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  1. A great selection of quality figures here: https://www.modelu3d.co.uk/product-category/finescale-figures/railway-and-lineside/
  2. I've found the horses here suitably sized for 2mm and looking vaguely horse like.... https://pendraken.co.uk/scenic-items-terrain/animals/
  3. I placed another order back on 21st February and actually spoke to them yesterday. My plates are scheduled on an upcoming production batch and the artwork should be drawn up for review in approximately 2-3 weeks time. They have been affected indirectly by covid, namely their etchers.
  4. Shapeways are now adding the 20% VAT at source so it's only customs charges if you've spent more than £135 to contend with and attracting the UPS £11.50.
  5. Eastbourne - as a kid many an exciting day out with my parents started from there and upon our return you knew you were home safe with great memories.
  6. I normally only pop in small orders as and when funds allow but their minimum shipping fee is now £17.50 as we are now rest of the world rather than EU. When postage is more than the actual print using Shapeways is becoming less of a viable option
  7. Robertson is now, I believe, a Fox & Sons so a couple of doors along from One Stop. The shop in the Enterprise Centre was in one of those units upstairs that no one knows are up there, it didn't last long. I'll try to remember to bring some locos with me when passing.
  8. I'll have to pop in again soon, not been in much since Trevor passed, I spent many an hour chatting with him. Sad that it's the only model shop left in the town. Back in the day you also has Scalerail in Crown Street, Model Maker racing (later Modelzone), Robertsons in Winston Crescent, a small but well stocked shop upstairs in the Enterprise centre (name forgotten) and Gamleys in the Arndale that had a model section upstairs and also sold model railways. 6 shops in one town where I could even buy N gauge!
  9. For coach/wagon wheels there are some from Farish and Parkside/PECO. There has been no supplier of loco wheels since Beaver packed up 20-30 years ago. You can get some Farish spares direct from Bachmann or BR Lines and some Dapol from DCC Supplies. For locos it's usually a case of buying non runners and cannibalising the chassis. If you went for 2mm finescale there's a large range from the 2mm Scale Association but they're not designed to run on N gauge track.
  10. I see that Shapeways are now adding VAT @20% to invoices and that the cheapest, basic postage is now £17.50. Soon it will cost less to travel there and pick the parcel up
  11. I can't locate the photo I have but I based my ones on the missing photo.
  12. If I were to don my pedantic hat British N gauge is actually 2.0625 mm to 1 ft (1:148) and 9mm between the rails (too narrow) and is what is supplied by the RTR manufacturers. 2mm scale is 2mm to 1 ft (1:152) and runs on track 9.42mm between the rails and is not available RTR.
  13. The Cuckoo Line by A C Elliott states that for a short period between 1884 and 1885 the SER ran two through trains from Charing Cross to Eastbourne and return. I'm not aware of any other excursions by them but on my model of Waldron and Horeham Road the SER/SECR exercisetheir running rights
  14. As mentioned earlier this thread is about Shapeways not charging VAT at source and has nothing to do with import duty which hasn't changed. VAT and customs charges/import duty are 2 entirely different things.
  15. Sorry, this chat has solely been about Shapeways not applying VAT since 1st Jan for private individuals, not about the collection of customs charges or items over £135 which basically has remained unchanged but if you want to widen the debate further that's fine but your initial reply didn't reflect what was being discussed at that point.
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