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  1. As much as I'd like to show some scans of Ben's photo I suspect I can't because of Copyright reasons. He was known to climb trees to get his shots including his possibly most famous one of a 22xx next to the River wye at Kerne Bridge. However I do like to take my photos of Blakeney in the style of Ben Ashworth an example. his photos are mainly in B%W hence I often make my shots B&W.
  2. As we've been talking about Eric Treacy and his photos, may I put in a word for Ben Ashworth, with his wonderful rural shots often in the Forest of Dean placing the railway in its landscape.
  3. I've always crewed my locos, at lest the steam ones. Here are a couple from my O gauge layout where I think they are even more essential as they are easier to see. The figures are Modelu, I think the best.
  4. This one Tony by Micklner "The people who are interested in correct scale etc etc would normally be the ones seen at Finscale exhibitions not shows as you describe them." That's the problem with your thread Tony it moves too fast.
  5. I have done it that way John, but I was interested to find out how the Sling Branch was worked, Primarily as it was on a steep grade. It was basically run as a 1200yd siding with a loop at the end so that when working down the brake van would be behind the loco, Although when wagons were dropped or picked up at the last industry nearest the junction there was a certain amount of gravity movement. I find the way I've operated in the above photos slightly easier but still interesting. I'm afraid rule 1 comes in and it was a prototypical way of working on at least one part of the Forest lines.
  6. I would disagree with your last Statement. I'll go to small village hall type shows to keep the hobby visible in places where people may not be able to go to the larger exhibitions. Occasionally you will find a gem. Also at exhibitions such as Spalding You will see all sorts of layouts and all sorts of visitors from young families having a day out to skilled modellers looking at excellent layouts.
  7. The vans having arrived for the Forest Furniture the whole train is pushed back up the industrial branch, rather like the Sling Branch, After loading the vans the train is brought back down the branch with the brake van behind the the loco. When clear of the branch point the loco uncouple and runs round the train. And couples up. And the leaves.
  8. Re Stoke Summit. I first saw it at Ipswich many years ago and had made the journey primarily to see it. I think mainly because to had been in the mags and was a main line layout. I seem to remember being given a sheet of paper with the loco numbers on so we could train spot. I did watch it for a bit, but not being an eastern region van and not too much happening I moved on.
  9. Re my post the other evening comparing the Jan.1970 issue of RM to the Jan 2021 issue. A break down of the articles. Jan 1970: Of the 24 pages of articles there were 3 layouts (of which the layout of the month Harlyn Junc. was 8 pages including a full page photo) took 11 pages (45%) 5 pages of drawings 3 pages of building O gauge locos in plastic 3 pages on building base boards with above a combined percentage of 25% a 6x4 typical CJF plan Jan 2021: Of the 66 pages of articles there were 7 layouts which took up 45 pages (68%) 5 pages o
  10. The debate about mags may have moved or even finished, but I couldn't help comparing Jan 1970 issue [an issue dear to my heart as it was the layout of the month "Harlyn Junction" which inspired me to have a go at Railway modelling] with Jan 2021 issue, 51 years apart. Total pages in 1970 issue 67 of which 35 (52%)were adverts, 24 (35%)articles and 8 (13%) readers letters and reviews etc Total pages in 2021 issue 153 of which 73 (48%) were adverts, 66 (43%) were articles and14 (9%) were readers letters and reviews etc I had forgotten how thin old mags were. P
  11. There has been much talk of Model photography on here lately, and whilst not a professional photographer by any means two magazines have used my photos to illustrate my layout articles. The only thing I have ever changed is to crop to get rid of most of the off layout clutter and to clone the sky (painted by me) upwards if there was any clutter still left. Personally I do like photos that are taken to make the layout look real. As a modeller I know what the clutter around the layout is likely to like so I do not want to see it on a photo of THE LAYOUT. However if someone is showing how the la
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