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  1. Sign the petition to close live animal markets in China.
  2. It is much quieter at the moment. You don't realise how much background noise there is until it stops. As I get older I appreciate peace and quiet more and more. The air quality is noticeably better and the air smells fresh. You can see clear blue sky - plane vapour trails do seem to seed clouds.
  3. We all moan about the Nanny State, but to be honest the last few weeks have shown that people can't be trusted. I'd like to see ration cards back. We'd all be a lot healthier, they'd be less waste and you'd be sure of getting your supply. The virus doesn't scare me at all - people panicking does.
  4. Why are folk panic buying loo roll when guys in suits with display stands are still handing it out free on street corners?
  5. Well to be fair, I did get some help from RMWebbers with this one, who were kind enough to share their knowledge with me. This shows the power of this forum and the marvelous spirit of the members. I also would respectfully suggest that we all buy BRM, even if just occasionally, to show our appreciation for the provision of this genuinely useful facility provided without charge. (I won't say free, because very few things in life are actually free).
  6. If an alcoholic tells me that drinking alcohol to excess is bad, does that invalidate the message? No, it just means they are a hypocrite. With regard to climate change, we are all culpable for the problem, and therefore hypocrites, to a certain extent, but that doesn't affect the validity of the message.
  7. I have previously used these whitemetal axleboxes with brakes from ABC models, but I seem to be having problems getting them now. Is this company still going and do they still make them? What alternatives are there? Many thanks for your help.
  8. As a professional modeller I don't comment on other people's work in public. Some people may think your work is awesome and that's fine with me, but I still think it is better if you let other people be the judge. Also, my comments aren't negative, but helpful advice. If you title your posts differently on this British forum then you will get a better response.
  9. I can't say I like the description, which I think many would find immodest. I think it up to others to decide if your video/content is awesome or not.
  10. Thank you for all your replies to this topic, they have been most helpful, but if I could impose upon you one more time please. The model comes with approx 12mm diameter wheels, but I note that many coaches run on approx 14mm wheels. Which would be more appropriate for a 4 wheel coach? As usual, thank you in advance for your help.
  11. This is the Hornby model of a four wheel coach. I have a few questions about it: - Is it based on any prototype? - Can it be made into a decent model? - have you any examples? - What milage is there in running a set of these on an industrial layout? - Are there any alternatives? Many thanks in anticipation of your replies.
  12. The buddleia bushes are homemade, but everything else in the two dioramas are off the shelf items. You don't need any special tools either.
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