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    Interested in all aspects of British railway history, especially pre-grouping, with a heavy leaning towards the constituent parts of the LNER.

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  1. Maybe, but hopefully not before they've done The Great Bear, the Raven A2, the Paget locomotive, and other, less explosive prototypes.
  2. Makes perfect sense, do it with and without a double chimney as built = more possible sales. QED
  3. The magazine arrived here as well. I am particularly disappointed that from next year the club calendar will no longer be featuring the paintings of Malcolm Root, which was the primary reason I have been renewing the subscription these past few years. I think the time has probably come for BCC and I to part company at last.
  4. The calendar shows Robinson B3 'Valour', in Great Central livery from a painting by Malcolm Root. Beautiful picture - I'd scan it and post, but I'm sure that would upset someone, so I better not. Sorry. Would make a nice stablemate for the Great Central Directors. We can dream, eh?
  5. If you have access, have a wee peek at next month's Bachmann Club calendar...
  6. Like a North British Reid Atlantic, for example? That really was 'the one that got away'.
  7. Looks like a very decent shed, you should be able to build the layout of a lifetime in that. One point though - what with the high wind we are having lately, consider going overkill with felt nails on the roofing material. On our summer house roof we have had large sections of felt ripped right off in high wind twice, and so the last time I repaired it I edged all the joints with tacks one inch apart. Been fine since! Someone also told me to stick the felt on with tar, but I didn't do that. However, I still hate to hear the noise of gale force wind and imagine what I am going to find in the morning. Luckily it has been nothing more than the contents of neighbours' recycling boxes.
  8. Dick Turpin

    Oxford N7

    There's a nice pic of 1002 in unlined grey with GER on the sidetanks in 1921 on p55 of Yeadon's Register vol 27. Interestingly, there is a note which states, 'nos 1001 and 1002 to 1011 remained in grey after their first LNER repair'. It goes on to say that a small LNER number plate was substituted for the large GER one, which was one quite visible change. Edited to remove references to details already discussed above.
  9. Politicians are like babies' nappies: they need to be changed often, and for the same reason - Mark Twain
  10. Indeed. I suspect someone is already working on a J6 at this very moment. Ahem. Back to the very welcome news of the J27, I have always thought that the bulk of these machines gives scope for a decent mechanism and enough weight for it to pull like the prototype.
  11. I just want to endorse the OP's choice of Flowers for Algernon. I heard it as a dramatisation on Radio 4, and enjoyed it so much I bought the book and read that. It's one of those obliquely phrased commentaries on the human condition that makes you reconsider a lot of what you thought you knew. An amazing work of literature in that respect. I can't think of anything that tops it in terms of a thought provoking concept that just has you weeping by the end. A thumbs up from me Ray Von!
  12. Really agreeing here. That does look amazing, but with quality and prices both rising steeply, you have really got to want one to commit yourself: I think the days of the casual impulse purchase may well be over. However, when something as good as this does hit the spot for you, I'm sure you'd afford it without many regrets.
  13. Waiting for Bacho - by Samuel Beckett
  14. There is some information about Ken here: https://comiccreatorsuk.wordpress.com/2017/11/16/spotlight-on-the-great-ken-reid-1919-1987/ I must admit that reliving this particular part of my childhood and reading these comic strips feels quite therapeutic in that it is helping keep me away from the internet (a bit).
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