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  1. That's taken as read, but still no answer as to maximum length without a compensator. I cannot find my reference material.
  2. I note that the brickwork recognises the internal wall but I wonder if 9' walls rather than 41/2" would have been used? i.e. English or Flemish bond i.l.o. stretcher / garden wall bond? Super research and photo interpretation by the way. Steve
  3. Ships pass port to port, so the logo on Teal is correct as an overhead view of 2 ships passing?
  4. The stiffest (in respect of resisting bending) will be the rib with the tallest section possible i.e. instead of 2 x 1 a piece of 4 x ½ would be much better in resisting the bend / sag. Forget the steel (unless it's very deep) and perhaps try a 6" or 9" strip of 9 m.m. ply. I have used board sides of 4 m.m. ply around 9" deep for boards 4' to 5' long and they don't bend longitudinally. Diagonal bracing (also 4 m.m. thick) resists twisting and supports the 6 m.m. track base. The sides and braces have a small flange 10 m.m. x 4 m.m. along the bottom edge to keep them straight. Steve
  5. The Escort might be a rally car - there's lots of 'em so a good shell, 2 door is valuable
  6. Although the nose of the wire part of the couplings is similar, I do not think that they are Alec Jackson couplings. There is not a horizontal loop / bar or curved 'lifter' in Alec's design as far as I know.
  7. Unkind to suggest that it was "deliberately kept quiet to avoid putting people off" . No-one knew until the horrible discovery in the morning, and it was hoped to open up the whole show as soon as the police allowed it. They were informed as soon as possible and they came as fast as they could, so we hoped that we wouldn't need to put people off.
  8. That's a bit unkind, we didn't know until arriving, and then didn't know how long before the police allowed entrance to the crime scene. People arriving were told what had happened / what couldn't yet be seen and offered reduced ticket prices accordingly. When the full show was available ticket prices returned to normal - some lucky punters got the whole show at a reduced price, but it was heart-warming that some returned to the cash desk to pay the extra when they realised.
  9. Looking forward to the extra moves afforded by the 2 additional sidings in the yard
  10. Yes, much of it was built over a cemetery. My best memories are from 1966 to '68 of course, but it was still the same familiar place when I travelled via there from Wigan on Friday evenings in 1972/3, and later on a visit in about 1990, though sad that Exchange had been flattened.
  11. Absolutely not. It was a wonderful place, so full of character and warm and welcoming. I miss it so very much.
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