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  1. Unfortunately as I mentioned the 00 Fast Track concrete sleepers flat bottom is not as far as I can see currently in either of the Society lists, just the one for Bullhead. A pity.
  2. Looks like Bullhead for sidings etc Mainline Flatbottom. So Bullhead Flexi isn't a problem as you have C&L, Marcway and Peco. Flatbottom is more of a problem. If you model EM or P4 and its on concrete then if you or know someone who is a member of Scalefour or possibly EMGS then you can use Exactoscale Fast Track bases. They used to do it for 00 but I can't see it on the lists any more. If you fancy it on timber then I am afraid it is currently only possible by hand building, from personal experience it is quite time consuming and not cheap if you want it ready to lay.
  3. If you want to use Peco Pandrols, the only choice these days is their Code 83 as they don't do Code 82 anymore, others Code 82 rail will probably not fit.(pretty certyain of that).
  4. Hi, I wasn't asked to build MW23 and MW24 but I have built similar ones in the past albeit not quite as short.
  5. A useful set of photos. Of course there is the (very) high speed run which is probably lurking somewhere on the BBC news site. I am currently just finishing the second of the girder bracket signals, the other one was completed last year along with one of the other bracket signals.
  6. Andy, you may be interested to know that I just started a build of interlaced Scottish stuff and yes regrettably I am old enough to remember what Wrenn churned out, if only my father had not listened to that nice man in the Bassett-Lowke Manchester shop, we wouldn't have wasted so much time, energy and money on it.
  7. Good Morning, I thought I would start a new thread separate from the one on signals to mainly concentrate on Handbuilt trackwork and Templot. I am just starting with a new project, which features Interlaced pointwork. It is to be to EM Gauge with scale thickness plywood timbers, 4 bolt chairs and standard Nickel Silver Bullhead rail. (I would normally use Hi-Ni). Having received some prototype drawings, the next job was to try and re-create it in Templot. In the end I settled for a standard type of turnout with the timbering turned off and then added some plain track superimposed with the rails turned off. I ended up with the result seen below. Next thing is to add the rail etc and move onto the slips that will be needed. I have already printed off the templates and positioned the timbers. Next to add the rails etc.
  8. The partnership was in fact as I understand a marital one, which didn't last. As far as I can recollect there was another owner inbetween Brian Lewis and Len but cannot remember the name at the moment. The Exactoscale Tortoise adapter TOU at the moment is still available if you are a member of Scalefour Society but nowehere else as far as I know.
  9. If the point blades touch you will get a short circuit. Why not connect the 2 pairs together and save a couple of point motors plus stop any possibility of a short there? Your point motors will have at least one set of contacts to change the polarity of the vees (furtherest away from the blades)
  10. Stunning model, I can't help with the kits though I do have a spare 4MM66.
  11. I think the last time I saw them was probably at Warley NEC (2013?) or it could have been Poynton (2012?) when they were helping Bob Harper with Maristow, both myself and our son got to have a little play with it. Not the first time Owen pressed ganged me into operating I might add. They had a small diesel layout which they exhibited (amongst others, though I think the main layout was not too exhibitable being in their basement) and I helped out for a while at a Crosby show but that was even further into the past. We were shocked at the news which was totally unexpected and our sympathy is with John.
  12. As a matter of interest there are a few photos of Torre in the new magazine Western Times covering an accident there in 1955
  13. Other aerial activity in the area between Ruffec and Saint Saviol includes low level jet flights and trainer propeller powered aircraft in addition to the more usual stuff. I am quite conversant with Saint Saviol incidentally as our son went to his first proper ecole there, you may not have encountered it as it is opposite the Maire which is on the road leading off the main road roundabout in the Saint Macoux direction.
  14. I think what is left is possibly at MM1 models although my memory may be wrong.
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