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  1. thought I'd show a couple of shots of the whole of the scenic part of the layout one showing it in the room and a cropped version. will try to take a photo looking down the layout tomorrow
  2. the 12.30 leaving for Gloucester it will return at 5.00pm.
  3. Looks like Ben Ashworth has caught the 12.30 to Gloucester leaving Blakeney.
  4. 8749 arriving at Blakeney with the lunch time train from Gloucester.
  5. On the other hand Paul there may not be any takers that is why the line will be shut in 6 months time.
  6. Many thanks Steve, I'm trying. at least the lockdown has enabled me to get on with it.
  7. I have crewed the 57xx and added a few details. She will become 8749 when the plates from Narrow Planet are ordered and arrive. This the mid day train from Gloucester pulling to take shoppers into the City.
  8. The Minerva 57xx which will become 8749 is now weathered into basic "BR Grey". The crew is painted and waiting to be installed.
  9. Quite correct Phil, It's now got a Gloucester number I don't know if it was ever on a Dodge Kew. it has also been weathered a bit. I think the gloss needs taking back a bit when everything is totally dry.
  10. That D21 looks a little different to yesterday. Good to see the painting coming on.
  11. Frank Decided to take a photo which included his own lorry.
  12. Dodge painted, still needs wipers and wing mirrors and weathering and transfers, Plus a bit of paint touching up tings the photos have shown up. It's also still not stuck together and neither are the front wheels. But I did promise some photos, one bow shot and one stern shot.
  13. Dare one say ask T Wright
  14. At long last started making my Radley Models Dodge "Kew" flatbed. parts ready to get a top coat tomorrow. and when dry the bits will be stuck together.
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