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  1. Painting progresses and on the two kit built wagons have got to the stage of applying transfer before weathering. The Dapol Vanfit has had a coat of a Hornby Dark Grey Wash, with the bottle only lightly shaken. It was then taken off with kitchen towel and cotton buds. It will get more detailed weathering particularly on the chassis.
  2. The first bit of painting/weathering done. The chassis' of all three have been given a coat of Lifecolor weathered black whether they were black or grey to begin with. the Parkside van needed a couple of coats as it was grey to start with.. This will be a base for track dirt sleeper grime and brake dust which will be added after the bodies have been painted.
  3. Mojo has been missing a bit lately, but it's slowly coming back thanks to visiting my local model shop, Great Eastern Models. in Norwich. I purchased a Dapol Vanfit, and a Parkside ex PO owners mineral wagon, there were some still around in the Forest in the early sixties, known locally I understand as "ood uns" as apart from the more modern "tinnies". I also had a Parkside plywood WR van to build. The two kits are now built and are awaiting a visit to the paint and weathering shop. The Vanfit will also be weathered at the same time. I'm wondering whether to give a light weathering and keep it number as it is, or to heavily weather it and renumber it to pre 1963 when the number system it has was introduced I gather. Any way some photos of my efforts. The kits still need their couplings.
  4. Thanks chaps, oddly I am thinking of taking the boxes off, as my layout Blakeney is set in 64-65 period.
  5. Could any one tell me the year that covered vans, such as vanfits numbering was changed from just the number at the left hand end and XP etc at the right hand end to a box withtype of vehicle weiight and number at left hand end and XP and wheel base and box at the right hand end? I assume it is something to do with TOPS. I would like to possibly change the lettering on an 0 gauge Dapol van fit.
  6. Might they also have been replaced in service during overhauls (not necessarily in Swindon) and therefore may not have been as they came out of the works when built.
  7. Another large Prairie at Little Bytham about 6 years ago. The old Hornby ex Airfix one. Weathered by moi.
  8. Spot the difference. Apart from the telegraph pole coming out of the chimney. Amazing isn't it what one doesn't see for months suddenly with a couple of photos smacks you in the face. Suddenly realised there was a gap between the smoke box valence and the footplate. It must have occurred several months ago when I had the body off and I'd not re-seated it properly when reattaching the body to the chassis. Now corrected.
  9. Dapol Pannier now renumbered for a Horton Road 85B loco which worked in the Forest of Dean in the last days of steam. May I present 3775. New number plates by Narrow Planet. I've ordered ones for the Minerva pannier it will become 8749 another Horton Road pannier which worked in the Forest in the mid sixties.
  10. Nothing to do with doors on cabs or anything which has gone before, I don't think so any way. It is extremely difficult to keep up with Tony's thread unless one is on it all the time. However a photo I hope you like from my O gauge layout Blakeney. Entitled: Patiently Waiting
  11. The midday departure leaves for Gloucester Central.
  12. As far as I remember I built as the instructions o the kit said.
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