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  1. I think they need some products they can sell. I had a look at their websites and pretty much is 'sold out', I was merely making some suggestions. I also think you are abusing your position as moderator in the way you are taking part in this discussion
  2. I've made a number of suggestions on this thread but PI haven't responded at all. I'm wondering just how active this company is.
  3. I believe that this model is next to impossible to convert to P4
  4. Moving on to small six coupled this is nice https://images.app.goo.gl/miwWc2VGCAPd2N3P7 I appreciate this one was made only in small numbers, but
  5. Coming back to this topic something like this Or perhaps this And then again this and this Lots
  6. Something that's four wheels coupled and was in general use in the UK so it could fit in on my layout without too much of a stretch. Don't mind steam or diesel and oh it must be possible convert it to P4
  7. Best to read this https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=operation+chastise&crid=ZK5CEEP8D88Q&sprefix=operation+cha%2Caps%2C70&ref=nb_sb_ss_ts-doa-p_3_13
  8. Attacking trains had a tactical value, but strategically it was better to destroy workshop facilities
  9. Thank you for the info about the current Micron receivers, most useful, but these receivers are too large to fit into small locomotives not to mention road vehicles. Because of this, my question remains "are there replacements for Deltang receivers on the market?"
  10. Are there replacements for Deltang receivers on the market? I'm aware that Micron is marketing replacements but they seem to be very much larger than the Deltang product
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