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  1. What shortcomings? None are leaping out at me! A superb paint finish too.
  2. There was a rough shunt at 10.30. The class 20 ran into the back of some carriages at about 10mph or less; my dad alerted me to it, and I went on to the site and could see the aftermath, but couldn't rewind; then within a few seconds they switched the camera off.
  3. Mike's the one to ask as he has built several. If I recall, the radii in the cab apertures may be a bit off; the main problem though is the castings - dome, chimney and safety valve trumpet in particular, and the lack of alternative fittings to cover later periods.
  4. I don't think it is - sorry to mislead you. I was just asking if the LRM kit or drawings of the G5 could help ascertain positions of the cab-front windows.
  5. Can't the cab front window positions and roof radius just be taken from a G5? Or isn't it that simple?
  6. I'm not convinced, Mike. The top of the boiler on the model goes through the centre line of the windows, whereas on the real thing it (the boiler top line) intercepts about a third of the way up the window. Remember there has to be the flange on the back of the firebox/front of the cab joint, with still a gap between the window frame and the flange, but the model appears to offer no space for that. There's also too much "forehead" above the window, possibly a result of the cab roof radius being wrong?
  7. Hello, Mike. The cab-front windows look too low and too far over to the side (i.e. too far apart).
  8. Are you aware of Stenson Models' products? https://www.stensonmodels.co.uk/
  9. The feature you've spotted is the tank balance pipe, John. It crosses from LHS tank front to RHS tank front to keep the same amount of water in each tank. You may have added one underneath the tanks on your Consett 0-6-0.
  10. Weird! I spoke to him about 6 weeks ago. He didn't answer the phone so I left a message as he asks, and he called me back. He even called me back again - and, I think, again - as I was at work when he called. I then wrote an email about two weeks later (early morning) as the order hadn't arrived and he answered later that morning to say there was a delay with one of the things I'd ordered.
  11. Fran or anyone else from Accurascale: Can you remind me how I pay some of the balance off on models that I've pre-ordered? I think you said after paying the £30 deposit customers could pay what and when they liked between then and the model coming out. Is it just a question of sending you a paypal payment with the invoice number as the payment reference?
  12. Never elongate any holes in a HL gearbox! (Or in anything else for that matter.) It's hard to see what's going on from your description, but it sounds like you might have the gears the wrong way around on the axles. Are they the same way round as shown here? https://b7a49983-e761-43c1-ba2b-2bfa1bd083c3.filesusr.com/ugd/27e471_1532540cfc82469786092557474ed514.pdf The problems you describe should never happen with a HL gearbox - they fall together. You might get a faster answer direct from Chris at: [email protected]
  13. Mark's bogies are the only ones I use for Fox, Jonathan. All versions of D&S bogies go straight in the bin. There are one or two places where I've had to go off-piste on Mark's instructions (I can provide pointers if you wish), and you'll need to keep the D&S spring/axlebox and bolster castings. Here they are with my own resin springs: I wouldn't recommend using any system that consists in putting a thick W/M frame on to an etched innards as the bogies will end up too wide, which will play havoc with your footboard supports, if you're fitting any. I found that out the hard way....
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