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  1. When I purchased the coal dray, I thought another in front of the goods shed would look good. So over the past week I’ve been assembling this: I haven’t affixed it in position just yet, but this is where I thought it would go.
  2. After watching the beautiful layouts represented at the World of Railways Virtual Exhibition yesterday, I couldn't resist having a quick running session of my own!
  3. There are some interesting recollections of the old railway in this video produced by the Tetbury Goods Shed. As well as some photographs I haven't seen before, it includes some interviews with Stephen Randolph who wrote the book on the line which I've been using as a reference for the layout:
  4. If its Aliphatic Resin you're after, Timber Tracks sells it: http://www.timbertracks.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=18_2&product_id=59
  5. How about something a bit more scenic today? Apparently, if someone was seen at the top of the hill, the guard would hold the train. However this chap seems a little dejected, so perhaps its just left?
  6. With zen like patience, I finished off the point rodding by the engine shed. I was after a gentle curve rather than the slightly abrupt junction I've ended up with, but it'll do. Hopefully you'll agree that it looks a lot tidier than the other day!
  7. I used the below thread, and the limitations of the Wills kits, to try to represent an economical FPL using the diagram on page 2 of the thread. I had originally followed the two lever approach as found on the ground frame at Broadway, but we know Tetbury ran it from two black levers in a frame. Perhaps the thread below could help? By the way, the rodding has been known to turn the air blue, so once I’ve tidied the rodding by the engine shed, it’s staying as it is!
  8. Whilst the point rodding by the shed looked just about acceptable when viewed from the hill, when taking photos, it looked awful! I’ve tried to sort it out last night but it’s been a real pain. Ive given up for tonight, so the left hand side has been lifted and I’ll relay when I’ve got a bit more patience.
  9. I tend not to take many photos of the railcar as operationally its a bit basic, however I decided to give it a run the other day.
  10. Another focus stack. Not as good as yesterdays as the loco isn't as sharp. Also I'm using a different monitor, so may have mis-adjusted the brightness and contrast on this one. I also need to paint those chimney pots!
  11. It would appear I spoke too soon! After invoking CombineZP to run a thorough align, followed by an all methods stack, I've managed to get a good image of 5532 on its run around
  12. Here are the two photos I took yesterday with the iPhone that seemed to turn out fairly well. I’ve tried the same views today using focus stacking but they haven’t turned out good enough. 5532 running around it’s train. Where as in this shot, the railcar is passing the goods shed on its journey to Kemble.
  13. After doing some tidying up some features like the speed limit sign. Now showing the correct 15mph. And the ground frame has been fitted: Also, the Doubleday photo shows a figure walking down the access road that looks very much like a Modelu figure that was already in my possession. He has been trialled in at least two previous photos, but I think here he shall stay. Firstly, the Doubleday photo; And the Modelu figure I also took a couple of nice photos off the iPhone. I might try again with the Nikon and run a photo stack with the locos in the same position. Im out of time today, so I’ll give it a go tomorrow and post the results if they’re any good.
  14. Coal wagon cameo completed.
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