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  1. we are looking at reopening and i was wondering if any clubs are reopened and what procedures they have put in place ?
  2. I second that it would be interesting to find out how you get such great results
  3. Hi kevin I would like to rack your brains with regards your b set. When you filled the extra window in how did you match the colour or did you repaint the coach? Thanks daz
  4. Well I gave just done a marathon read if this thread firstly I have to say what a amazing layout, and secondly I live the relaxing way you have done your postings on here it made the reading so much more fun
  5. I do like peco fir this I have had parts missing and they just sent it out with it any questions
  6. Hiya can you make a 6700 from a Bachmann 5700 if so what do you need to do to make it into a 6700 I know the tanks were riveted and loco had 3 links Thanks again darren
  7. Hi I have a few coopercraft and ratio wagon kits being and I would like to get Lancashire models buffets for them can anyone help with which ones I need as total novice when comes to gwr stock Kits are as follows Ratio open c Cc mink a v4 Cc mink v5 Cc cattle w1 Cc n13 Cc 04 open Regards darren
  8. Thanks I'm looking at modeling mid 20s to mid 30a what paint scheme will be best As I've seen full brown and cream and brown
  9. Thanks that's kind of what I want to do Do you know if the drop lights come with the sides? I know I need end details, underframe bogies and roof vents to finish is there anything else that's needed
  10. Hi everyone Being a novice with great western I may be asking a stupid question I have a few spare airfix b set coaches that I would like to convert into some different coaches for my BLT layout are there any comet sides that I could use to expand my fleet Parcels or coaches Regards darren
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