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  1. A B&W photo (ala Ben Ashworth) of a new addition to Blackney, the wall and gates to the small Goods Yard.
  2. At long last Frank Junior has lashed the crate to his lorry. so now perhaps deserves his cup of tea. Whilst I was there the railcar appeared so out with the camera again.
  3. I think the walls are just about finished, Added some vegetation to the walls.
  4. Photos as promised, still some work to do but the bulk of it is done.
  5. A bit more progress today the wal that goes behind Frank Drake's shed has been built and primed. The shed has had to be moved forward about 10mm to make room for it. Hopefully some more photos later in the week.
  6. It seems an age since I last posted anything. I have been very slowly developing a thought I've had for some time. The goods yard needs a proper gated entrance. So I have been slowly building a wall(s) and etc when I haven't been enjoying this small Indian summer we've been having here in Norfolk. It seems to have come to an end today. However a pic. Obviously not finished wall needs weathering and capping, second wall needs building etc etc. but I think you will get the idea. Facsia board also will need a slight re-trim. More phoos as work develops
  7. Hi Tom, only just come across this, magnificent modelling as usual Tom
  8. Ballast train departs with ballast and old sleepers.
  9. Could even be a Flower class they also had 6ft 8 drivers
  10. I've just come across this thread and noticed that Hal Nail mistakingly said my layout Blackney was over 15 foot lon IT IS NOT. the scenic section is 7ft 6 ins long with a 3ft 6ins fiddleyard ie total length 11ft. the layout is 2ft wide.
  11. Rob looking at the track layout for Project X it does look remarkably similar to Iain Rice's Fen Drove 2 in his Cameo book. He does have a wharf in it and it is set in GER territory.
  12. My latest bit of moselling a Peco/Parkside Grampus kit. I decided to number each side differently so that gave a slight choice of eras and two wagons for one. I even managed to get the removeable ballast load to a colour similar to the ballast on the track. Not bad for a modeeler who models in the "Monet" style of modelling.
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