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  1. A major concern of modern historians is that few people are bothering to make hard copies any more and that research material stored digitally 'fades' with age (there is a technical term for it. Can't remember what it is) and that every time the material is shared a few bytes are lost or corrupted. And that is before you take into account things like computer crashes, accidental deletions, hacks, malware etc. What applies to historical research material applies to everything stored digitally, including tooling.
  2. I've just taken delivery of a crate of beer I hadn't ordered.  A surprise present from my son-in-law, I've discovered.

    1. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      Free and unexpected beer, when it is welcome, is rarely disagreeable.


  3. A friend of mine has both. The Std 4 tank is the easier build but there is something not right about the cab. The Std 5 is more accurate.
  4. Landed on my doormat this morning. We can only guess what the situation is in West Ealing's WH Smith's.
  5. Okay. So is this one acceptable? Also on the Grand Union, about a mile south of where the other one was taken. Taken from exactly the same spot as the other picture. The van is in the very centre of the shot
  6. Not too long ago there was a layout set in Oxfordshire (Windrush?) on the exhibition circuit that had exactly that playing quietly in the background.
  7. Weedon, Northants. Sandwiched between the Grand Union Canal and the West Coast Main Line. You can see the catenary of the latter in the background.
  8. For the best part of a year now I've been finding that passwords recorded using Windows arent recognised if you try to use them with Android. I'd guess you've just joined our gang.
  9. My aunt, at only her second ever exhibition, met ChrisF for the first time and described him as "a gentleman of the old school". And who are we to argue?
  10. It will allow me to open a new window, which is what I'm using to post. Yesterday the synthesized voice-over that comes with the alert stopped when I opened the new window. Today I've had to mute it, so I suppose it must still be evolving. As an aside, I got exactly the same critical alert four or five days ago (from the Criccieth webcam website) but closed that without difficulty. I guess it must be a more refined version that was inflicted on RMweb. Now off to ctrl-alt-delete.
  11. I got the fake Microsoft critical alert page and the log-in box, cannot close either and neither Avast, which I'd already got installed, and Malwarebytes, which I've installed since, can shift either. Suggestions, anyone?
  12. I think you might have better response if you get Admin to move your question to the Glos/Forest of Dean section.
  13. I get the feeling from my latest attempt to buy my grandson's Xmas present that if you are a previous customer of Amazon it's Amazon Prime or not at all. (After three attempts I chose Waterstones)

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    2. John Tomlinson

      John Tomlinson

      I had just this, unclear website trail and I joined Prime by mistake. I opted out straight away, and the goods didn't turn up! Eventually got them, but now stear well clear.

    3. davefrk


      The guy is now the richest person in the world and his company tries everything to avoid paying tax in various countries so I won't touch Amason now. Local shops for local people I say... Or they will all disappear.

    4. Mallard60022


      Yes Dave; well said mate.

  14. How many box-shifters does a single exhibition need? Really? That many? Wow!
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