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  1. Steffan Lewis used to have the same thing under his Maindee East layout but he rarely used it, having set off the fire alarm at one venue
  2. Far from it! What got published might well have been the toned-down version.
  3. Why is that a drip or a splash of paint will stick with far greater tenacity to an unprepared, unsuitable surface (a trouser leg, say, or a floor in need of cleaning) than it will when carefully applied to a properly prepared surface that is allegedly perfectly suited to the type of paint in use?

    1. Tim V

      Tim V

      Odd that!

  4. How do we know he didn't? Who knows what the original letter said.
  5. I have built an RT chassis to go with a Hornby, ex-Dapol body and would suggest that if you've never re-chassis'd anything RTR before this is probably not the one to start with. Nothing wrong with RT's chassis. The problem is the body. If you havent already done so, you will discover when you take it apart that the body is a strangely convoluted thing with umpteen screws holding numerous bits and pieces together. It's far more complicated than it needs to be and while simplifying and improving things (especially getting rid of that hideous join twixt the saddle tanks upper three-quart
  6. Throughout the years I was an urban postman I used to work on the theory that you can never walk far enough so also used to go walking most weekends. It was a very rare walk when we didnt encounter at least one herd of bullocks and it was very noticeable that the herds, but not the individual bullocks within each herd, varied a great deal in terms of size, physique and levels of aggression. In the era when James Herriot books made regular appearances in the Best Seller lists there were a fair few other vet memoirs riding on the bandwagon and a regular complaint in most of them was that some
  7. Post them on here too, please. Us non-2mm modellers would also like to see how its done.
  8. I have a theory, based solely on spending far too much time looking at photographs, that the Cambrian painted the framing of their vans black when new, but gave them the simple all-over grey treatment at any subsequent repaints. My only reservation is that I would have expected the percentage of all-over grey photographs to be rather higher than it actually is.
  9. A lot of surnames derived from the places from which the bearer originated, so things like voters rolls and telephone directories (if such things still exist) can be useful. I was a postman for 16 years and always kept an eye out for potentially useful layout-names from the names of the people on the envelopes I was delivering. Best one I remember was Fulbrook, perfect for a layout set in the Forest of Dean.
  10. Just stuck a magnet into mine. Whatever it is, 'taint ferrous.
  11. The price of nostalgia!

    I was just having a Google down memory lane and decided I'd like a Laser 558 T shirt.

    £19 P&P for an £18 T shirt!

    Perhaps not!

  12. Walk away, have a very large, very stiff drink, leave it a few days then come back to it when you are in a better frame of mind. Don't throw away all that effort and expense.
  13. I use Copydex in tubes, rather than the plastic bottles. The brushes built into the lids of the plastic bottles never reach the bottom of the bottles, so there is a lot of wastage, and as the level drops the increasing amount of air that replaces it makes the remaining glue go manky, as mentioned by Mick Bonwick above. The tubes make it much easier to control how much you use and there is little wastage and no contamination by air. The downside is that while most supermarkets, Wilko's etc all seem to sell the bottles of Copydex, the tubes seem to only be available on line, so if you run
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