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  1. I'm not too sure there is space for both, but I do like the idea of the loco stabled in the siding. It depends on whether its too much of a barclay overload. I'll make it up and see what it looks like. After making a traditional green andrew barclay, I like the idea of a blue one: I've put a load of grass and weeds down. Lets see what it looks like when the glue had dried overnight. Also, I'll probably need a tree or bush behind the buffer stop. Using some armatures already pre-wound, I've glued on the rubberised horse hair to get a rough shape. Foliage to be applied hopefully tomorrow.
  2. What’s people’s view about what ends parked up in the siding? I do have another Andrew Barclay resin ARC kit that I could make up, or I could carry on with the wagon. Any opinions?
  3. After a bit of sanding, I’ve fitted the back scene. I’ve also put some reeds in along the bank edges. I also found two telegraph poles to fit either side of the bridge and fitted some detritus on the far bank. There was an imperfection in the e-z water under the bridge, so a dumped sleeper will have to hide that. Again, Goblin will have to give a bit of scale to the layout. The Andrew Barclay is sat on the shelf in the living room so wasn’t to hand.
  4. I’ve found using Woodland Scenics cinders a bit too lumpy. I found a step by step guide which used sand. When the sand is laid, it looks really weird. However when the sand is painted with a dilute black acrylic, it starts to look better. I may need to replace the cobbled alleyway, although it might look ok with some static grass over.
  5. E-Z water melted and laid, although it wasn’t quite so e-z. I ended up with a ridge on the first pour, so had to melt a bit more and thankfully that sorted it out. First the disaster. Make sure the diorama is flat otherwise you end up with this: Now on a flat surface, another layer before the first had cooled allowed the imperfections to melt and a nice finish achieved.
  6. River bed laid but it looked too bright. I covered it with dilute black acrylic and another sprinkling of talus. Hopefully that’ll do the job. Leaf litter is an opened green tea bag. I don’t do green tea!
  7. Given the recent interest in weathering locomotives, I came across this handy step by step guide and thought it might be useful to put a link here in this dicussion. https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/techniques/weathering/how-to-weather-a-locomotive-using-paint-washes-and-powders
  8. I’ve given the Oxford Rail NCB wagon a good run with some weathering powders. I think that’ll do the job. Just need a little bit of coal debris inside and some slaters three links.
  9. I noticed the loose buffer. It’s one of those things that if you model, no one would believe you! I’m hoping that another go over with the weathering powder will allow a bit more to stick!
  10. The Andrew Barclay probably won’t end up on this diorama. Instead I have an Oxford Rail NCB wagon that’s currently being attacked with a fibre glass pencil!
  11. I decided to use the miners I’ve got, after all they were purchased bespoke for this project. However I’ve painted them into the pre 1970s blue with black helmets. Also, whilst weathering the Andrew Barclay, I decided that the miners needed a dab from the Tamiya weathering powders. They looked too clean!
  12. E-Z water arrived, but I wanted to sort out some debris to put on the riverbank. I’ll probably work on the river bed over the next few days with a view to pour the river at the weekend. Ive also dirtied the Andrew Barclay with some Tamiya weathering powders, but I feel like it’s not dirty enough!
  13. Found this fantastic image on Flicker. I'm thinking of changing the colours on the Modelu miners to something similar: The alternative would be to use the Modelu industrial figures with their baker boy hats to create something more like this:
  14. Totally agreed! The Barclay is overdue some weathering. However weathering does give me the heebie jeebies. Thankfully it’s just a plastic kit and not a £100 model at risk! Now where did I leave my George Dent weathering DVD...
  15. I’ve spent the afternoon putting the brick lintels and quoins on the terrace. A few curtains also adds to the character. I’m thinking to move away from the flat diorama, I’ll put the trackwork on a small embankment to add some visual interest, but it does seem to work well flat, so I’m undecided on this. The diorama does what I wanted. You can get down to eye level and look down the alley. Really enjoying modelling in card!
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