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  1. What livery would ex messager engineers coaches be I'm looking at early to mid 30s if that makes a difference Daz
  2. When she due to come to little muddle harbour, I'm sure she will just fit
  3. Thank you all for your thoughts and input Daz
  4. Hiya I would like peoples thoughts on roof colours do you model them white or do you model them grey , why do you model them in that colour Daz
  5. In al the pictures in the book I've seen they seem to be black and white but then so do the locos too
  6. If they look this way, they don't have to look at the broken engine shed door
  7. We have been using leisure as our guidelines, however with the maximum of six per group it makes meetings hard plus the added 2m or 1m rule I know that we all say yes we can get into groups of six but staying in them groups is hard, all it needs is a shiny new loco that someones just brought or even made and we are all of it like a rash to see it run or making a cupper as we dont want to seem to be rude to a fellow member now that its law we a clubs can be fined for breaking this law we are all struggling due to loss on income from shows and other means but can you afford the fin
  8. we are looking at reopening and i was wondering if any clubs are reopened and what procedures they have put in place ?
  9. I second that it would be interesting to find out how you get such great results
  10. Hi kevin I would like to rack your brains with regards your b set. When you filled the extra window in how did you match the colour or did you repaint the coach? Thanks daz
  11. Well I gave just done a marathon read if this thread firstly I have to say what a amazing layout, and secondly I live the relaxing way you have done your postings on here it made the reading so much more fun
  12. I do like peco fir this I have had parts missing and they just sent it out with it any questions
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