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  1. They've asked you three times for proof of purchase. How is that a change of tune? Why is it apparently a problem to provide it?
  2. I love the idea, but any comparison will inevitably have a winner and a loser, and the loser is likely to get miffed and stop advertising in the magazine responsible, causing loss on income.
  3. Goods ordered yesterday afternoon just landed on my doormat, a mere 21 hours later. Difficult to imagine service much prompter than that!
  4. A few years ago 247, when still in Mozzer Models mode, managed to finish one, but only by doing some very 'interesting' things to the chassis (dog legs in piston rods IIRC). That was in 00 and when I mentioned to him that I was attempting one in EM he became quite animated and stated emphatically that it was unbuildable in EM or P4. Has anyone else ever succeeded in building one in any gauge?
  5. With all this talk of poor kits of Barclays, I'm surprised no one has mentioned Mercian's. The latest development with mine (An early 14") that caused me to put it to one side and walk away for the umpteenth time is discovering the underside of the boiler is too short. I discovered that error after I'd installed it as well as building and fitting a motor and gearbox that mistakenly assumed the boiler was the correct length. Inevitably, the gearbox will foul a replacement boiler of the correct length. This follows on from the cut-out in the footplate and the slidebar bracket
  6. Will you need to know in advance if we want EM or P4 versions or will all three gauges be catered for on the etch anyway?
  7. Started years ago as an unintended holiday project, forgotten about then dug out, dusted off and finished before Christmas for the Risborough club's lockdown diorama challenge. Also started donkey's years ago then revived and finished last month as a lockdown project. Loosely based on the the drawing of the PW hut at St Mary's Crossing in the old Peco 'Ericplans' book. I've yet to see a picture of St Mary's Crossing that features the prototype. Must do something about that improbably shiny brass doorknob . . .
  8. Corris number 3 at Rhyd yr Onen, late August 2010
  9. Corris No 4 at Nant Gwernol 28th August 2013
  10. That'll be Pontdolgoch, not Pontefract, and Cemmaes Road, not Cemmans.
  11. The high-speed sprint along the Dyfi estuary. A Mach-bound train approaching the tunnel at Fron Goch.
  12. Cambrian Coast, north of Llwyngwril. The train is in the early stages of the climb to Friog
  13. It would need to be in the winter when there no leaves on the trees to block the view, but Dolforwyn Castle ought to be visible from the site of Abermule station and Montgomery Castle from the former Montgomery station.
  14. I can see how a van or a wagon could get 'lost' - say, by being wrecked in a heavy shunt a long way from home when those responsible knew it was unlikely the owners knew where the wagon was so kept quiet about it - but in CC Green's second Cambrian Album he mentions that when they were absorbed into the GWR, the Cambrian had 39 guards vans, three of which were 'never found'. How do you lose a guards van?
  15. Why not hang a lamp on the hook? Or did a lamp on a coupling hook have a different meaning?
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