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  1. It just means the Apple Green will be even brighter and more garish.
  2. And now see things incredibly brightly now cataract has been operated on. No wonder people argue about colours when the removing of a cataract makes such a difference. I've always argued that we all percieve colour differently, this operation has proved it.
  3. Whilst getting used to the brightness and clarity that has resulted from a cataract operation yesterday I thought I'd play with a bit of grass?? I now see things much brighter. I can now see why people argue about colours of locos etc.. It has driven home to me how we all see colours differently. Any how some photos, by the way nothing is stuck down yet.
  4. A little more work done on the bridge, capping (copping?) stones added and the fence which will end in a hedge. Blooper time. It was whilst I was taking the photo I noticed that the stone work on one side was different to the other. The stone on left was smaller than the right. WHOOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. It has now been peeled off and the larger stone has been substituted. You were all too kind to mention it. Thank You.
  5. Trebuduc is one of my favourite layouts Andy.
  6. Thanks Chris, you might not say that if you could we underneath.
  7. I have spent the last week or so building a bridge for the right hand end of the layout. As there were no road over bridges at Blakeney I've based it on one just before Mierstock Tunnel on the Lydney- Lydbrook line. For the same reason I'm beginning to think that Blakeney may not be a good name for the layout, I'm thinking that "A Glimpse of the Forest" might be more appropriate, especially as the station building is going to be based on the one at Ruspridge. Anyway back to the bridge. The arch is a Langley vacuum formed one, the walls are Slater's. the main backing structure is a mixture of balsa wood and foam board. There is still much to do, capping on the side walls, fences and hedges running on to and the road/track surface to be put in position and of course colouring and weathering. You may notice that the siding has been truncated by about 6 inches this is to allow the land( when it is in place) to look more natural. Anyway some pics.
  8. Good to see you posting again SAD.
  9. I've started a 7mms layout called at the moment Blakeney, Glos. It's in the 7mms section. I am considering changing the name to "A Glimpse of the Forest".
  10. Re: B&W photos Tony, perhaps a tad more contrast. They look too grey (y) to me. My recollection of prototype photos is that they were more Black and White than 50 shades of grey. Have a play and see what you think.
  11. The back scene is now in place. Whether it is because we have had such a dismal Autumn or I've got rather fed up with Mediterranean skies I've gone for a rather grey day with possible showers on the way. I used material that is used in those "pop-up" advert/information panels. The material was stretched across the garage and held with clips at either end, it is sturdy enough to support itself. The "painting" was done with white and grey primer and a Frost blue aerosol. I let it dry for 24 hours unclipped it and rolled it up and took it to the railway room where it was clipped to the back scene. The greys etc are a little stronger in real life. Inow feel that I am getting somewhere.
  12. Thank you Tony, I hope I can achieve the results I hope I did in OO.
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