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  1. Wasn't able to buy for some reason, but thank you Guy. Kept emptying my basket. I will persevere.
  2. Where is the figure from? Excellent work by the way, what sort of price would the kit be?
  3. Guy, once again, could these me re-scaled for 7mm? I did buy a set of the other GER 6 wheel ones you re-scaled and they were excellent. Thank you. But I also have etches for a 4 wheeled coach, and these would be perfect.
  4. Chris, whilst you may have decided against 7mm gearboxes, your loco kits would prove popular, especially since Agenoria has gone. They were a very popular range under the old owner. I for one would be after a Black Hawthorn in 7mm and probably one or two others. I also reckon the gearboxes would be good sellers.
  5. I was very surprised today to receive a response from Peter. Hopefully I may get a resolution. I am a little worried as he said he sent the goods to me early in 2013, yet I have an email from him,10th Dec 2013 which states " I have not been able to complete your order as the etchers seem to have lost the tooling for the GER Sharpie, they now say they have found them and they will arrive, this was important as I have Orders from other customers." Perhaps he was getting me confused with another customer. (Here's hoping). I just want something for my £122 outlay, either goods or a refund. Fingers crossed.
  6. Do please beware before ordering (and paying). I have an outstanding order for a GER Little Sharpie and some GER wagons that have been on order and paid for since 2012. I was told there might be a slight delay( a couple of months) after I'd already waited six months and contacted Pete, but despite repeatedly emailing and calling, I have never had a refund. I do, almost as an anniversary thing, send an email, yearly now, just to enquire as to it's whereabouts, but never get a response.
  7. Just wondered if you had any updates? Really looking forward to this layout.
  8. No problem, cheers Dave. I shall have to get looking; strange there doesn't seem to be any readily available?
  9. I know this is 5 years old now, so apologies, but from where did you obtain the grease axle boxes?
  10. Mick, just wondered which gearboxes you use for the Chinese 12v motors?
  11. Were there any problems with the coupling rod/bearing hole measurements, as you documented on the 4mm Mercian builds, or are the 7mm kits better? I only ask, as I was really interested in one, yet reading the horrors of the 4mm kit build, it did put me off.
  12. HarryP

    Dock Green

    East Ham Finescale Exhibition, not that they have an exhibition this year, but their shows, when they happen are two day. Saw Trevor Nunn's East Lynn there a few years back.
  13. http://www.wilko.com/washing-lines-pegs+peg-bags/wilko-functional-wooden-peg-36pk/invt/0328212 £1.00 for 36 and http://www.wilko.com/english-heritage/english-heritage-wooden-clothes-pegs/invt/0437065 £3.00 for 24.
  14. HarryP

    Dapol 08

    Giles, I'd take a couple of sets of wipers too.
  15. HarryP

    Dapol 08

    Giles, any chance of making the wipers available for sale?
  16. Just wondered what 7mm stock you had left? I tried to send a pm, but wasn't able to.
  17. I note they have a different safety valve cover. As I have scratch built one in 7mm for the Millwall Extension railway, but need this ( no lathe skills yet), if you wanted to remove it, i'd buy the original from you? I have asked if he'd do this separate and am awaiting a response.
  18. Commercial TV has average budget of £500,000-800,000 per hour, so money's no real object.
  19. What mig colours/pigments do you use for such brilliant effects?
  20. Love the picture of the DS at the cement works in Purfleet, just down the road from me. Having just built the Judith Edge O gauge kit as the BR version at Stratford, I wondered if anyone had any information on cab details? Photos would be really helpful.
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