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  1. Is Ebay trying to drive me mad? I try to sign in. The username and password are saved by the browser. I've not changed anything so it should just go through as normal. The sign in key changes to a swirly symbol so you know the request has been submitted, but then then the screen comes back to you as it was before with the sign in button again. No explanation. No complaint that the username or password is wrong. So you try again and again and again and still the same. Ok, so maybe the password is wrong. So you change it, no problem, but you still can't sign in. You know you're typed it in right so you update the browser login save details. At this point I went for dinner and on returning, I clicked sign in and got straight in with the saved browser password!! Check in the top left, yes the sign out option has appeared so I must be signed in. Go to the resolution centre, and am asked to sign in again. Details automatically entered by the browser in the boxes, click the sign in button and end up back to not letting me in with no explanation!! Spoke to someone at Ebay who denied there are any issues with signing in. I get the impression that the servers on Ebay are often too busy to deal with you, but instead of admitting that they have a problem, they give you the impression that you're the one with the issue. I feel more like Arthur Dent everyday - Douglas Adams wasn't an author he was a prophet. I do everything on the computer nowadays and Ebay is the only system that makes me want to cry out of sheer frustration. Why do we put up with it?
  2. Sold an item to someone in Jersey who wasn't aware he lives in a tax haven and wouldn't co-operate in filling in the customs paperwork. So I relisted and ticked all the boxes to ensure I only got a UK mainland buyer and Ebay found me a buyer.....in Sweden (they've opened a technical query). Packlink doesn't recognise the zipcode the buyer uses in Sweden so won't progress to the next screen. Looks like it will be listed for for a third time, but I've now been hit with this: Can't say I'm enjoying the experience.
  3. I've just sold some items on Ebay and when I go in to see if the buyer has paid so I can dispatch, I get told I have to relist them! Never had this happen before. What is going on?
  4. Just seen on an Ebay add "Image for illustration purposes only". This doesn't make much sense to me. I can understand if it was something made out of a natural product, like wood, where due to the grain no two are exactly the same, but for a Hornby 4MT 4-6-0? What exactly does that mean? You can't rely on my photos?
  5. With regard to the class 07 weathering, I thought it would be useful to have shots of the finished loco available from more angles. Here they are! Want to know how to do it? See the magazine (but then you buy a copy anyway don't you, since you're reading this on RMWeb? The latter is free of charge, by not free of cost). Happy modelling, Michael
  6. Change.org petiton update, click here.
  7. The Dub Dee had it's original tender when it came from Sweden, but it was cut down by them to six wheels so the loco could fit onto their turntables. The loco is now back in original condition apart from the suspension, which retains some modifications made to it in Sweden.
  8. '00'7. The Fantastic Heljan model had left me shaken and stirred.
  9. PGA Cutting Guide You make two new wagons from three original wagons as follows: Cutting the bodies For two of the original bodies, cut as follows to give you 4 x part A For one other original body, cut as follows to give you 2 x part B: Each of the two new bodies is now made using Part A + Part B + Part A thus lengthening each wagon by 8mm and removing the central hopper divider. Cutting the chassis For two of the chassis, cut as follows: For one other chassis, cut out 4 x part E, discarding the other parts: Now make two chassis from the parts in the order: part C, part E, part D, part E, part C, thus lengthening the new chassis by 8mm. Good luck with making your PGAs.
  10. Sorry about that omission from the parts list. The sheep and lambs are from Model Scene. I can't do this today because of my day job, but I'll try and fit it in this weekend. Thank you for the feedback. I will use this to improve future articles.
  11. No Photoshop or photographs used as a background in these shots.
  12. Can anyone tell me when standard gauge coaches were first build new with safety glass. Also were older vehicles retro fitted. Many thanks.
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