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  1. Hi I would like to model a thornaby class 37 in either original railfrieght or red stripe ivery but I was wondering what loco were still in this livery in 92 ? Any help would be most welcomed Daz
  2. Hi paul I have already checked you pictures out your the goto website to go to Daz
  3. Thanks that great , that will give me enough to work with Daz
  4. Hi everyone I'm after any information on wagon numbers of HSA scrap wagons in the early 90s onwards if anyone could help , they seem to be very hard to find pictures of while in service Regards Daz
  5. Do you have the later departmental diagram book As looking for diagrams drawing on ex parrot cable drum carriers
  6. I'm looking for pictures and information on some power supply section wagons One is the twin spindle parrot wagons the other is bogie welltrols that were coverted into cable laying wagons . Regards darren
  7. Hi I'm finding it very hard to find pictures of the internal ends of the very elusive units the only oicturs I have found is at Doncaster works while being converted has anyone got any pictures while in service Also were they permanently coupled as a pair ? Any information on these would be grateful Regards daz
  8. Thanks 37114 I've built some comet/sp conversion of some bulleid coaches so know what's involved
  9. Hi has anyone built a southern pride class 305 emu kit ? Are they any good ? Daz
  10. thanks Chris I did read through your interesting class 116 thread and couldn't see anything daz
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