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  1. In a previous life I dabbled in 'OO' and still have a few sheets of HMRS Southern/LSWR transfer sheet 9. There are numerous 'luggage' transfers which are handy as are the small numbers.
  2. As already suggested I have locos touching 50 years old that still work and ones dead within a couple of years and some dead within minutes of running. It comes down to maintenance, usage and original build/design quality.
  3. I've numerous 3D printed coaches covering the SECR and GER all made available by Simon Dawson on Shapeways with a link to one here: https://www.shapeways.com/product/B3M8LG4WY/o-148-secr-6w-pushpull-coach-first-1?optionId=64981384 I don't have any photos of the SECR ones to hand but here is an example of a GER one: Building is very simple as it all comes in one piece. The only additional parts here are the handrails/door handles and buffers although the print does come with buffers, I just prefer turned brass ones as it's easy to snag and snap off a printed buffer
  4. I'm not trying to offend but I am wondering if you've tried to build one, are just assuming or basing your opinion on one 4mm example someone else tried to build? My Q a few posts up works absolutely fine and didn't cause any problems, it was easy to get plenty of weight over the drivers. The smokebox may be small but the 3D print is very thin and by springing the rear bogie you can add weight the full length of the tanks. Rather than trying to put someone off a build with second hand anecdotes we should be encouraging a build that in the world of 2mm/N isn't as problematical as you
  5. Nope, plenty of room in the boiler/smokebox and side tanks to ensure there is enough weight over the drivers and a spring on the bogie to help transfer weight forwards to ensure good haulage. Really wasn't hard to do at all.
  6. Howdy, Yep, my O class uses a Dapol Terrier chassis in the tender as wheel spacing and size is spot on and you can even leave a coal space. The drivers are from a Dapol prairie tank and really need replacing with something more see through but I've not got round to it yet. The Q class is also doable as there is already a 3D print available for a Metropolitan Railway C class which is basically a Q. https://www.shapeways.com/product/WG3NK7TAT/b-148fs-metropolitan-c-class-0-4-4t-loco?optionId=153771829&li=ostatus I back dated it by switching the dome and it runs on a heavi
  7. Unfortunately the body is full of Terrier chassis as a tender drive.
  8. I've considered this but as the tender if fully lined and coaled not sure it's worth the risk. As it is I know it's bowed outwards but it isn't really noticeable unless you are looking at it from below so chances are no one else will see as long as it's finished bowing
  9. Interesting you should mention the tender frames have gone wonky as similar has happened to my N gauge one you printed for me which is of similar age. Everything else is fine but the frames have recently bowed out in the middle. I wonder if it is because they lack support or something to do with the resin used?
  10. Simon is on these boards and is very amenable to suggestions for new items. I can't believe how quickly he can turn things round!
  11. If you were thinking of the 3D route a 3 SUB is already available: https://www.shapeways.com/product/2J2XNN245/o-148fs-sr-lswr-3sub-reb-dmbc?optionId=76053755&li=shops https://www.shapeways.com/product/ESJHYXDN6/o-148fs-sr-lswr-3sub-reb-dmbt?optionId=76054239&li=shops https://www.shapeways.com/product/VDM2KFW6N/o-148fs-sr-lswr-3sub-reb-trailer-comp?optionId=76054644&li=shops
  12. As ever it just needs reducing to 'N'
  13. Post deleted as I just can't be bothered anymore.
  14. I ordered one of Simon's offerings on Tuesday with an expected shipping date of the 29 April. It's been shipped today. I don't think they're very busy.......
  15. Sarcasm from a moderator, and you misinforming and Phil twisting what people say does help? What do I know, you're staff can do and act how you want, it's your sand pit. I'll go now to save you the trouble of banning me for daring to have a different opinion, bye.
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