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  1. Indeed we do, those Great Western samples above are fantastic. In fact I'm surprised there hasn't been more comment. They are almost enough to tempt me into going Great Western, albeit in a pre-grouping way.
  2. There are plenty of photos taken on the Great Central, just before it closed, of rebuilt Scots on four coach trains. You also have plenty of scope for prototype the diesels, as well as RCTS railtours etc. Maybe stretch the scenario to be somewhere else entirely, and well, you are firmly in 'rule 1' territory then, but at least you do have a reference point.
  3. With regard to the Thompson Pacifics, I too have come around to rather liking them, mainly because they were just part of the scene. Anything different is bound to engender some sort of admiration. I have also read that Bullied got his way because he was a bit of a charmer and more of a people person than Thompson, who was, from what I've read from people who were there at the time, much more difficult to like. I wouldn't have taken to someone who had the wooden panels in his office removed and replaced with glass so that he could keep an eye on the staff in the drawing department!
  4. I got the Derails email too. They do look nice, but I think I'll wait for the Hattons ones.
  5. Mars from the planets suite, by Holst, for when we consider the formation of the LMS, and as the Midland and LNWR representatives manoeuvre into battle formations for what is to come...* *
  6. No not seriously at all. I was in fact joking, and meant no offense. If I have inadvertently caused any, then I apologise for that. It was obvious to me that Steamport was joking, and I expected my comment to be taken in the same manner. I realise now that I should have included a 'joker' emoji for clarity, and will be sure to always do so in future. It was Saturday night, I was reading the thread and having a giggle, and just thought I'd chip in. I will have to stand back more and weigh up the potential for misunderstandings in future. I don't actually care about anyone's likes or
  7. I have noticed that. I was recently looking through one of Ken Hoole's books and saw a photo of a train of six wheelers that I thought looked a dead ringer for these, and so have taken a closer look, and have decided that they are certainly close enough for my needs. Perhaps they might even consider North Eastern crimson livery at some point. Even so, I'll certainly be getting a few of these, probably in LNER brown because it covers the most bases for those areas I'm interested in.
  8. This could well lead to a full scale wallet rebellion, leading to wallets being nailed to poles all along the Appian Way! Picture the scene - "I'm Walletus, no I'm Walletus, no I'm Walletus".
  9. Indeed, it's the proverbial 'ha'peth o' tar'. When they sort this - I'll buy one.
  10. I pre-ordered the standard Bachmann range LNER green one from Derails for considerably less than that.
  11. Yeah, my money's pretty much all spent by midweek as well.
  12. The more I think about it, the less surprised I would be about that one.
  13. Indeed, and with that in mind, pastures new with significant opportunity must surely lie in the pre-grouping direction, and if they decide to go that way, with Hornby's predilection for large and glamorous prototypes, I would expect them to go straight for Claughtons, Reid Atlantics, The Great Bear and the like, not to mention all those lovely big and ornately decorated coaches.
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