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  1. deltic79

    OO gauge Turbot

    A full rake wouldn't require one since they were vacuum fitted and so the entire rake was sufficiently braked. For example here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/lickeybanker/11529707055/in/photolist-iyQLdF-dV2Zn6-299rETf-otd91u-WWUaQn-2ac2Wpj-boY9EH-6EvqkE-4F9BS3-79dnqr-dQQgf9-S4LGox-b14c4p-81TE5C-6Uhabc-2az6mhb-5JiiyW-dj3FsU-WvEpKu-dNUQXy-8c4Abp-r1kAac-pRuJZK-o6V9ch-qvULCF-ow6Da2-o1dJDK-vE5Fx-bZAeFJ-onF7EQ-PdtjtM-aXYUDr-VEFHEs-dJa4ag-p7sfso-iV7fQb-2aLDPvb-9Fb15F-nZUzy-Hq3WX5-8dGLGD-oGvWT1-8BTXab-28SCKDX-pUnguB-dyxbxu-68GYJG-DqHGcZ-4DQLjY-o5ou2B That's also true for a mixed rake of different wagon types if they are all vacuum braked like Turbots. For example, Turbots and Grampus: https://www.flickr.com/photos/lickeybanker/33049110260/in/photolist-Smrk4S-depPba-8Ky9bB-7Wd7jG-9EWrPN-34oaHx-pPPdoj-9FeFjm-depQrc-9FaC4H-5XU9Y5-TygM1K-pPKytF-XgkWVV-7b7YYk-XdyAK7-otnGD6-4fGxvN-7W3MU3-7Wa5dV-pPQvMW-21Qatrs-fSXnP2-7ZQEA9-YvKibw-XgkWj4-fdZnAs-SsvmZp-9Fdhzo-9MAVd3-pxizC5-8DSYaM-9EU3Ee-jmiz4G-9FcWuj-7WcLwQ-7c3rQB-fkH5Qn-drmwJ2-9FbkoA-pxg6rR-k85myY-depuJE-ebfHxb-oSU5D3-nZpZjg-dEFEkd-bTUaNR-csdu5A-9FctcE However, it they were marshalled in a rake with unfitted wagons then, yes, a brake van would be required in all cases. A quick search didn't yield a suitable photograph as an example I'm afraid.
  2. deltic79

    Class 142

    Provincial would get my order. Did Reggie Rail exist on the 4 leaf doors? Or had they been changed by then?
  3. I wrote an email of complaint to Bachmann on the livery debacle and received the same copy/paste response from them as shown in posts above. Whilst I didn't expect anything different, I feel I needed to speak up and add weight to the argument against the change and perhaps help to influence future decisions. After all, that's what's got the livery amended in the first place. Though I do hope they've not been speaking with Oxford Rail's Mk.3 livery "expert"
  4. Any idea if these are acrylic or enamel please?
  5. I believe that the grey you need is Executive Dark Grey
  6. True. And I don't think the Hornby tooling has separate roofs like Lima did. You could try to find an old Jouef Mk.3 buffet since the vents were separate parts which you could transplant on to the Hornby model. Alternatively I think that Southern Pride Model does the vents.
  7. Nice information. Thanks HillsideDepot. What is it with Hornby's love for the obscure rather than the mundane though. Do they think this offers a USP over previous releases and will entice people to purchase? 40501 was a TRUK (probably a TRFK by then) which Hornby don't make (I'm not counting the RFM they mashed up from the Lima TRUB) so we still can't model the full rake even if they have deliberately targetted a Pullman rake. I don't give them that much credit though I'm afraid and think they've employed the 'modern image' scatter gun again. I was hoping to upgrade my earlier Swallow rake (those released a few years ago numbered as loco hauled) so at least the tinted windows matched my Exec and B/G rakes, but I don't think I'll bother. I'll have a go with some car window tint film instead (and perhaps finally get around to renumbering them!). Sorry Hornby, another sale lost.
  8. Has anyone seen the TGS yet (R4852), in the flesh or retailer images? Just noticed that the mock up on the Hornby site has the toilet window white/black inverted compared to normal/remainder of the releases. Once upon a time I'd have suggested that the mock up was just that, with small livery issues corrected prior to release. Experience has taught me that rarely now happens with Hornby (Exec TRUB lettered as 'InterCity 125' instead of 'Restaurant-Buffet 125' anyone?).
  9. Interesting. I never knew of this livery version with the full yellow stripe. But have to agree, hardly seems a good choice by Hornby. Also, I see it is lettered as Coach D. Seems a little low alphabetically for a buffet and I thought usually a standard class vehicle.
  10. I think you've got your 123s and 124s the wrong way around Legend. 124s with the full width cabs were the original TP sets. The 123s had the front gangways and were the Western Region sets which migrated north to Hull and, as you say, resulted in mixed 123/124 sets in their final years. I have to say I've fancied one of the Silver Fox 123s for some time for use as a Transpennine set on my layout, but have never taken the plunge. Given they now sell the 124 kit via eBay I guess a RTR version of this may be in the pipeline too.
  11. Some great photos there Merfyn, thanks for sharing. Of interest is that I can't see any running numbers on bodysides of the coaches. I can't seem to pick them out on the coach ends either (though there is admittedly some small lettering on there).
  12. rob D2 is spot on. There's so many liveries and odd balls to pick from you're not going to please everyone all of the time. I'm in the other corner with regards to 47803 in its yellow livery (I was quite taken with 31116 too!). I have fond memories seeing it head a rake of Cross Country Mk2s as a change to the usual Swallow 47/4 and already have a reworked Bachmann 47 in this livery so I can model that exact train.
  13. deltic79

    Class 142

    Another vote here for original Provincial please. Reggie Rail as a second choice. Neville Hill allocations would be my preference with suitable destinations around Leeds/Doncaster/Hull/York etc
  14. And I'm not sure that is even confirmed by Hornby? I know it was suggested on a thread on here that there was an upgrade to the couplings planned to include the pockets but there's nothing on the Hornby site to suggest this is the case and the images on the site look like the original coupling. Unless I missed it the official announcement. The INTERCITY TRFB still shows incorrect artwork and having a full length yellow first class stripe (should be either red or light grey above the buffet section depending on timeframes) and if it turns up like this on the model then it only add's more fuel to wombatofludham's post above, which I tend to agree with. Mk.3s are now due in August so I'm sure we'll find out soon enough.
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