i would have sent it back after paying such high price for it,I would have expected a lot better than that.
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