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  1. Evening Dave, Amazing layout, I always look forward to your updates. Regarding the trees, I do not think there are ever enough trees adorning most layouts, so more the merrier in my opinion. Regards, Martyn.,
  2. 3 link

    Porth Dinllaen in 0

    Hi Simon, I wouldn't be without Touchcab, no leads, ease of use and even I could set it up without breaking into a sweat. I haven't heard any news of it being withdrawn, I certainly hope not fingers crossed. All the best, Martyn.
  3. 3 link

    Newbie from Derbyshire.

    Come and join us, 7mm is the way to go..... : )
  4. 3 link


    Thank you Chris, I must admit the use of my air brush is not very appealing especially this time of year, so I will have a go with your methods. All the best, Martyn.
  5. 3 link


    Hi Chris, Very well done, was this achieved with an air brush or just weathering powders? Regards, Martyn.
  6. 3 link

    Heaton Lodge Junction

    Absolutely awesome.....
  7. 3 link

    West Kirby Town - scenery and a fire station!

    Hi Rod, It all depends on what type of fire station you are going for. A normal 24 hr covered station will usually have a 5 floor training tower. Whereas some, usually the larger stations will also have a BA training centre which would consist of a couple of industrial looking buildings and an old 40 ft steel container. These containers were a baptism of fire to the recruits, if they didn't come out with blisters on their ears they weren't doing the job properly...... Mind you it's all changed since I started, you cannot even say " manhole cover " nowadays just " personnel cover".... Still I'll leave it there. Martyn.
  8. 3 link

    Heaton Lodge Junction

    Merry Christmas Simon, I have just shown my wife your amazing layout and she reckons you must live on site, in the first photo that you have put up today the wife reckons in the left hand corner you have your washing hanging up ! : ) Anyway all the best and keep up the good work, Martyn.
  9. 3 link

    Smoke Ash & Steam

    Hi Steve, Are they Severn mill plates? Now it looks like I'll need a set : ) Martyn.
  10. File your own, cheaper and no waiting for deliveries. Martyn.
  11. 3 link

    Coal wagons for Sherton Abbas part 2

    Evening David, Great work as usual, all those photos have so much atmosphere. It has to be one of my favourite layouts, up there with Hursley and Ditchling Green. I notice the retaining wall is still missing a plump wood pigeon, or was it to be a seagull ? All the best, Martyn.
  12. 3 link

    Hayling Island - Station Building

    I Thought you might like this photo taken the winter of 62/63. Martyn.
  13. 3 link

    Porth Dinllaen in 0

    Morning Simon, Wow! , that last picture has so much atmosphere, it has certainly been worth all the effort you have put in so far. Once the buildings weathered it will be stunning . ATB, Martyn.
  14. 3 link

    Church Norton

    Thank you for the kind words Dave, I have been on a bit of a go slow of late but hopefully the mojo is returning. Sometimes I think I have taken on a bit too much being a one man band, but I'm enjoying the journey. It's great that I will finally get to see your fantastic layout, like I said on your blog, Portsmouth is only around 30 minutes drive away. If it hadn't been for your blog I didnt even know about the exhibition, perhaps they need to advertise it more widely. All the best, Martyn.
  15. 3 link

    Coal wagons for Sherton Abbas

    Dave, Your eye for detail is amazing, the internal sides of wagons is so often forgotten, let alone to go for so much added detail, brilliant. And thanks for the heads up, Portsmouth is about a 20 minute drive for me, so I will finally get to see the layout. Martyn. ( with the returning mojo, at last. )

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