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  1. 'BOYES - for value' do the diamond cutting discs in their modelling/craft corner.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/ruddingtonmodelrailwayclub/
  3. Thanks for the replies. I think it was probably a mixture of baseboards moving with the weather and some motors seeing little use for months. I lubricated some or the problem ones and adjusted the point springs and now all working fine. some of the problem ones had peco switches bonded to them. I've removed these as we're going over to miniature relays anyway . Thanks all.
  4. Hi, Over the last few months I've been building a new control panel for our club layout and last week saw it being wired in. it was inevitable there would be a few issues but some are puzzling me. All the points are peco solenoids. All have been recently rewired and a common was run all the way around the layout with each motor wired to this. Individual wires were then run around to the motors to control their direction. power supply is 18v powering a large CDU that has extra caps soldered in place too. (we'll eventually be switching miniature relays at the same time to control signals etc) These are controlled by momentary switches on the panel (same ones we used on our O gauge layout which has no problems) Some of these motors are sticking and refusing to throw in either both directions or just one. I originally thought it could be a bit of voltage drop but the two motors controlling the loops which are furthest away from the panel are throwing fine. Any ideas?
  5. Sam Moss

    N gauge J94

    I predict the 7mm Austerity to be snaffled by Dapol in a year or two's time. Dave scored a massive own goal by withdrawing off here. He'd already gained a bit of a reputation and just fuelled the negative opinions people held of him by going reclusive. He promised the world with some of his ideas and sadly they failed. Take the 4mm Austerities, the body shell is a work of art but the chassis, its 30 year old predecessor now made by Hornby runs far better. You need to get the basics right to be on to a winner. I for one won't be trusting any money upfront in DJModels until he shows signs of delivering a lot more stuff and actually started communicating with his potential buyers!
  6. At the club we've used standard 1.5mm2 solid core out of twin and earth. Layouts can be switched between DCC and DC
  7. Poor to say the least. The 70hp Baguley is fine but most people who wanted one will have already purchased the 3d printed kit like I did. Waiting to see my post deleted because my opinion isn't the same as a mod!
  8. One of the variants fitted into a Hornby tender drive black 5. Yet to be tested under power as the araldite has been setting. Using bevel gears would probably have been the better option space wise as I had to do a lot of carving with a rotary burr. Won't get chance to fit pick ups until next week so will have to wait and see how it performs.
  9. Ruddington Model Railway Clubs contribution includes: 'Ruddington' - OO gauge layout of how Ruddington was in the 1950's/60's 'Millhouse Lane' - O gauge GWR terminus. 'Thomas' - OO gauge Thomas layout 'Barry's Island' - Outdoor circuit of O gauge x 3 and 1 x G scale. In the extension will be a Hornby Dublo set up utilising our baseboard built for the new N gauge layout. Outside will be a gazebo with sales stand and also a members work in progress colliery layout.
  10. Continuing to get BRM spam despite unsubscribing from a service I didn't subscribe to in the first place. Surely being a member on here long before the sell out to BRM shouldn't have seen my details casually given out!

  11. I wonder whether rather than taking out a drive shaft completely, keep both in place but instead disconnect the drive to the outer axles on each bogie. If gives the same result then it also mimics the prototypes drive arrangement.
  12. This is one of the major issues for me with the DJ range (don't know about the 71 as I don't have one). The motors are completely gutless to the point were even wheel cleaning is a pain. Its all well and good boasting how accurate they are but if they're so lightweight and gutless in the case of the Austerities then what's the point. I bought two of the original batches and felt for the RRP price they were not worth the money. Now the likes of Hattons have reduced them they're somewhere nearer the right price for something that is nice but a long way from perfect.
  13. With our club building extension now being finished apart from a lick of paint, attention has now turned to designing layouts to go inside. This has also spurred us on to have a push on increasing membership. We currently have around 20 members with the same 6/7 regularly running the layouts for the benefit of our visitors. We need this to increase to ensure the survival of the club in the long term. We have three layouts in the main building, plus one outdoor: Ruddington - OO gauge, Thomas - OO gauge Millhouse Lane - O gauge Outdoor 4 track circuit - O gauge In the extension there will be a end to end OO and a N gauge roundy roundy, loosely based on the GCR route. We don't have a regular club night due to members living some distance from the railway but we do meeting every Saturday and Sunday for public running and carry out maintenance to the layouts during closed periods or on pre arranged mid week meetings. Membership is £20 per year for adults, half price for children (12-18 years, with parental supervision) Inclusive of this, you will also be issued with a GCR-N staff badge which entitles you to members rate on the full size trains. https://www.facebook.com/ruddingtonmodelrailwayclub/
  14. I wonder if they have intentionally removed it or the factory simply forgot to fit it! From memory, as its been a while since I've had one of these on the workbench, its just a flat strip of metal bearing on the middle axle isn't it? Held in place with a self tapper. Very similar to the Dapol/Hornby J94.
  15. The mechanism, unless it's been improved since the last production run, is as Dapol designed.
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