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  1. I'd be curious to see a reference for that as this is one of the better documented films from any era. Most of the train scenes were filmed on location in Spain using artificial "snow" made from marble dust and feathers. Some long shots were filmed on location in Finland and Canada. The ice palace was done with salt embedded in wax. Presumably Beeching closed many branch lines in Borsetshire too... Cheers David
  2. Pretty much everything for the remainder of the year is now cancelled or postponed.
  3. Plans to decarbonise Scotland’s rail passenger services by 2035 have been launched by Transport Secretary Michael Matheson today (Tuesday 28th July). The Cabinet Secretary was speaking during a visit to ScotRail’s Shields Road electric fleet Depot where he unveiled Transport Scotland’s ‘Rail Services Decarbonisation Action Plan’. https://www.gov.scot/news/ambitious-plans-to-transform-scottish-rail-network-unveiled/ The report in full: https://www.transport.gov.scot/media/47906/rail-services-decarbonisation-action-plan.pdf The short version: Full electrification of the entire network except as below (the map also suggests electrification from Inverness to Tain) Permanent bi-mode or alternative traction between Girvan and Stranraer. Alternative traction traction (e.g. hydrogen) to replace diesel on the Far North, Kyle and West Highland lines
  4. Many types of colour film are highly susceptible to fading even in the dark, and the different dyes fade at different rates. In the personal and family collection, photos from the 1960s now seem to appear more red and from the 1980s appear more blue.
  5. At the other end. Lots of photos of this shunt from around 1988-91.
  6. A notable exception is Kenilworth which was rebuilt in the style (although not quite size) of the original. Cheers David
  7. A few new platforms opened in the 2010s comparison. All seem to be 2.5m. Newtongrange Eskbank Ebbw Vale Town (might be 3m compared to the Pacer width of 2.8m) Galashiels Meridian Water (not country but platform 4 seems to be about 2.5m) Cheers David
  8. Another amazing build by Luke Towan. The techniques are applicable to many other structures.
  9. And the LNWR DX Goods. 54 of them were given names. Ceers David
  10. This loco still exists, looking at bit sad at the moment although now being restored to operation. http://www.australiansteam.com/fowler19930.htm Sister loco from 1928 in much better condition. http://www.australiansteam.com/fowler17881.htm Cheers David
  11. Yes. It passed into LMS ownership but I can't find any info about disposal. And I found another one! Cheers David
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