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  1. Thanks, Mike. I might give it a punt then. Ah, snag: one of the reviewers says it's a 30-day trial only, something Amazon don't mention...
  2. Many thanks, Mike. So you'd say go for the 2015 Turbocad on Amazon?
  3. Hello, I'm wanting to start teaching myself CAD, with a view to making my own etchings, and I'd like some advice if the assembled experts can spare the time. First, I've been told "It’s fundamental to proper cad that there are 2 separate environments. There is Model Space where you draw the complete thing - perhaps a bridge, locomotive, ‘phone….. and there’s Drawing Space where you can make a useful drawing of any part of the model to any scale." I'm assuming any modern programme has this ability, right? I was planning to go with Turbocad 4 as Mike Edge has said
  4. Whoah! I didn't say that. What I said was that idle speculation on a September reopening was not helpful to customers.
  5. Based on what evidence? If this is just an assumption then it's not doing Chris any good (and is slightly insulting, suggesting he'd want to live on government handouts), and not helpful to customers either.
  6. The national furlough scheme, yes. But has Chris said anything to you to indicate he'll be on furlough that long?
  7. My position exactly - I'd like to do business with him, but there are too many errors and delays.
  8. This is impressive stuff. It's clear that you observe and model reality (and do both very well), where most modellers just copy other models.
  9. No, they didn't. Where the 37 was concerned, it was always an exercise in [email protected]#d-polishing, so it was hard to get the motivation to finish. And the PITA of trying to get hold of Shawplan eventually put me off diesel modelling for good. Things are easier now with Stenson Models helping on the BDAs and TTAs, and good-looking models of the 66 and 37 either here or on the way, meaning it's no longer necessary to try to deal with Shawplan.
  10. I asked him to do rubbers, only, yes, but he refused as then they wouldn't fit the Vitrains model!
  11. No, "n" is the number of bikes you need, and you should always aim to have n+1. An alternative metric is s-1, where s = the number of bikes you would have to own before your partner would want to separate from you.
  12. I keep hoping the Polak stuff is coming back once lockdown eases (check) and he has some accommodation in the new building at High Mill.
  13. A second day of tests today - first departure to Whitby just leaving.
  14. That would explain why they're just doing Grosmont-Whitby - two (possibly three) trips so far today.
  15. Very nicely done! I see you've numbered it as a proper Scottish loco too. The dome has come out looking better than it did in the raw. I don't know if you're aware, but there's a lovely two-page spread of this loco on a freight on the Balerno branch in the bookazine British Steam North of the Border (Mortons, 2010). A couple of colour shots of it too in Strathwood's Sixties Spotting Days around the Scottish Region.
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