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  1. I have used Bills in the past - very good. Canon are imho better by far than Mashima or similar. If Bill can't oblige, check out Branchlines.
  2. Mike, if you use the link you posted above and go to his Exeter page there is a picture there.
  3. Not sure and not applicable here but for the sake of completeness I think the tubular versions did. I stand corrected, just couldn't think of any fixed distants on GWR tubular posts to check on.
  4. Front and Back 4mm scale model of Barmouth signal. Operation capable but no working lights or servos - not required in this instance. Modelu lamps and finial. Post is etched brass to my design other main parts mostly Wizard Models.
  5. The only thing I can remember about it was that I used to get it it from Jones of Chiswick, mainly because it was cheaper.
  6. 7mm Change of Company GWR or to be precise WR. There will be more of the shorter signal with shunt arm in due course. Next projects will be BR(LMR) and something unusual but well known, all in 4mm scale.
  7. For construction details of the Bracket signal try a search in Ebay for Maidenhead Station, you should find a decent photo of a platform mounted version. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Maidenhead-Railway-Station-Photo-Taplow-Twyford-Slough-to-Reading-Line-16/262160423605?hash=item3d09fa9ab5:g:mAsAAOSwp5JWVgne
  8. Whilst they may be standard WR designs, they owe more to standard BR designs based on the LMS rather than GWR in my opinion. A good book might be A Pictorial Record of LMS Signals by LG Warburton.
  9. OK here is one with the lights connected and yes I have straightened that back post since.
  10. latest signal built - based on Exeter Central prototype (page 84 of Southern Signals). Scale is 7mm, working LED lights. I will try and take a photo later. Most of the bits are Wizard Models, the bracket is scratchbuilt as is main post. The Ground signals are also Wizard with working LEDs
  11. A can of worms. Prototypical variations are numerous, easiest way is to download Templot and print off a suitable section. For best effect handbuild.
  12. Good Morning, Keeping my eye on things, I know Paul has asked about the starting signal separately, but like me it got lost in more detail than was really needed. So I asked Mike by PM. The simple answer is for the Colour light situation no GPL for shunt ahead, Semaphore shunt signal - yes but not needed if shunting was rare. Hope that helps.
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