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  1. postie arrived with my 7mm co-bo today....while i was out...arrrgh!

    1. Jon Fitness

      Jon Fitness

      and they'd probably still arrive with a tyre print on them...

    2. Horsetan


      The only thing that would get teleported is a "Sorry You Were Out" card...

    3. Michael Delamar

      Michael Delamar

      I hope you'll still speak to me when you see it


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  2. I think I must be mad.....

    1. NGT6 1315

      NGT6 1315

      Aren't we all, one way or another? :-D

    2. Jon Fitness

      Jon Fitness

      Steve Beattie 7mm scale CoBo kit sort of mad....

  3. time for a new av. and pic......

  4. Dinghams..on Saltney.. the head scratching starts.

  5. final nite shift just started, big project to start tomorrow..

  6. major track alterations on the Saltney layout...more wiring I suppose.....

  7. E.T. has gone home...

  8. is wondering if Ex LMS period 3 Full brakes ever carried blue/grey livery...

    1. Jon Fitness

      Jon Fitness

      Found a piccy of a blue grey one on Paul Bartlett's site but it was in 1968. Probably still working as a passenger brake rather than a parcels van.

    2. Pennine MC

      Pennine MC

      This has come up in various threads, some did get blue/grey early on but no other pre-BR BGs. Mainline used to do a 4mm model

    3. Jon Fitness

      Jon Fitness

      Think I'll stick to banger blue then


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  9. is trying to mend the bogies on much abused MMP 47. Horrendous!!

  10. is wondering what acreage of trees 21 loaded KFA wagons can carry as the y pass his signal box.(6J37 on it's way to Chirk)

    1. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      There's probably going to be a bit more of that kind of thing soon...

  11. has just about finished an Ex Chowbent 7mm scale L&Y A class 0-6-0. Pics to follow.

    1. dikitriki


      Look forward to the pics. I'm working on my Chowbent A now - a really nice model.



  12. 12 hour nights... just not enough hours in a day!

    1. NGT6 1315

      NGT6 1315

      I wonder if we'd be saying the same thing if an Earth day had the same length as one on Venus! oO

  13. Relaying at Chester...organised chaos?

  14. Stuck at work watching a deep dig and relay on plat 7. Don't think they're down to the baseboard yet....

    1. big jim

      big jim

      hope they have turned the 3rd rail off!!

  15. is back to building a 7mm scale bus kit

  16. Is it really July since I updated the Saltney blog?

  17. Just starting a 7mm scale L&Y platform Canopy for Astley Bridge (Saltney Railway)

  18. Another ex railway goods warehouse gone up in flames at Chester. Hopefully no casualties..

  19. has finished his signal orders..where to start on all the projects that have been waiting!.....

  20. What's on your mind?Nearly finished my last 7mm GW signal...thankfully...back to the upper quads and maybe even a gantry!!

  21. Nearly finished my last 7mm GW signal...thankfully...back to the upper quads and maybe even a gantry!!

  22. Modernist: Squires Tools or Eileens emporium for small drills!

    1. halfwit


      Both give excellent service.

    2. Modernist


      Thanks, I was aware of Eileens but not Squires? Could I expect a swift dispatch from both?

    3. halfwit


      Certainly from Eileens, Squires I tend to order from by post ans are usually very quick.

  23. Can't decide whether to keep the Saltney blog going, or change to a layout thread. Or forget both and just get on with the layout..

  24. Hi Phill,

    The remnants of Talacre are re-appearing as the Saltney Railway now, so we'll do our best to keep the spirit going. Struggling for space a bit though....!


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