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    12" to the foot - Churchdown, Glos 4mm to the foot - Abbotswood junction
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    Worcestershire and Gloucestershire railways in the 60s and 70s - oh, and fly fishing for trout, military history

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  1. Very nice running there Neil. Abbotswood should certainly be a good try out… clays did well last time out, am sure these will too
  2. Assuming everything is controlled from the signal box - between the running line and the platform face wall. Only 4 runs required… FPL, two crossovers driven off common runs and siding turnout.
  3. Whose sound file did Jamie install for you? That would be the place to go. And yes you do need to change CVs for the power pack to work as per the manual Have fun!
  4. Morning! I used to see the Droitwich flow most days in the early 70s … half a dozen 21 tonners behind a Hymek to Underwoods depot. Do you know where that flow originated? Happy days!
  5. Alway flighty! I tend to assume that a blue seen before June is a Holly Blue… might be wrong!
  6. Of course… I should have known as it’s a Jimmy Stewart one! Thanks for that.
  7. I don’t think they are common anywhere these days . Unlike holly blues … loads in garden last year, first ones this year appeared today
  8. Better check and see if it’s in the Autumn Almanac then 😀
  9. Is one of those with Marlene Dietrich? Lily von Stumpf the Teutonic Titwillow in Blazing Saddles was certainly modelled on her …
  10. It certainly is ! The genre of comedy westerns can be seen to evolve from The Sherrif of Fractured Jaw through Carry on Cowboy to Blazing Saddles …. With plenty of nods to more serious tales along the way.
  11. Same with Dunkirk …. I much prefer the original
  12. Anything with Jimmy Stewart floats my boat. A true gentleman.
  13. Ah apologies for my misread! The sentiments remain the same, hope Sharon is coping ok.
  14. Sorry to hear about your father Neil. Here’s hoping he can get some stability restored…. The hopper kits certainly are a challenge both to build and run. Here’s hoping Accurascale come up with the goods although I guess slightly mixed views for you given your build productivity. That Pathfinder plate looks cracking! As for colour I didn’t dare try maroon or blue … our dining room was something akin to Brunswick green except for the pale patches where they had painted around the furniture…. But I did get away with a shed called California sand…. 😀
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