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  1. The first attempt at the first of many trees. About another 15-20 to go
  2. What are the contents?
  3. Rubberized horse hair as the base covered in Realistic Model Scenery's foliage mat mid green.
  4. I'm pleased that you are still following my adventures in a new scale Nick. I hope your adventures are still continuing. Today I have been experimenting with the hedge that will run along the back of the layout.It has over grown the railway fence. There will be trees planted behind it. At the moment the are hanging upside down over the bath, drying, after being soaked to straighten them.
  5. Julian I assume you are talking about the bridge. The tunnel through the bridge is a photo. All the stonework on the layout is primed with a light grey primer (Holts) the individual stones are the dry brushed with Tamiya acrylics. Red Brown (XF-64), Neutral Grey (XF-53) and a small amount of Brown/JGSDF (XF-72) Sometimes I over paint the Red Brown with the Neutral Grey. On the Bridge the smoke marks are made with a Dirty Black wash semi dry brushed on. The primer then acts as the mortar colour. Hope that helps.
  6. I vaguely remember seeing a pannier with a spark arrester at Gloucester in the late 1950s or early 60s. My big brother explained what it was for. I'm not sure where it had come from or where it was working. I did find it intriguing though.
  7. A couple of photos from the fiddle yard end and one of a fairly new mineral wagon that's been loaded a few times in the rain.
  8. Looking great. That's what I'll be aiming to do.
  9. Allow a little more room for the Peco point templates. I found when printed off the came out a little smaller than the actual point.
  10. I can't see any overall measurements for the size of the scenic section or for the fiddle yard. I feel with a smaller layout less is more. The scenic section of my Blakeney layout is 228cm by 60 cm and I'm planning to run just a one coach train plus obviously a freight train probably of no more than 3 wagons and a brake van. The fiddle yard is 102 cms. and is a 2 road sector plate.
  11. Like Ian I rather like the lighting in those three black and white images.
  12. More basic grass has been laid, still needs a trim before the static grass is applied and trees and bushes planted.
  13. Steve, it depends on how any particular firms are made, in the past I didn't need to paint it if I was using it "raw". The latest lot I have is very brown, so after trimming it a bit and removing the obvious bits of string I did paint it with a very watered down Tamiya Flat Green which is the main colour used in the back scene. It will get further treatment with static grass...…… eventually.
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