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  1. The J94 chassis was also used in the 08 but from memory of these old chassis it may not work for this kit. Not only are the drivers smaller than the Prairie but the wheelbase is 9mm shorter and IIRC the actual chassis is taller than the one in the Prairie so may not fit inside. The Farish large Prairie regularly comes up on Ebay, there a currently at least 10 listed now.
  2. You need to remember that, although still available from PD Marsh, the kit is around 40 years old and was designed to use a readily available chassis at that time. N gauge has moved on massively since then but the PD Marsh loco kits haven't. All of their loco kits are the same as they were when originally released.
  3. The kit uses the original Poole era chassis rather than the retooled model so basically it's eBay and the like.
  4. The LCDR used varnished teak coaches until their uneasy alliance with the SER when everything was painted dark maroon then brown before moving on to Southern green.
  5. What a daunting task filling a wagon up with bricks by hand and having to collect them by the barrow load as you go. Must have taken ages!
  6. And I'm in. This could get costly.
  7. Has anyone had the confirmation email so you can actually log in?
  8. A great source for scratch builders but looking at the N gauge C Class loco and tender body you're looking at £70 whereas BR Lines that currently supplies spares have them available for £24.96.
  9. Another excellent Uckfield exhibition, top quality layouts as ever.
  10. Southern Country Stations: 2 SE&CR by John Minnis published by Ian Allen would be a good starting point showing just how varied their station designs were and would give you a starting point to see if an existing kit could be modified to suit. It also includes drawings of some fairly simple structures to scratch build.
  11. A Dapol Terrier has the correct wheelbase and wheels only 6in out. Probably need to swap the motor for a small diameter coreless one but it wouldn't be the first time I've done that
  12. Something I've tried recently and seems to work is tungsten putty from the world of fishing. A lot easier than hammering lead to shape and as you can squeeze it in you don't end up with any voids maximising weight. It's also slightly tacky so stays in place. Downside is it is relatively expensive compared to a bit of lead sheet.
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