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  1. The website has been neglected a bit but he's still going strong which is why he's not had time to work on the website: https://www.n-driveproductions.com/
  2. Have to agree, plastic is as easily recycled as cardboard nowadays and probably protects the kite better. What I don't understand is why after so many years of their wagons coming in a foam lined storage box they now arrive in a box twice as big which you can no longer store them in.
  3. Speaking from experience a shop showing an item is in stock on their website is no guarantee that they've actually got it!
  4. Details of the offering from Sparkshot of these boards: https://www.scalefour.org/forum/download/file.php?id=19320 or https://www.shapeways.com/shops/sparkshotcustomcreationsscc?section=4mm+LB%26SCR+Loco'+Bodies&s=0&url=login%2Fjson-shapeways&url=forward
  5. It is: https://www.shapeways.com/product/XERQRM49M/b-148fs-lswr-iow-o2-loco?optionId=127927216
  6. On the basis my passport expired over 20 years ago and I've not been abroad for 30 a few quid here or there won't make any odds but, as you say, we digress
  7. A new bank account just to save a few quid seems a bit excessive! Like I said savings for a few purchases a year would be far less than the hassle of a new bank account and I don't use credit cards so no problem there either. Probably makes sense though if you make a lot of foreign transactions.
  8. Can't say I've ever noticed being shafted on fees. The listing says the sterling price which is what I've paid at the checkout. Sure, the exchange rate they use may not be the best, but despite all the purchases I've made we're only talking a few quid max.
  9. When you create an account with Shapeways to order things the items will automatically show the £ price rather than $ as long as you're signed in. If you want more photos first contact the designer who may be able to provide some.
  10. I've only photos in books unforunately but the SECR used the P with 3 coach push pull sets comprising of 6 wheelers. Simon Dawson has them available through Shapeways: https://www.shapeways.com/product/QV5K5EMAG/o-76-secr-6w-pushpull-coach-brake-third-1?optionId=64069433&url=login%2Fjson-shapeways&url=forward
  11. OK, so in your opinion no cottage industry will be interested, fine, but a RTR generic coach from Hattons is not going to wipe out model makers overnight. Like I said, different target markets which will have zero impact on you. It's more likely someone will use them as an introduction to pre grouping that then may inspire them to move on to building something more accurate rather than give up modelling. The glass can be half full sometimes.
  12. Worried to hear you believe all the cottage industries are of the same mindset as you, that makes me fear for the future of the hobby far more than Hattons daring to introduce a generic coach. You aren't their target market and I seriously can't see the introduction of these coaches spelling the end of model making! If people want an accurate model rather than a generic one I am sure they will continue as they always have. Why just because a manufacturer introduces something that doesn't fit their particular niche do people feel the need to complain? People take things far too seriously.
  13. First of all I am a modeller who scratch builds most of my pre grouping stock but am in the camp of who really cares if these coaches don't "promote the cause of acquiring modelling skills in order to produce accurate models". This hobby is many things to many people but those that actually want to 'model' are, I would guess, in the minority. What is wrong with wanting it now? This newer generation probably has other, better things to do than spend years honing modelling skills, skills which are of no interest to them, they just want to play trains. Why should these coaches lead to the dumbing down of the hobby? I can already hear those cottage industries thinking "what can I produce that 'modellers' will find useful to add to and enhance these RTR coaches. As dimensions have already been provided I bet etched overlays are being designed as we speak. See it as a positive as it may well bring more into the hobby and create more modelling opportunities that didn't exist a couple of days ago. The glass isn't always half empty, I'd rather build stuff myself but have no issue if a manufacturer wants to make more rolling stock available whether it be 100% accurate or generic, they don't fit in with my take on the hobby but so what? It means the hobby is still expanding as ranges increase which can surely only be good?
  14. I think it is a great idea from Hattons. I understand all the posts about accuracy etc, and I like my models to be as accurate as possible, but what I think everyone here is forgetting is that we are a very small slice of the model railway purchasing public and on the whole 'model' rather than play at trains. I would guess the vast majority of potential purchasers will be of the "wow, they look good" or "what coaches go with my loco" fraternity rather than "the beading is wrong" brigade. Bottom line is no one is making you buy them. If you don't like them there are plenty of kit providers out there, Hattons target market isn't you.
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