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  1. Thanks for that Peter i posted this on several websites and onlt got 2 replies! Bob
  2. Thanks for that Mike, he does some nice locos. Regards Bob
  3. What a cracking model! I have a soft spot for Southern locos especialy the G6, 02, & M7. Please tell me, where can I get Tim Hughes loco kits from? Bob
  4. Get a piece of 15mm copper pipe and flatten it in a vice or use a hammer. then file diagonaly across the copper at the same angle as the grooves of the file. This should remove most of the unwanted crud, then using an old scalpel blade carefully scrape out whats left. Bob
  5. Thats a cracking model of a cracking loco. Superb! well done Mike. Bob
  6. Has any one built one of these? Any coments please. Also what would I be expected to pay for an unbuilt kit of one of these locos. Bob
  7. The Fell locomotive must rank as one of the strangest to have run. Having said that it is an atractive prototype. Could you possibly let me know who (if any one) makes the kit for the blue electric loco? Regards Bob
  8. Thank you very much for the pictures James, I had nearly given up hope of finding any! Best wishes Bob
  9. Thanks James I have sent you a PM Regards Bob
  10. If I remember rightly they had the plant permanently fixed in the truck bed and driven via a pto just behind the gearbox. It's all a bit vague now , at the tome it was just a Land Rover with a handy welder in the back. Bob
  11. We had a SWB welder at work some years ago it had a truck cab and a tilt. If you realy want a challenge we also had a LWB version! Bob
  12. This is begining to look great! I love the old boiler used as a water tank, it's so typicaly industrial. Regards Bob
  13. Hi All, I have been looking through my old Gauge O Gazettes and came across the 2009 Guildex guide. In it there is a description of a layout called Y Cae Colliery (L10) by Simon Thompson. I have Googled it to try to find any more information but to no avail. I wonder if any of you out there have any photo's you took at Guidex last year you could either post on this site or email to me. I want to build an industrial/mainline, Diesel/steam layout and the few pictures that appeared in the Guildex guide show this lay out could be very inspirational Thanks Bob
  14. What a pair of great looking loco's! absolutely wonderful. Bob
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