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  1. works for me - firefox aurora 87.0b6 (64 bit)
  2. Both Scalefour and EMGS have them, chairs are nominally the same height but I have always found the C&L 4 bolt chairs slightly higher than other chairs. I have only used Exactoscale checkrail chairs in P4 so cannot comment for EM.
  3. Go for the 100 degree version rather than 70. The 70 degree version would need the non-whitemetal surface tinning when joining whitemetal to such as brass or nickel silver. It's much easier to use.
  4. Wizard sell them afaik. I have used them in the past but prefer not to these days.
  5. Making them work is not a problem, adding illumination though would be challenging.
  6. Anything else would be an improvement imho
  7. If you use a Tortoise connector (See Coastal DCC) you can eliminate the necessity for soldering the wires directly. Apparently they come with shims to prevent them sliding out of alignment (used to cause no end of problems).
  8. Have you considered a Tortoise remote actuating mechanism? I used one once and it worked very well.
  9. One aspect I haven't seen modelled to date are the traps within the turnout in the yard. Perhaps I should do a Templot plan of such when I have the time.
  10. I believe that they are in the HMRS collection. Does feature the London end but not unfortunately the up starter.
  11. Changing the subject almost completely but how many times do you see photos of Brent when you are not looking for them? I found four dated 1947 in "GWR Switch and practice", of course mainly in connection with permanent way matters but may be of interest if you haven't seen them, especially the cattle dock area/yard and the slips .
  12. I should add that Robin sent me a photo showing the round post version under the bridge (just), we do know that he should really have a square post one but at that time it wasn't clear.
  13. As far as I know the upstarter in 1947 was a square post
  14. Some southern signals for a change - Arms by Scalelink, finials Modelu, pretty much everything else Wizard Models.
  15. I can't help find thinking this development will prove a costly mistake. I think he would have been better served by coming up with plastic sleepers 8ft 6in 9ft and 00 widths possibly to match Exactoscale products.
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